The Lord and the Moon: Vision given to Kris Blake

God gives my mother prophetic dreams or visions from time to time. Recently she talked about two she was given and she posted them on the forum.  Now given what recently learned about Miriam Franklin’s being attacked it seems important to post these two vision on the blog. 

Blood Red Moon
Blood Red Moon

The Lord and The Moon:

As given to Kris Blake

I saw what would be described as the prelude to the return of the Lord.  The sun was covered with darkness and the moon was red like blood.  I saw Jesus go to the moon, pick it up and hold it close to him.  Then he lifted the moon up in front of him, it was dripping with blood and as he looked at it he wept. In expectation there were cups being held up to him as he held the moon.

The more I looked at him, crying over the moon, the more I wept with him. The moon is used as a symbol for the church…

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