Miriam Franklin Needing Prayer

Folks as you know the blog endtimes prophetic words is one link on my blogroll.  The site has often been a source of truth and discernment regarding many of the lines of deception that are out there and in particular exposing the New Apostolic Reformation.  Recently someone posted on the site the following:

Author: Pardner
Miriam WAS taking a break from blogging for a bit as she was tired. However her prolonged silence since then has not been down her to taking a long holiday. She was viciously attacked and seriously injured. The injuries sustained from this latest attack were and are VERY serious and will be long term unless a miracle happens for her. Pray for her.

This means that for now Miriam’s voice standing for truth has been quieted due to a serious attack and subsequent injuries. This woman clearly needs our prayers for healing and restoration.  Even more should makes all aware that when visit a site of someone blogging to take a few moments and pray for them in particular prayer for protection.  Also it is important to remember that God does work all things together for the good for those that love God.  This case is no different, God will work out what he will in this trial Miriam is going through.  Only God knows if her voice on the internet will be restored and when.  Whether she returns or not I am grateful to her website and stand for truth, even though I didn’t always agree with her thoughts on various matters.  Please keep this woman in your prayers.  Remember the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual.  As such, I also want to recommend prayer for whoever attacked her. Pray that they are turned to God as a result of these actions and however God leads. The words that come to mind are “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” 

One last comment and suggestion, stop by Miriam’s blog at  http://endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com and leave a comment of prayer and support.

Addendum: I know of no details. Just felt led to ask folks to pray.  One possible suggestion is that it pertains to issues with the Miriam Franklin is Rosalind Franklin of Diggory press issues.  The posters comments made it sound like it was a physical attack.  Regardless, pray for God’s truth and love.  Also remember judgment starts with the House of God.

Additoinal Addendum:  Pardner gave further update on the blog with the following statement:

Author: Pardner
In answer to somebody’s question, no, I wasn’t talking about a “mere” spiritual attack, nasty as spiritual attacks are. However, there’s no doubt the source of what’s happened to Miriam is the evil one, who seeks to rob, kill and destroy. And it’s also true that the physical things that happen in life impact spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well.

I also wasn’t referring to the numerous lies spread abroad by sick minds, some of whom dare to use the name of Christ beside their other false claims and boastings to give themself apparent believability – that kind of rubbish, distressing as it was and still is, would not have stopped Miriam so drastically.

Certain people hate Miriam because of her stand for truth, and for her showing up “Christian” cults and cult leaders, and these same people will do all they can to destroy her, however dirty it gets (and it is D-I-R-T-Y), and however many innocent and unconnected people to Miriam get hurt or put in danger as well as her in the fallout. They are EVIL.

Miriam rarely mentions her sufferings, as she does not want the focus there. She only wants the focus and glory to be upon God and His word.  Miriam has been in physical danger for her life for a sustained time now and she is still in danger. She has suffered much, particularly in the last few years, for her stance. As just one example from some years back, a pastor and some other “Christians” physically attacked her for speaking out about abusive behaviour in their church, and consequently Miriam was laid up in bed for a few months following that attack recovering from her injuries.  I can’t, and won’t, post all the details of what’s gone on more recently than that, but you must know what’s gone on is many, many times more serious and more vicious than that previous incident, making it look like a walk in the park in comparison. Pray that God would move on her behalf now in an amazing way.

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  1. Praying.

  2. Hi Peacebringer,

    Miriam Franklin is Rosalind Franklin, the owner of Diggory Press in the UK who has a number of lawsuits being filed against her over financial matters, i understand the trial will be in March.

    Google will reveal all.

  3. Are you able to be moe specific with what happened to Miriam and why? If you know something, will you not tell us why she was attacked and the extint of her injuries?

  4. Praying for our dear sister Miriam

  5. I only know what is posted. I do know of the rumors and such out on internet that Miriam is Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press with pending court dates. I know those spreading such are supporters of Todd Bentley and New Age writers. I may have to write another article outlining the differences. God will sort out the truth of matters here. The post on ETPW did suggest physical injury. I don’t know of anything further than allegations. I am praying for sound discernment. When I learned in spring who the accussers were I set things aside and noting reason to be concerned. I know Ian expressed concerns at his forum and has shut off registration due to spamming. At any rate, I pray for God’s will in the matter and Truth to reign.

  6. I am and will be praying. God supernaturally healed Miriam before from a serious auto accident; and, He can do so again!

  7. Peacebringer,

    I did my research long ago on the diggory press issue, and Stephen Manning’s claims didn’t add up. Considering he has his own publishing company, why in the world would anyone use their competitor to publish their material and at the same time promoting that they are a publisher????

    I work in the publishing industry and his claims sound bogus. Also, there is site that went up and refuted many of his claims. Stephen Manning also claims that everyone who speaks against him is Miriam disguising herself. Someone would have to be pretty energetic to keep up with all those aliases. He has even claimed on Rahab’s Place that I’m one of Miriam’s aliases. DON’T THINK SO MR. MANNING!!!! Get your craziness in check!!! Peacebringer, you can check and see where my IP is coming from. Last time I checked I was not a brit.

    Anyways, here is a site refuting the rumors:

  8. Please delete the first comment I submitted. Thanks


    I did my research long ago on the diggory press issue, and Stephen Manning’s claims didn’t add up. Considering he has his own publishing company, why in the world would anyone use their competitor to publish their material and at the same time promoting that they are a publisher????

    I work as a graphic designer in the publishing industry and his claims sound bogus. Also, there is a site that went up that refuted many of his claims. Stephen Manning also claims that everyone who speaks against him is Miriam disguising herself. Someone would have to be pretty energetic to keep up with all those aliases. He has even claimed on the site Rahab’s Place that I’m one of Miriam’s aliases. DON’T THINK SO MR. MANNING!!!! Get your craziness in check!!! Peacebringer, you can check and see where my comments are coming from. Last time I checked I was not a brit.

    Anyways, here is a site refuting the rumors:

  9. Ooops, I meant to say the alias “Sceptic” said my alias was supposedly Miriam on the site Rahab’s Place, but I have a feeling that Sceptic and Stephen Manning have a very ‘close’ relationship.

  10. Peacebringer,
    Also, I know some people may want to get into a silent debate about this but please do not give out my email address. I prefer to debate out in the open on a forum and keep everything in the light as long as you allow us to debate.

    Obviously, people’s privacy is priority since people are being physically harmed for speaking out.

    Thank you for your time.

  11. Rosalind has not been “attacked” by anyone.

    If she is in a state of depression now then it is due to having continuously lied about her identity and she did indeed write many fraudulent mails and posts under pseudonyms defending “Miriam”. Most of the names on the list of aliases are indeed hers, i checked it out.

    I saw her on one blog, posting as “sleuthfortruth”, mock the people on that forum for saying that she is “Miriam” / Rosalind and stridently denying it. Lying.

    I suggested to Rosalind at the start of this that she be honest and transparent about her identity and about the lawsuits, and try to resolve it, but she went on fudging the truth.

    If she had told the truth, been transparent, and if she made any business errors, put it right, then there would be no problem.

    You can’t serve the LORD Jesus Christ AND lie. Maybe that is possible in the cuckoo ‘prophetic’ internet world.

  12. Ian vincent,

    I am really sorry to hear that about Miriam whatever is going on with her. I dont understand how she could get herself in this position if what you say is true. She was very kind to me when I wrote to her in somewhat of a bit of distress.

    I do hope she is ok. By the way Ian I owe you an apology. I went to endtimes and reported the “alleged” attack and said that Miriam needed prayer and I said I got the information reading something that you had posted when in fact it was peacebringer. What happenend was I read the posts here and then went out and came in hours later and just went straight to endtimes and posted under the I-Hop Mike Bickle debate.

    Sorry Ian. I corrected my mistake and apologised to you also there. That will teach me..always get your facts straight.


  13. Peacebringer

    Like Servant, I too have been accused of being Miriam in disguise three times, both my blog names and my real name. Also my Husband Richard Green (who appealed to Ian Vincent) has been branded Miriam in disguise and it is a bare faced LIE.
    Arise My Love and the blogger My Beloved is mine…..all are Miriam in disguise and I KNOW these people are NOT Miriam. There are also many others you may recognise on the public list. It is a dreadful episode to be sure.
    For the record Miriam IS Rosalind of Diggory Press and she never actually denied it. If read properly she was making a valid point that no research was done to prove the allegations (if they had, proof would have been found that she is innocent of Stephen Manning’s charges) and for some reason certain people ????? WANTED to believe it and threw stones.

    However, She will be vindicated, because JESUS IS HER LORD.

    “Jesus Lord of Glory, please bless and heal your precious daughter and bring her back to her calling, vindiacated, and justice done. Thank you.”

    Thank you Peacebringer for being open minded about this and being honourable, unlike some. God Bless you brother.

  14. PS. YOU may e.mail me if you wish Peacebringer to verify the truth I speak, but I ask, as Servant asked, please don’t forward my e.mail to ANYONE. My IP no. also will verify I live in USA just like my husband Richard Green’s IP will have shown on Ian Vincent’s blog, yet he STILL accuses him of being Miriam. Tut.

  15. P.S. It wasn’t just one time she fudged her identity, it was many times. It’s deeply disturbing that any Christian would do that stuff.

    She’s not a victim, she needs to humble herself and repent and confess to her readers what she has done.

  16. FYEO

    Dear Peacebringer, If you felt my comments were out of order I apologise with all my heart. I intended to only offer my prayer for Miriam but went on to answer Ian as I saw his comment which I confess thought unhelpful. What I said was the truth though, about all the names that have been publicly decared as being Miriam in disguise. Ian still has – “Miriam has spammed me in the name of Richard Green, a British citizen living in the United States, and is wasting my time” – Richard and I have a website that will prove his identity, but hey ho, I need to let go I know. GOD KNOWS!
    The important issue is for her to be touched by the Lord now and vindication in due time, I am sure you will agree.

    Geuinely sorry Tim if I was out of order on your blog,

  17. Sorry Sylvia, nothing was wrong with any of the posts. I just lost track of what I put through and what I haven’t.

  18. Hi Rosalind, Good to see you here. Those cloaked IPs are great. We didn’t think you would use your own IP for all your different identities. Where was the IP for “sleuthfor truth” blog based, in the states?

    This is what Rosalind tried to post on my blog under the name “Repent”.

    Notice how, as “Miriam”, she speaks of Rosalind, referring to her as a different person. She makes a long verbiage trying to prove that Rosalind and Miriam are not the same person.




    Submitted on 2009/08/15 at 1:59pm

    Miriam Franklin’s Defence To The Accusations at Patsy Eastwood’s Rahabsplace Blog
    Miriam Franklin, the Christian blogger at endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com (ETPW) posted the following as a comment on the 26th April 2009 at imspeakingtruth.wordpress.com. The moderator at imspeakingtruth had informed ETPW that the Stephen Manning and Rahab trash had been posted there, and asked ETPW if she wanted to respond to the accusations. At the same time, Miriam attempted to post the same thing at Rahab’s as 2 weeks had gone by since her private email to Rahab which had got no reply, but surprise, surprise, ETPW’s comment was blocked.

    Miriam said:

    The following was emailed to Rahab on the 13th April 2009. I have not had any response to it at all, so am not posting this now onto this blog.

    “13th April 2009

    Dear Rahab aka Patsy Eastwood

    It has come to my attention that you are carrying some very serious allegations about me, Miriam Franklin, the author of endtimepropheticwords, along with some allegations about other unconnected people to me on your blog.

    It seems that you have based these claims firstly on what you found on the ilovetoddbentley blog, and then also what you have been told by a ‘Stephen Manning’, on whom the ilovetoddbentley blog based all of their information. You have also added in some other unfounded accusations of your own into the mix.

    Now I don’t mind you, or anybody else for that matter, publicly criticising me, as long as it is just and fair criticism, and you have taken adequate care to establish whether any allegations made against me, or indeed anyone else you finger, are true or not. You should have suitable witnesses, evidence and/or confirmation before going ahead and distributing any defamatory information about anyone. But in my case, you did not take any such necessary care when making this post, you recklessly posted it anyway without knowing or checking if it was true. For it is very evident by any neutral party spending only a few minutes googling, let alone a few hours, that these claims seriously smell fishy. The necessary basic steps you should have taken first were not done. It is clear that if you had done even some simple investigations and thought this through for a moment, instead of jumping to post – you would have soon found the numerous contradictions and major flashing red lights warning you not to proceed with the story.

    Specifically –

    You did not contact me, Miriam, to ask my side of this story, or to ask if any of this was true before publishing this stuff.

    You did not contact me, Miriam, first via my blog or email address, to ask if I am one and the same person as the person accused, Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press Ltd. For the record, Mtyokawonis, the ilovetoddbentley blog owner whom you based this spurious attack on, and Stephen Manning did not do this either. You just took their word for it that we were one and the same person. Accusations were made, period, without even knowing if you had the correct identity.

    Doing any basic investigation such as in censuses or in phone books [basic searches are possible for free online] would have uncovered numerous “Miriam Franklins” alive in the world. “Rosalind Franklin” is also a popular name for a female Franklin, thanks to the famous scientist of the same name.

    http://howmanyofme.com/search/ shows there are 52 Miriam Franklins and 14 Rosalind Franklins living in the United States alone. These are people who show up on the census, and we all know there are all sorts of reasons why people may not show up on a census so there are many more than stated. Especially and even more so if they are itinerant ministers who spend time overseas in missionary work as I have done.

    In the UK, http://www.yournotme.com/testaspnet/default.aspx shows there are 6 Miriam Franklins and 4 registered people with the name Rosalind Franklin. In addition, like the USA, there will be the unregistered. [On top of this you will have people using their maiden names which would not show up on censuses].

    I don’t know how to search for how many people share the same names in other countries, as I only searched literally for a minute – as you should have done, but common sense shows you also have all the Miriams and Rosalinds in English speaking countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel and so on. And you do not even know that I, Miriam, currently reside in an English speaking country!

    So in summary, there are far more than 58 Miriam Franklins in the world. You did not verify my identity with me. You did not contact Rosalind Franklin and/or Diggory Press Ltd either. So you did not even know you had one and the same person as the basic starting point.

    Various completely innocent parties were wrongly fingered from the same sources you relied on too

    Other completely innocent parties were wrongly fingered by the same source of the allegations, and they also deserve a public apology and retraction of these allegations by you for distributing them.

    Stephen Manning and Mtyokawonis at the ilovetodd blog also fingered other completely innocent parties. For example, KingdomComePublishing.com was also recklessly accused, without any evidence, as being a ‘mask’ for Diggory Press Ltd and Deborah G. Hunter, Kingdom Come’s Christian owner, accused of being Rosalind. Even when Deborah G Hunter went to the ilovetodd blog and posted her side of the story, and by her testimony gave the accuser, Stephen Manning, additional time and care to answer his questions in depth privately, while also emphasising publicly she was not Rosalind or Miriam and she and her company was in no way connected to Diggory Press Ltd or Rosalind or Miriam, there was no apology from Manning or Mtyokawonis for the false accusations, just even more accusations against her.

    · Kingdom Come and its owner publicly showed the allegations to be false, yet the claims were never retracted

    Deborah even gave her contact email online – did you contact her, Rahab, and check out her testimony, or speak to her husband, pastor or church and verify her identity as not being Rosalind or Miriam and that she spoke the truth? This very easy basic check you should have done should have then made you wonder why the allegations against Deborah Hunter and her company, and Rosalind and her company, were not then immediately retracted by Manning and Mtyokawonis, and it should have also made you question their integrity and reliability as witnesses as well as alerted you to the fact there were some false accusations flying around generated by Manning for whatever reason that he does not retract or apologise for even when the evidence is in to the contrary.

    · Why would any company mask themselves using an old already known about trading name of theirs?!

    You could have also thought for a moment about the ridiculousness of the accusations in the first place – why anyone, especially a supposedly dodgy company, would wish to ‘mask’ their company by calling it the same name as one of their already well known about publicised imprints – they would call it something else if intending to mask themselves and commit fraud [duh.This is really basic!]

    The same could be asked for my use of the name ‘Miriam Franklin’, why should I use my real given names to supposedly commit fraud or build a new life and identity when I could have come up with another name entirely, calling myself anything I wanted, nobody knowing any better? [Again, duh!] And why would I teach people to discern, test and weigh EVERYBODY [including me] if I had anything to hide and was seeking to deceive them?! And not ask for a penny if so greedy as is claimed?

    · Many companies share the same names and are not related to each other.

    You could also have found out by using some common sense and doing a little bit of research that many companies share the same name as other companies they are not necessarily connected and related to, unless the name is trademarked or there are other indications of links. This especially applies for companies from state to state and is a reason why so many apply for expensive trademarks and/or patents and other name protection to protect their name from state to state and country to country.

    So you could have a Rahab Ltd in Arizona, and a Rahab Ltd in Montana that would not at all be linked or the same people at all. And you could have a Rahab Ltd in England and a Rahab Ltd in Canada or any other countries, also not at all related to each other. They are all completely separate entities.

    This is not illegal, it is common knowledge and happens frequently especially with more common trading names. Accusing one Rahab Ltd of being the other Rahab Ltd would be wrong and reckless, unless the facts show they are linked. Yet this character Stephen Manning did with Kingdom Come Publishing, which at best shows him a reckless accuser who happens to be very wrong, or at worst a blatant liar.

    Doing a google under the name Kingdom Come, and narrowing it to books and magazines brings it many possible companies around the word. There is even an [ahem!] naughty sports calendar girl outfit using that name.

    · The evidence proves the companies are not connected

    The facts show that KingdomComePublishing.com and Diggory Press Ltd are NOT linked [as accused] –as Stephen Manning, the accuser, already knows. He found out who the domain register belongs to at KingdomComePublishing.com, where the company was registered and so on and was explictly told it was not Rosalind or Miriam or Diggory yet still he made the accusations.

    This is something very basic that you too could have found out.

    So again the question should have arisen in you, why is this character continuing to insist that the companies are connected and are Diggory Press fronts despite the evidence? Is his only purpose to smear? Why do you use him as a witness to smear me and other innocent parties when he is evidently so unreliable?

    · Contrary Theology and Mindsets between people and companies

    Furthermore, the KingdomComePublishing.com has dominionist theology and you well know I, Miriam, am constantly battling against this heresy. This one obvious glaring fact does not indicate Deborah Hunter and Miriam Franklin being one and the same person either, does it? And if I, Miriam, was this Deborah making money from marketing this heresy, I certainly would not spend so much time coming against it in my other alleged alter-ego, would I? That would be fighting against myself, which would be stupid for anyone, let alone an alleged money hungry person, so greedy they apparently resort to fraud and goodness knows whatever else as claimed!

    The other obvious thing is, where would I even get time to run and market the multiple businesses as claimed?!

    · You have the testimony of two or three witnesses versus just one

    In addition to the above facts speaking for themselves, and Deborah Hunter’s testimony of course, we have Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press Ltd’s own testimony. She says –

    “It came to our attention late last year there is a company in the USA trading under the name KingdomComePublishing.com. Contrary to the rumours spread by Stephen Manning, a rival trade competitor of ours who is presently being sued by us for orchestrating a dirty tricks campaign, neither Diggory Press Ltd nor any of its staff or associates is in any way, shape or form connected to KingdomComePublishing.com or Deborah G Hunter and her family.”

    · You now have a clear motive why Stephen Manning would smear Rosalind and her company

    He is a trade competitor which throws a whole new light on things. I checked it out. You can too. He runs a rival self publishing company, and you can see he has even taken some of Diggory Press’s former titles for his own company! Again – easily checkable, the facts are in the open. Does this one fact ring loud alarm bells for you? It should. Anyone can see that he has a very good reason to wrongly bad mouth any competitor to get business for himself! This only took me a few minutes to find, why didn’t you do this research, Rahab?

    Tell me also did you pray and enquire of God in any of this? If not, why not?

    Doing a search also clearly shows some of this ding dong between Rosalind of Diggory Press and Stephen Manning going back a couple of years. This man is a nightmare who contradicts himself and lies, and what he says is very personal indeed against Rosalind showing he clearly has issues and is crucially not trustworthy. He is a false and unreliable witness, so what are you doing relying on his testimony which is clearly unreliable on numerous points? You don’t have to know anything about what really happened, or his motives, to see the man is not right and is not telling the truth. This is all readily available to read on internet posts and the red flags soon raise about his claims!

    · Furthermore, the accuser is not all he claims to be

    ‘Dr’ Manning is not all he claims to be. He claims to be a doctor and is not – you can see this from checking his academic credentials out and doing a search online, where bizarrely he blasts the place he studied at as not being accredited, while still claiming to be accredited?! Strange form of logic, that one. His writings also clearly display his lack of academic or rational ability belonging to someone who has studied at real PhD level.

    It is also illegal many places to claim to be a doctor, and use the title PhD and not be a real one, so in addition to pretence, bull and lies you also have what – fraud on his part? Passing off? Certainly deception.

    · You have clear reasons why the guy might hate and smear Miriam

    Like I said the guy obviously has issues. And he has clear associations to the Moonies, interfaith and new age occultism– hmm, why might a Moonie want to harm and undermine someone –Miriam – who consistently takes a stand warning about religious cults, sects and new age interfaith and the occult? Rahab, you know the answer to this one, right? Didn’t this send some alarmbells clanging for you? Or did you not get this far in your basic research?

    · Diggory Press Ltd are suing Stephen Manning

    Did you include this essential fact anywhere in your post? Kind of an important point, huh? That the accuser is actually the one being sued in the civil courts for £50,000 damages.

    The company have reported him to the police and are also pressing for criminal charges to be brought against him for orchestrating a campaign of harassment, blackmail, attempted extortion, a dirty tricks smear campaign, fraud, death threats and perjury and so on. If you had gone to Diggory Press’s website [did you?] it would have also briefly indicated what is going on.

    I have also seen the actual evidence from another unconnected company, a rival to Diggorys, again easily checkable, who also suffered from ‘Dr’ Manning.

    · Evidence from the Court itself you cannot argue with

    I have even seen the evidence from the U.K. court service itself that shows ‘Dr’ Stephen Manning has been very naughty indeed. You know all these alleged claims against Diggory Press? Well they all come from him. It only costs £30 [approx $45 dollars] to lodge a claim in the small claims court, and anyone can do it whether there is any truth in their case or not. So Manning did multiple claims against the company even USING NAMES WITHOUT PEOPLE’S KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION. That is really serious.

    The newspapers reported there were 16 or 18 or however many cases against Diggory Press which was true and the result was it smeared them and made them look terrible as was intended, but it was not fair and not the whole truth as the crucial fact is that all these cases came from one source – Stephen Manning himself – which the papers should have also said but didn’t.

    And crucially 16 of these cases were quickly thrown out. Almost a year ago. Yet HE claims they are ongoing. He is a liar. Obviously, check it out. How can you trust a word he says?

    And some of these old chucked out claims are ludicrous – you have to see them and you’d wet yourself laughing as they are that ridiculous. They include somebody who was not even a customer of Diggory Press’s suing for £250 for a CD they supposedly sent via normal mail to the company, and another one suing for Diggory asking for £10 [15 dollars] to send a large box of books to a second address. Are you seeing the light yet about this character making the allegations about Diggory? You should if you are fair.

    That police complaint you include as a link is also evidently concocted bull. Anyway can write this kind of nonsense about anyone and put it on the net, while claiming their mate is their legal affairs officer – it does not make it true, it is pretentious bull. And obviously so. Is your discernment so poor you could not see through it?

    It does not mean the police have taken any of it seriously [if they did it would not even exist, would it?!] or even that the police saw it in the first place. The fact it is so obviously concocted and bogus should have raised your alarmbells in the first place, Rahab.

    · Not found guilty to date for anything

    The fact is neither Rosalind Franklin, Miriam Franklin or Diggory Press Ltd have been charged by police for any offence whatsoever anywhere, ever, not even for speeding, far less are undergoing any trial for fraud. And you could check this out. There is no criminal trial pending at all for anything against any people you have chosen to slander.

    As far as civil cases, again no case has ever been found against Rosalind, Miriam or Diggory Press Ltd. They have not been found guilty of anything. There is no evidence against them. Manning has lied when saying Rosalind and Diggory has been found guilty – again easily checkable – no judgment has been entered. This one easily checkable fact in itself discredits his whole sordid story. Because if this man was for real, he would not lie about something like this.

    Where’s your common sense, Rahab?

    However, there is even more evidence against Manning. I have seen evidence from the UK court service of 16 of the nonsense falsified cases against Diggory Press [nb not against Rosalind – a company is sued and not the individual who may work for that company] having been struck out of court or otherwise dismissed. They were finished almost one year ago! And so the facts are Manning has lied when he said in December 08 and January 2009 there are all these claims still standing against Diggory Press Ltd as there are not, he is lying. He is lying when saying they have been found guilty, as they have not, he is lying about people’s identities and who is who, he is wrongly accusing the innocent and he is less than forward with the truth about the source of these chucked out court cases as all being from him.

    As for the newspapers, checking out the facts show they clearly misreported [most likely they were just lazy and couldn’t be bothered to check it out assuming all self publishing companies are crooks. They certainly did not approach me, Miriam, to verify my identity, and did not contact Diggory Press Ltd or its staff either before posting their stuff as fact. I have seen the emails.]. So the press wrongly reported there were cases ongoing where there were not, and wrongly claimed innocent parties were connected and were not – they did not even do basic checks either. They like you just took a liar’s word for it. But Rahab you’re the one who is supposed to be a Christian and have integrity.

    There is also concern about the heavy handed sarcasm one journalist involved has used against Christianity so maybe that’s his gripe. I even was sent the taunting email he sent Diggory Press after he went ahead and published Manning’s gumpf before even contacting them for their side of the story. The email is shocking. And he has not retracted the wrong allegations linking Diggory to that Kingdom Come Publishing website or anything else either. And he should know a lot better. The mind boggles as to why. Because the paper he writes for is well thought of, I imagine other papers lazily pick up his story, not checking the facts either. This is not fair and not righteous but even you should know you can’t believe all you read in the papers and you should have approached with extreme care. You are responsible for your part.

    Shall I go on? Or are you ready to pull the post yet and apologise to all the people you have harmed? You could have found all this out for yourself easily.

    · Accusing someone of something, and someone being guilty of something are two very different things

    Where have you used the words ‘alleged’ anywhere of the people involved? You have presumed guilt, and even if the parties were all one and the same, this is completely out of order.

    · You have judged unrighteously and also wrongly

    You ask someone being neutral on your blog: “So how can you be a supporter of her knowing that she is in sin?” and “This is merely the latest example of her refusal to repent for her sin that she has been confronted about”. When you do not even know, far less have proven, Miriam, Rosalind or anyone else connected to this sorry tale is in sin, or have even been confronted with it! Apart from on your side – Manning – that you definitely know is in serious sin. So by the same plumbline how can you support him knowing what you do now? Are you going to write a blog about him and his sin?

    You have also libelled and defamed several completely unconnected innocent parties. A public apology and retraction is in order as well as repentance.

    Other completely innocent and unassociated parties have been accused by Manning, including commentators on the various blogs.

    They too need an apology.

    Anywhere someone suggested he may not be telling the truth, or calling him on his version of events, or even being neutral – it is automatically ‘Rosalind’ using an alias, according to him. When he has been presented with evidence to the contrary, whether that be an isp address, or letters or emails, he still does not retract his allegations. If he really believes his own hype, this guy is a paranoid delusional narcicist. He evidently revels in the attention and you would be wise not to give it to him.

    Even the judge in the court does not escape from Manning’s rants. Manning even accusing the judge who threw his nonsense cases out, of being all sorts of things! You could have done too – had you but checked!

    As for your blog, and the blog you source from Mtyokawonis’s ilovetoddbentley, anyone who did not write nasty comments about Miriam/Rosalind/whoever was immediately wrongly accused of being me, Miriam. That goes not just for Deborah Hunter who posted saying she was not me/Rosalind etc, but for other posters too – and this has happened on both your and her blog. ‘Dr’ Manning or Mtyokawonis immediately irrationally accuse various commentors of all being me. Mtyokawonis accuses me with no evidence, and actually evidence to the contrary. There is absolutely no evidence for her claims, because I did not send anyone, and I did not by any means contact her, and no evidence can therefore possibly exist I did as it did not happen. She has never contacted me, Miriam about anything. She has not contacted Diggory Press or its staff either. The witnesses that I tell the truth, are not only God Himself, but the people who have left the comments who know who they are, me, as well as Diggory Press and some of its staff. I ignored her blog completely for the simple reason that sick twisted people are best not given the attention they crave. Her blog title ilovetoddbentley makes it abundantly clear why she hates me.

    And for the record, if I wanted to post anything, I would have done under my own name on her blog, or my blog, or anyone else’s blog, and would have achieved far more by demolishing her and the fake doctor’s silly stories in my own name with the facts, than my using any alias and posting only neutral stuff that gets me nowhere.

    Furthermore, Mtyokawonis admits that whoever was sending her emails, she knows they were NOT coming from Rosalind’s isp address that Manning has apparently already let her have so she knows. The same evidence which would also be able to resolve whether Rosalind left any comments under any aliases on her blog. Again Mtyokawonis did not retract the allegations, again that should have raised questions in your mind, Rahab, if you were being fair and reasonable.

    As it happens, I have been sent some emails in the past few days from someone in much distress from their rude treatment by Mtyokawonis. Mtyokawonis accused this person of being ‘Ros’ and also by default Miriam, and Mtyokawonis also allegedly openly invited people to harass her. The language used by this hurt person, with broken English using the name Yeshua for Jesus and so on, coming out with theology I do not all advocate, and with a different non UK isp shows that this person isn’t and cannot be Rosalind of Diggory Press Ltd who we know resides in England. This same person also insists no death threats were ever sent by her as accused by Mtyokawonis. These emails along with their isp address and author could be produced in a court of law to show that neither Miriam or Rosalind or Diggory has played any part in this and have not sent any death threats.

    Rahab, if you are going to accuse anyone, Miriam, Rosalind or any commentators or anyone else of sending death threats – and this is a very serious accusation – you better make sure you have the evidence to back up your claims. And now you know this fact, are you going to retract the allegations about the death threats and apologise for accusing someone -actually several people – of something so wicked?

    Doesn’t scripture also say you should not hear charges about anyone, unless you have more than one witness? Why didn’t you obey this basic principle in the allegation about death threats – or anything else?

    · You wrongly claim I was banned from the Charisma forum

    You seriously defame me when making this allegation along with the alleged reasons why [without any supporting evidence]. Needless to say this claim is also untrue. The facts and isp addresses can more than back this up. I have never been banned from the Charisma forum – in fact I do not even recall ever posting there! I very rarely post anywhere as I spend almost all my time while blogging at my own blog.

    By what evidence do you make your assertion? Why are you so ready to accuse me with these untruths without even checking things out properly? Perhaps you have assumed this is true, or listened to gossip. Perhaps you sincerely thought what you said is true. But it was not.

    You have called me all sorts, Rahab, yet when the facts are in, you have accused completely innocent people [plural].

    You also accuse me of being out of order on your blog – I have the post here which shows I was not nasty etc as you claimed. You banned me – and you know it – for the simple reason I was showing your people up. I was not in sin and had nothing to repent of in this post! See this post here –


    [Oh and nor did you confront me about my alleged sin privately first on this point, which is hypocritical of you]

    · The hypocrisy of it all

    I am flummoxed that you would readily accuse innocent people as you do and smear them with terrible unfounded accusations, but you’d not deal with the sin and liars and frauds in your own midst. Todd Bentley, for example, is an obvious charlatan, the facts are in, yet where is your criticism for him?

    There is a great deal of hypocrisy then.

    You don’t have to answer these specific points, except to God – this is a matter of your own conscience.

    As is your blatant hypocrisy. I quote you –

    “Have you addressed these individual concerns to each of the ministers and ministries involved? Until you have communicated with them, you really have no biblical right to air them before the body of Christ. It is not until you have gone to your brother and been rejected, and taken another believer with you and been rejected, that you have the right to bring your concerns before the church. So my question is, have you followed biblical guidelines in addressing these issues? Have you contacted C. Peter Wagner and told him, “God told me you are antichrist and part of the end times deception?” What was his response?…. I had a chat with my pastor today about your position that you have a right to air you discernment about ministries without taking it to them first. He just laughed at your arguments. The biblical pattern holds. Until you have taken it up with your brothers, you do not have the biblical right to air your criticism of them in public.

    … In the ministry I am a part of seeks to create a culture of honor. What you are doing is totally without honor.

    … One of the things Patricia said in her video is that this group who is circulating this letter about her never brought their complaints to her first. She likewise considers those airing their grievances on the internet bound by the biblical principles.

    But Miriam has never confronted any of the people she has posted about, which is why she is banned from this blog because of her ungodly behavior and refusal to repent. My pastoral leadership pointed out that if I continued to allow her to post here after we confronted her publicly on this blog about her sin and her refusal to repent that I would be sharing in her sin. “

    YOU did not contact Miriam Franklin, Rosalind Franklin, Diggory Press Ltd, or do even some basic research. It seems you did not even think, as in your glee to undermine me and bring me down you published the first bit of dirt you could find – whether true or not.

    You say the biblical pattern holds, so why did you not follow it yourself? By your own testimony you are without honor, unbiblical, ungodly, sinful and need to repent. Your words, not mine.

    You claim you are excused though of contacting me or any other parties first because –

    Miriam refused to answer the questions the reporter put to her and refused to answer the court.

    Yet even if the above were true – which it is not – that logic would not exempt you from at least following the alleged biblical pattern you claim one must follow.

    What does your pastoral leadership make about your refusing to confront first, or not taking a second witness along, and your ungodly behaviour and sin? What do they think of that?

    And the above claim is untrue for many different reasons as already shown. Evidence does not support it, the fake doctor Manning is yet again lying.

    No reporter has ever contacted me, Miriam, at my blog or email. You have only Manning’s claim this is true, and he has already been proved a liar. ROSALIND and Diggory Press Ltd did not refuse to answer the press’s questions, as the proof shows – you could have asked to see this proof but did not. Furthermore even if Rosalind and Diggory had refused to answer the press’s questions, it does not make them guilty of the charges, and it does not give you leave to recklessly publish untruths about them or me.

    Furthermore, there is proof from the courts that Rosalind and Diggory Press Ltd have answered the court! There are pages and pages of paperwork the courts have on record from Diggory Press, who have also made all the court appearances to date, you could have checked this out to but you didn’t – why? They have successfully thrown out 16 nonsense cases against them to date and are now conducting their own case against ‘Dr’ Manning, suing him for £50,000.

    The proof is that ‘Dr’ Manning is the one who has not met court orders, and has shown contempt of court and the legal system and not vice versa. And is lying now about the proceedings.

    There are lots of other things I could say that would demonstrate how these charges against me, Miriam – and all the other people mentioned too – are not only fair but patently ridiculous. But I have more than given you all you need to know to act righteously.

    But I will leave you with one last essential point.

    The charge of greed does not make sense

    One glaring thing that surely should have entered your mind is, I am being accused of being so greedy and money centred I would cheat authors out of a few pennies. Yet the obvious is overlooked, there is potential thousands I could have honestly gotten legitimately through ‘ministry’ gifts or ministry merchandise since my blog started in 2007. And you well know that having a ‘tip’ link is common practice and not frowned upon on Christian blogs, even expected. Yet there is no tip link, and no merchandise including books or ebooks, which you would expect is the first thing a greedy publisher would do right away.

    I even refuse to make money by having adverts or paid links, and I could make fairly good money from them alone because of all the traffic I get.

    I have never solicited donations of any kind on my blog since it has been going– unlike you and your associates. I have explicitly said anyone wishing to give to me should give to the homeless and poor instead, and have also directly refused to accept gifts as others can testify. I support myself by the work of my own hands. This is very unusual for anyone in full-time ministry.

    I spend many many hours working on the blog, which I could spend out in the world earning money, so I sacrifice much for the sake of the kingdom, and I’ve never asked for one cent from anyone ever for ministry. I actually give time and money to do this, and get nothing material back for it, but that is not what I am about. I consistently blast simony, professional ministry and paying for prophecy or ministry. Furthermore, my ministry is not on the money making end. If I wanted to be rich and popular I would be an ear tickler and in the NAR, but am not as I have a conscience.

    Are these the actions of someone who loves money? Who is intending to be a fraud? Why would I not do a Todd Bentley and do some false prophecy and simony leading people to donate hefty sums so they can be blessed. Think about it. If I were such a crook I would be on the side of Lakeland, the popular side. Yet instead I teach people to think, to come out of spiritual abuse, and discern and test everybody, including me. Go figure Rahab what I am then! Use the brain God gave you.

    Also unlike your prophetic friends, my words consistently come to pass, and so God is my witness I am not the fraud your friends are.

    I also actively encourage everyone to pray that the truth in this situation would come out which I would not if I were what I was claimed to be.


    Now I have demonstrated how you have been party of something very unrighteous. What will you do now? I give you chance to take the nonsense off your site, make a public retraction and apology. But if not, I reserve the right to take this further. You also have God to contend with.

    In addition to moral and spiritual laws you are presently breaking, you actually break real laws about defamation and so on. Consider this and then do the right thing. Act rightly and with justice.

    Miriam Franklin”

  19. In the above Miriam talks about Rosalind, she refers to her as “her” etc.

    She can get away with that if her readers are daft, but would she get away with that in real life?

    Wouldn’t the person she is talking to butt in and say, “But YOU are Rosalind of Diggory Press! Why are you talking about “her” as if she were another person?”

    My name is Ian Stuart Vincent. If i’m talking with you face to face and then i start to talk about “Stuart”, about “him”, if you had any intelligence at all you would conclude that i’m a nut.

    I won’t be commenting anymore on this.

  20. Ian, with respect, you rightly said in a comment above, that you can’t serve The LORD Jesus Christ AND lie.

    Pray tell us then why you are perpetuating the LIE that my husband and myself and most other names on the list on YOUR blog are Miriam in disguise?

    It isn’t so surprising that you won’t be commenting anymore. The TRUTH is emerging at long last. THANK YOU LORD.

  21. I laid out my thoughts in a newer post https://peacebringer7.wordpress.com/2009/09/12/commentary-the-diggory-press-saga/

    Seriously need to ask those simply pointing to one side or another what is the intent of what you are doing. Are you trying to be the Holy SPirit? Are you engaging in gossip and rumors. Are you standing truly for truth or something else? God will deal with all those involved in his time. I don’t believe either side is giving the full truth and sharing their part of the story. Now that does not change the need to pray from Miriam. We really didn’t need to know details. Just pray for God to work His will in Miriam’s lift and for God to draw her closer to him. Whatever the truth of matters are.

    Lets focus on God’s kingdom people and stand for truth and not in all this back and forth stuff.

  22. Please read updated information in this orginal post.

  23. This will be my last comment, but it must be said after re-reading from the top.

    1.Comment no.11 Ian Vincent said “Rosalind (Miriam) has not been ‘attacked’ by anyone”. That is a LIE because she has. also comment no.15

    1. Peacebringer said “are you standing truly for truth or something else?” and “I don’t believe either side is telling the full truth………”

  24. oooops I don’t know what happened there.
    I will continue:

    also comment no.15 he (IV) said “she is not a victim, she needs to humble herself and repent and confess to her readers what she has done” Hmmmmm this comment leaves me speechless!

    2. Comment no.18 He said “Hello Rosalind, good to see you here. Those cloaked IP’s are great……………
    Rosalind (Miriam) HAS NOT COME HERE with or without a cloaked IP. It is ME. It is a LIE.

    I am sure you can all see I am most frustrated about this, as it is really difficult to prove. But Ian needs to be shown up for what he is doing.It is wrong.

    Finally, Peacebringer I am standing truly for truth (at least as much as I know, and I don’t know it all) and I am telling the full truth before the Lord Jesus who sees every word I write.

    I would urge each and every one to ask God for HIS version of truth, because then you will be in possession of the whole truth which never alters.

    God Bless all who come here (including Ian Vincent) and let us all be of one mind and body as we continue to lift up Miriam in the face of the persecution she is facing.
    Who knows, it could be any of us next………

  25. Recognizer… I have no concerns about you in terms of truth. Just as in any dispute the truth from their perspective is told, as I believe I outlined my thoughts in the post on the saga. It is said that in asking prayer for one that was reported to be attacked that this saga came forward. I never had any intent of getting into my thoughts on the court matter but given words stated clearly something objective needed to be said.

    I agree whole heartedl for God’s version of truth and really ask people to let God be God. It does not change the immediate needs of Miriam and her health and safety. Regardless of whatever Miriam did that was either unwise or faulty, it does not change the need for prayer. It also does not change the fact of facing persecution. Again, my thoughts are shared more specifically in the other post.

    And you are right, it could be any of us next, even if everything in life is in order. I had been on end of false accusations in past and lost a job over it, but God used that as part of refining process in tearing down my walls of defense and walk in greater surrender to him.

  26. I am praying for Miriam, and will be keeping her in my prayers.

  27. Peacebringer,
    Thank you for allowing many of us to post here who have been accused of being someone we are not. It is nice to be able to say our side and declare that we are not Miriam or “cloaked aliases”(Come on now Ian….seriously, cloaked aliases, now that’s a stretch)

    Also, thank you for being unbiased but declaring that prayer is the main reason for this post and that is what we will be doing.

    Thank you!!!!

  28. My prayers are also with Miriam, and I’m praying too that the truth will prevail and be made known. Peacebringer, I appreciate your balanced view of, and approach to, this situation.

  29. peacebringer
    thank you for posting this. i have been so scared and worried about miriam. i’ve been praying for her and will continue doing so even more. i pray that she will make it through this and shame the devil.
    please everyone, dont be distracted by this rosalind garbage, because that is what it is;garbage.

  30. Hi Folks – just found this latest site, and felt I should briefly comment, as I have been one of the main targets of ‘Miriam’s’ (Rosalind Franklin’s) malodorous attentions these past three years.


    With respect to those sincere posters here who may not be aware of the facts; here are a few solid facts for misguided ‘Miriam’ fans to consider:

    (i) ‘Miriam’ is indeed Rosalind Miriam Franklin, who has not only repeatedly denied this fact, but has also used numerous false identities to pursue immoral, unethical, or illegal ends these past years.
    (ii) Another UK court judgement was recently awarded against Mrs Franklin for alleged theft and fraud. She didn’t appear in court to defend herself.
    (iii) Mrs Franklin is very adept at using cloaking software to hide her tracks – and otherwise manipulate the internet.
    (iv) Mrs Franklin is a practised exploiter of people.
    (v) There are 209 individual author complaints of alleged fraud and deception ‘on record’ against her. (‘on record’ here means ‘in writing’).
    (vi) Mrs F’s publishing ‘businesses’ namely Exposure Publishing, Diggory Press, Meadow Books etc – are now listed as ‘Author’s Chance Ltd’ under a new director. The new director holds 51 other company directorships; the company deceptively presents itself as if it has been trading for years; Mrs Franklin’s name appears nowhere on the records… Why?
    (vii) Mrs F is due to appear in Torquay Court on Nov 9th to face a number of defrauded authors.. including myself.
    (viii) Throughout all my dealings with her these past three-plus years, I can categorically state that I have never met a person with such a prolific capacity for deception and malice. A good deal of evidence in support of this can be viewed at the victims’ support group site at http://checkpoint.ie/roguesgallery.html
    (ix) Mrs Franklin is (or was) the author of the three ‘sleuthfortruth’ defamatory blogs, which thankfully have now all been pulled for breaching defamation and libel rules.
    Anyone who chooses to may contact me directly at stmphd@mail.com. My personal credentials / character / history / references can be checked at http://color-of-truth.com/page2.html

    I genuinely wish no one ill, but feel we MUST stand up to fraudsters and bullies when the opportunity presents itself. It is only by doing so that we give THEM the opportunity for repentance and reform. Unfortunately, Mrs Franklin seems little inclined in this direction.

    Kind regards to all..


  31. Dr. Manning, actually surprised it took you this long to make an appearance here. Perhaps Mrs Franklin is truly guilty of all you allege, but everything I have examined on the matter does not indicate much veracity coming from you end. You have a clear pattern of behavior. Now this does not mean Mrs. Franklin has committed no wrong. I know for a fact you have falsely accused some people of being aliases. The blogs you had shut down were certainly no more libelous than the information you are spreading on the internet. Both sides have used information that couldn’t be used in a court of law.

    Now the very fact that Mrs Franklin missed a court date lends credence to potential of serious injury to the woman. Sure it could also be all grand deception, but you would also have to wonder if she had been so intent on being as libelous and deceitful as you claim, why she has gone quite silent on the matter.

    Now Dr. Mannning, you have been allowed to state your case, but neither this blog post or the one examining the diggory press issue from my perspective have any intent of giving a formart for throwing charges against the other around.

    I find it interesting you reference repentance and reform when that is not even a central tenant of your beleif system. (Yes, I have examined your material.)

  32. Thanks for the prompt response Peacebringer – I hope you will allow me this final response as I’m very busy preparing for the upcoming Court appearance.

    I will assume you are a sincere person Tim, and so will ignore the slight as to my ‘veracity’, and simply invite you to do a little more research into the facts of who ‘Miriam’ really is – and what her motives and ambitions might be – both as a supposed ‘endtimesprophetess’ and a supposed ‘publisher’.

    You might also ‘examine my material’ a little closer Tim before coming to your conclusions – because I don’t know what you are referring to above as my supposed ‘belief system’. The irony is that after many years studying religious traditions, I am now convinced that the only way to Real Truth is to strictly avoid ‘beliefs’ and focus on what can be empirically discerned. In short, other than objective studies, I have had NO direct affiliation with any religious system these past ten years or more. But anyway – that’s somewhat beside the point. I do strongly support the notions of repentance and reform by the way.

    Unfortunately for me, and due chiefly to the failure of the justice system to curtail Mrs Franklin’s activities in a timely and just manner; and in light of the multiple online identities and false-or-misleading websites launched by Mrs Franklin these past months and years – I have, regrettably, been obliged to defend my good name and reputation by exposing the FACTS and the EVIDENCE on the Rogues Gallery site.


    That site has been an instrument of help, advice and caution to many many good people (including many unsuspecting Christians) who otherwise might have fallen victim to Mrs Franklin’s questionable business practices. Surely we should be commended for that – especially as Mrs Franklin (as ‘Miriam’) has herself launched a whole online career issuing strident warnings about the charlatans and fraudsters of the religious world. No?

    Please don’t forget Tim that we are only reporting facts there. It is Mrs Franklin who is responsible for those facts. We have only brought the public’s attention to them.

    For the record Tim, may I respectfully point out that when a statement is TRUE, it is NOT defamatory. Therefore the information on the Rogues Gallery is NOT the same as the contrived contents in Mrs Franklin’s numerous defamatory postings, on numerous contrived websites. If there are any literal inaccuracies on the Rogues Gallery site, then I can assure you that they are neither intentional – nor intended to deceive.

    I appreciate the fact that those who have invested their trust and faith in Mrs Franklin as an authority on religious matters will find it hard to digest the evidence.. But please don’t forget that we defrauded authors – who also trusted her – are in a similar predicament. We trusted her too, and were severely let down.

    What we ALL need to remember Tim, is that we have all – in one way or another – been exploited by Mrs Franklin. Accordingly, we should be pulling together to expose the truth of these matters – and not aiding her further in her unholy activities, by trying to defend the indefensible.

    As to me stating Mrs Franklin has been using certain aliases and pseudonyms in an attempt to deceive and obstruct – this is surely beyond question? However, it is of course possible that one or two names on the ever-growing list cannot be fully traced back to her. But what IS worth noting though Tim, is that the owners of those identities were NOT willing to divulge their real names…? Why ever not?

    Anyway, I thank you for the opportunity to state my case here on your blog, and unless expressly invited to do so, will not make any further posts for now.

    I would like to reiterate however, that my personal motives and intentions in taking Mrs Franklin to task are rooted in a clear but stubborn determination to achieve justice. In this matter I readily admit to be stubborn, tenacious and determined – but I also endeavour to be honest and sincere, and to my knowledge have at no time attempted to mislead or deceive anyone.

    Finally, as to the alleged attack on Miriam – I must of course harbour doubts as to the veracity of any such report – for rather obvious reasons. Perhaps if those in the know could post some supporting evidence… we could all then direct our prayers accordingly..? Meanwhile, may I respectfully suggest we pray for justice to be done.

    Anyone with direct questions may contact me on stmphd@mail.com

    Thank you


  33. Dr. Manning in case haven’t read it yet, I shared my full take on this Saga in this post: https://peacebringer7.wordpress.com/2009/09/12/commentary-the-diggory-press-saga/

    I am fairly certain the truth is somewhere in between what you and Mrs. Franklin have promoted online.

    I know for fact you false accused folks of being aliases or sock puppets. I also know you asked for heavy handed means of identity verfication by which any legitimate person with reasons of distrust is not likely to provide. Ultimately the courts will decide this matter and sort through the muck. As to our differences in perspectives, while you say you are out of the religious system, what I have seen of your work sits well with the “New age” and “New world order” and the attempts at synthesis and tolerance. What you have written fits well with the likes of Karen Armstrong and UN’s alliance of civilizations. Something I believe at a minimum Mrs Franklin was wrong even to publish. That is my personal opinion. I wish you no ill will and wished that you really grasped what the truth was regarding the Gospel rather than trying to empiricize things that are a matter of faith, and as such not empirically verifiable.

  34. Also admittedly it has been a good 6 months since reviewed your material. I guess you can support repentance and reform, just not in the same way I would, so I do apologize for that comment.

  35. I checked out the link above Tim, and found your article there to be objective and insightful. I also left some comments on that thread.

    As you say, we can but hope that the truth will eventually come out, and that those who really have stood up for what is right, will be vindicated.

    However, it really is very difficult to appear ‘clean’ whilst one is doing a dirty job..

    Next Court hearing on Nov 9th. Let’s see what transpires.

    Kind regards to all


  36. In terms of an update, Miriam is back to posting on blog. She does report still recovering from injuries from alleged attack. http://endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/benny-hinn-says-obama-is-not-the-antichrist/

  37. Just a short one Tim – I’ve just viewed your other postings as of September this year regarding ‘prayer for Miriam’ – (and your discussion with Ian Vincent) and in light of my recent posts and supporting evidence, hope and expect that a conscientious person like yourself will immediately set the record straight there.

    For some reason, one can’t subscribe there anymore..

    As for the supposed ‘attack’ on Rosalind Miriam Franklin – please lets have some verifiable evidence before wasting any more prayers..?

  38. Stephen,

    I’m sure that our God does not feel our prayers are being wasted pending your need for “verifiable evidence.” You may pray – or not – as you wish to your own God or whatever it is you seek repentance and reform from based upon what you perceive as “empirical evidence.”

    As for “setting the record straight” — why not just wait for your day in court?

    I, for one, am hoping the above really is your “last post” here.

  39. Dr. Manning, not certain what you would expect me to set the record start. I have voiced my thoughts on the matter and they are clear and objective. There is nothing I need to set straight.

  40. I pray for justice and truth Craig – or more specifically, I ACT for justice and truth. Mere praying (meaning asking your god for this-or-that – or ‘wishing’ for this-or-that) is a luxury for the well-intentioned, the trusting and the naive. People who are really sincere actually turn their prayers into action – like Christ, right?

    To put it simply Craig; anyone who thinks for a moment that ‘Miriam’ Franklin is anything other than a rogue and a deceiver has been hoodwinked. All the praying in the world won’t change that. Unfortunately, it is well-intentioned folk such as yourself perhaps, that fuel ‘Miriams’ delusions – and to a certain extent empower her to continue her unchristian activities. So if you MUST pray – then please pray for justice..

    As for our day in Court – and setting the record straight. Well, we’ve found out the hard way that it’s really not as simple as that – especially when you’re dealing with someone with Mrs Franklin’s truly remarkable capacity for obstruction and deception. But we’ll keep you informed anyway. If you send me your private email address, I’ll place your name on the updates list – then you’ll have a better idea of who and what precisely to pray for..


  41. Dr. Manning,

    I note your exhibiting disdain for prayer in this response. Now, I agree that prayer taken as a wish list and asking God to do this or that is a sad state and self directed. Yet, that is not true biblical prayers. Now it is part of prayer to petition the Holy Creator, the point of prayer is interacting with God. And Dr. Manning, prayer can and does help bring people to repentance. God will not impede upon will, but God can work to bring someone toward repentance, at least bring His light into their life.

    Now you state that people who are really sincere, turn their prayers into action. I know many people who sincerly pray, and that is what calls them to do. It does point though for the need of exhibiting genuine response to God`s truth. And above all I direct any who pray to the One True God for God`s will to be done and for His light to reveal all that needs to be revealed. For all workings of Darkness to be brought to light.

  42. Stephen/Notice:

    Apparently, I struck a nerve with my post on Oct 17. I merely used the words you used in a few different comments above in describing your beliefs.

    I refuse to take direction from an acknowledged unbeliever on how to pray. I’ll consult the Word of God, thank you.

    While you accuse Miriam of posting under pseudonyms/aliases, etc. and otherwise being duplicitous, how would I know you really are who you say you are? From the “evidence” I’ve seen against Miriam, there’s yet to be a ‘smoking gun.’

    I decline your offer to send my email to you. The truth will come out eventually. That’s why I suggested you wait till your day in court.

    We will all eventually be in the Greatest Courtroom for a final judgment. We believers in the One True God will have a separate “Courtroom” from unbelievers. There’s still time for you to repent to the One True God — Jehovah God — through the shed blood of His Son Jesus Christ who bore the sins of the world.

  43. Oh c’mon guys – I’m sure you mean well, but I really don’t want to encourage you anymore – especially you Craig, as you are so very assured that you know all about God and His divine will etc etc..

    Yes, I concede to a little tongue-in-cheek with the call to prayer above.. But I happen to ‘believe’ that God has a sense of humour.

    By the way, who says I am an acknowledged ‘unbeliever’ Craig? It’s news to me? I just wish religionists would acknowledge the cardinal difference between a ‘belief’ and an actual reality. Then perhaps we could get somewhere in these debates. You can believe anything you like Craig – but there’s little point in discussing it rationally – when the fundamental premise IS irrational. Tell me what you KNOW Craig – not what you merely ‘believe’ to be true. If you can do that, I suspect we’ll be having a very short exchange.

    As for Miriam’s ‘smoking gun’ Craig – how can I take YOU seriously when you make a comment like this? Obviously, you haven’t looked at the evidence – or you are in denial. May I suggest you read my recent (Oct 19th) post on the other thread, https://peacebringer7.wordpress.com/2009/09/12/commentary-the-diggory-press-saga/ and when you are ready to contact me directly, we can carry on our discussion.

    I’m not hiding from anyone – had you noticed Craig? There’s a reason for that.

    I’m sure you can work it out..


  44. This blog looks just like another front for Miriam Franklin.

    No fact checking at all.

    No credibility.

  45. Thank you ‘joiner’ for stating the simple truth..

  46. And quelle surprise.. the hoster of this blog – despite his denials – is an ardent Franklinite! (See below).

    If you really are an honest person as you claim Tim – you’ll leave this up on this thread. This is a section from ‘Miriam’ Franklin’s end-times-prophecy site listing comments of direct support and encouragement from the very same supportive posters on this blog.. including you Tim.. and we’re supposed to believe this is NOT a front for Franklinites..? (Please note the names used.. and compare with those who have appeared on this site.. and with the much-maligned sockpuppets list)

    Man, do I feel foolish for having debated with you as a supposed objective commentator..

    (Direct copy-and-paste quotes from here): http://endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/benny-hinn-says-obama-is-not-the-antichrist/


    God Bless you and welcome back Miriam, sooooo good to ‘hear your voice’ again. 😮 )

    Comment by Sylvia | October 16, 2009

    Miriam, glad to see you are on a road to recovery to the point of making an appearance.

    Comment by peacebringer | October 16, 2009

    I think Benny and Obama deserve each other.. AWW big hugs.

    Comment by james | October 17, 2009

    Glad to have you back Miriam! May the road to full recovery be speedy.

    Comment by Craig Lee | October 17, 2009

    oh my goodness..! its so good to hear something from you miriam! ive been so scared…and praying for you. i praise the living Jesus! hallelujah..!will continue praying for your complete recovery!

    Comment by ItsHellWithoutJESUS | October 18, 2009”

    I repeat; Matthew 7:6..

  47. As I stated in the other thread. I can offer a person support and well wishes from a stated physical attack. I have stated point blank and openly that I followed her blog, appreciated the content. No mystery or shock there, pretty much stated up front. Just because I appeciate some of the information on the blog, does not make me a “Franklinite.” I have not defended her for a moment. Note that this thread started in response to learning of the alleged attack on her blog and asking people to simply pray. Ian came and brought up the Diggory press issue which resulted in that post sharing my thoughts on the matter. Maybe you cannot wish someone well, appreciate what they have done and yet still be concerned over the rest. No in your world, I should be accepting you take at face value and be deriding her left and right. Sorry, sir but that is not the path. I have stated several times that the issue is a matter of the courts. And what a shock, Sylvia and Craig posted support to, and they made it perfectly clear where they stand. But of course they are simply sock puppets in your view.

  48. I genuinely respect the fact you left the previous post up Tim – good for you.

    I also appreciate the SENTIMENT behind wishing others well – especially if they are ill or injured etc.. But the track record of Mrs Franklin to date would VERY strongly suggest that any report of supposed ‘attacks’ on her person (that were authored by Rosalind Miriam Franklin) are just further attempts to manipulate and exploit others.

    The very fact that you would set up a website in response to such a dubious claim – WITHOUT seeking any verification of that report, has to raise questions about your objectivity and your discernment Tim… Especially in light of all the materials and evidence that indicates Mrs Franklin is a practised deceiver and rogue.

    As for this being a matter for the Courts Tim.. Does the fact that UK Court judgements have already been made against her carry any weight with you? Does the fact that a UK judge effectively took out a civil restraint order against her matter? Or does the fact that The Guardian, The Times, and Private Eye Magazine have all seen fit to warn the public about her, matter..?

    Don’t let this personal battle of wills with me distract you from the truth here Tim. You made an error of judgement in ‘calling for prayers’ pre-emptively. First, you should have asked for evidence of this supposed ‘attack’ – and then acted..

    As the truth unfolds Tim, each and every person who has been suckered by Mrs Franklin will have to face this fact. Some of us accept this reality and now pursue justice so as to hold her to account. Others remain in denial, and try to defend their position.

    But it is an untenable position I’m afraid.

  49. Let me repeat my position:
    1: I have appreacited her blog content, yet not always agreed with tact or views.
    2: I had concern for her physical welfare based on reports, certainly have reason to suspect claims but consider prayer to be the best thing a fellow believer can do.
    3: Regarding Diggory press believe it is a matter to be played out in courts and do not like tactics used from either side of the issue.
    4: I believe the truth is not coming from either side and lies in middle.
    5: I have been particularly not impressed with the socket puppet list which a couple people here have indicated been falsely accused of being a socket puppet or alias, this for defending Miriam. If you are someone who defended Miriam, you must be her, it seems is the tact.
    6: I am not defending Miriam. I have made clear my thoughts on the matter. Two things I have defended are Gospel and the issue mentioned above.
    7: In terms of moderating blog, when I delete something it is in direct relation to behavior directed toward someone else. I have no problems with people making comments directed at me or challenging me. I do get things wrong.

  50. First of all Dr. Manning, I did not set up a website, I posted a prayer request and a subsequent commentary. It is a small portion of what is posted on this particular blog. I followed what I was led to do. I do not believe I need to know all the facts before praying for the welfare of a person or even know the truth regarding the matter, because I know God knows the whole truth regarding this situation. As such, more people actually became aware of the Diggory Press issue than may have known previously. I do not view us as in a personal battle of wills Dr. Manning. I position is made clear. And in order to personally verify the facts, I would have to go to england and examine public records. It is not something I am inclined to do. I have made my position on the issues at hand perfectly clear. I have no horse in the race, for while I do appreciate Miriam`s contributions in the name of the Gospel, that does not mean I support her behavior any more than yours. And Dr. Manning, if I were truly someone defending Miriam, I would provide domain space for said to state claims without using a “free content” provider. I am not, and would not.

  51. Oh and Dr. Manning,
    You talk about people being suckered, but if everything you allege is true, than you have exhibited no concern for anyone defending them as being suckered but rather choose to label as aliases or sock puppets. Perhaps you would gain from reading this post: https://peacebringer7.wordpress.com/2008/08/19/lakeland-aftermath-an-analysis-of-observed-responses/

    And regarding Miriam`s blog another part of the way I deal with that, is whatever is going on does not change any of the truth regarding information she posted there. Perhaps it is all reaction formation, perhaps other complex psychological issues are at play, but regardless of whatever motivations or issues Miriam has for posting on that blog does not alter the truth that she does post.

  52. In regards to this particular issue Tim – the truth does NOT ‘lie in the middle somewhere’. The fact is that Mrs Franklin is a practised deceiver and a proven rogue; is given to massive deceptions and manipulations; and has no moral compass as most ‘normal’ people would understand it.

    Myself and the scores of people she has defrauded on the other hand, have no particular reason to fudge the truth – but simply want justice to be done..

    Arguing ‘the middle way’ (as you do) is simply another way of ‘sitting on the fence’. We, on the other hand, are categorically on the side of honesty, justice and truth. You seem to want all the benefits of looking like a ‘reasonable’ and objective observer – whilst failing to face the truth. This approach doesn’t work Tim. One ends up looking either like a patsy or a fool. Tell me this; in observing her behaviour to date – which side would you place Mrs Franklin on? The open-and-honest? Or the secretive -and-deceptive? And which category would you place me in Tim?

    Whether or not she happens to facilitate opinions on the ETPW site that you agree with, does NOT validate her character – and most certainly does NOT excuse her for the prolific abuses of moral and humane principles that she routinely engages in.

    I have genuine compassion for those of ‘us’ (including yourself) who have been ‘suckered’ by Mrs Franklin Tim – but I also hope you can understand, that after several YEARS of dealing with this obnoxious and unconscionable individual, I have, unfortunately, run out of patience with those who – unwittingly or otherwise – support her delusional and perverse manifestations as a supposed ‘prophet-of-god’.

    Please now check out the FACTS – and make an honest and informed statement of what you find.

    By the way – as per the sockpuppets list; a number of individuals I contacted responded when I invited them to establish their identity. They did so because they had noting to hide, and they did NOT appear on that list. ALL the names currently on that list will remain there until such time as I am CONVINCED (and not by the word of an acknowledged Fraklininte) that they are NOT Mrs Franklin in disguise..

    Over to you Tim..

  53. Has anybody bothered to ask ‘Miriam’ for evidence of her supposed injuries yet.. Has anyone of you even tried?


    Mmmm, I wonder why!

  54. Stephen, why is it that you are so adamant about this subject, so much so as to see Miriam everywhere? Sorry, but the idea of cloaking software used by Miriam is ludicrous.

    Shoot, I’ve been accused of being Miriam once or twice. Silly accusations, if you ask me.

  55. Dr. Manning,
    Yes, I am clearly sitting on the fence here. I may not be so inclined to be on the fence if I did not see defamotory statements left and right which really have no place in a legal matter. Besides the alias list falsely accusing the likes of sylvia and craig, you make comments such as “she made death threats” and post a screen shot of a comment: His days are numbered without the greater context. The purpose of such things are pure defamation. Most of what you have on your site is heresay and very little that would be considered truly evidentiary. Most of it is your “perspective” on matters. Now that does not mean I support what Miriam has done. I am on record for what I have issues with. And Dr. Manning, your responses here have exhibited a reactionary leaning and someone who easily moves to disrespect when your side is not accepted at face value. The fact is you present everything in an incendiary matter and tone, it is not a listing of evidence, but finding all the ways to tear someone down. The very nature of your presentation of “facts” as you refer to them, tends to take away from any of your credibilty Dr. Manning. So please forgive me if I do not accept what you say at face value.
    And Dr. Manning, this is a matter to be a “fence sitter” over. It is primarly a legal matter. I am not the only one espousing the truth is in the middle, as a prime POD monitoring blog had a similar stance as of a couple months ago. I have no idea where that was at this point. At any rate, the point is in any legal matter leaving things for the court to sort out is appropriate.

    Also Dr. Manning you can call me a “franklinite” because I refuse to treat a person with disrespect and offer support.

    And for you information Dr. Manning, several people prior to your engagement in discussion had moved to not trusting Mrs. Franklin and discontinued even perusing her blog.

  56. Okay Tim – we’re not moving to any fruitful conclusion commenting back-and-forth like this, so let’s just hope we have something of more substance to report after the next Court hearing..

    Glad to hear that the message seems to be getting out there though. I need to remember that for each frustrating debate like this – possibly scores of others are reading our comments and coming to their own conclusions.. So our discussions hopefully aren’t a complete waste of time Tim..

    As for me being ‘adamant’ on this subject (Joel, above), or in refernce to my ‘incendiary manner’ (Tim) – and my not displaying very much patience with those who have misguidedly offered support and encouragement to Mrs Franklin… Yes, I can apologise for giving vent to my frustrations in a less-than-jolly manner on these posts sometimes. But after years of being lied to, having our time wasted, our money stolen, our books abducted, and our characters and motives torn to shreds by someone whose own character and behaviour is so off the scale in moral terms that I dare not state the obvious for fear it might affect the Court cases.. (you have already alluded to this yourself in your opening commentary Tim – so I’ll leave it at that..)

    Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I’m truly sorry that I’ve run out of diplomatic ways of saying what needs to be said. There’s little point in diplomacy when you’re dealing with this level of malice and duplicity I’m afraid.

    You must also understand folks, that Mrs Franklin has been absolutely prolific in spreading herself all over the Internet using false identities. Whenever any of us challenged her on a post, she would either delete our comments, or fire malicious accusations back at us. Most people tired of this sport very quickly, and just washed their hands of her.. Unfortunately for me, I made a decision on principle that I was NOT going to be bullied or intimidated by Mrs Franklin, and so I’ve done my best to hang in there at great cost to myself and my family. Unfortunately, sometimes I let my dignity slip – and I regret that, and am sorry it rubs people the wrong way. Let me put it down to Irish blood.

    Anyway, eventually, I realised the most effective way to take the wind out of Mrs Franklin’s sails, and warn unsuspecting others, was to set up the Rogue’s Gallery. But it only went up when I literally couldn’t keep up with all the complaints about Diggory Press and Mrs Franklin. It’s not something I have enjoyed doing at all – but it IS something I believe NEEDED doing.

    You should also understand that we have been waiting nearly three years to present our evidence in Court. Despite three different sets of lawyers; four different Courts; and three Court hearings, we STILL haven’t had the chance to present our evidence yet. Meanwhile, Mrs Franklin has been waging an internet campaign discrediting the claimants – and especially myself. Something had to be done whilst we awaited the legal process. The Rogues Gallery has no doubt been very effective in keeping Mrs Franklin from exploiting others – and for that I’m glad. Many, many people have written in thanking me for making the information available too.

    Would it have been better to say nothing Tim? To just sit back and watch the carnage as scores of other authors lost their money? Or ignore their pleas for information about the Court cases.. Or NOT defend ourselves against the avalanche of lies and false accusations..?

    You must also understand folks – that WE were the ones who first came under attack from Mrs Franklin.. NOT the other way round.

    See the proofs here: http://checkpoint.ie/roguesgallery.html

    As Ian Vincent said; she is no victim. If she HAS indeed suffered due to this legal process, then it is purely-and-simply because she refused to do the right thing, time-and-time-and-time again. Mrs Franklin only has herself to blame. All we’ve done is shed light on Mrs Franklin’s activities. It is those activities and behaviours that judge her now.

    I’m sorry to state the obvious again – but has anyone bothered to check the identity of our clandestine ‘pardner’ – the person who originally made the post about the alleged attack..? At the risk of sounding paranoid again – it really does sound like her – and does seem to be on the ‘inside track’..

    Really must go now. I’ll come back when we have some more information – possibly after the Court hearing in a couple of weeks..

    Meanwhile, may I suggest someone (anyone) asks ‘Miriam’ directly about these issues on her ETP website.. and then report back here to confirm that their post has been immediately deleted..

  57. Brief confirmation from me (Claim No 8PZ00088) of what Stephen says above:

    There were indeed originally 17 claimants, six of whom attended Bodmin County Court in person for the preliminary hearing on 12th August 2008. Our claims were in the order of hundreds of pounds and therefore could and should have been processed within the context of the Small Claims Court at a fixed fee of £30. The judge decided that the cases should be moved to the so-called Multitrack system, which involves stumping up a fee of £1,000. He was not persuaded by the argument that this would be disproportionate to the amounts being claimed. I concluded that, even if these costs were then awarded against the defendant, I would be unlikely to recoup my losses. When we returned to the court in December 2008, I informed the judge that I reluctantly wished to discontinue my claim, not because of its inherent merit, but because of the reasons stated above.

    I am not sure whether Rosalind Franklin has or has not admitted to being one and the same person as Miriam Franklin. If so, then I have had the immense privilege of having sat next to a prophetess on the front row of the County Court at Bodmin.

  58. Hello there. I think my brain just fell out of my ear.

    Let me tell you this much, I have talked to you “Stephen”, I am sure you remember me, and I believe you are earnest, I also still like some of the stuff Miriam post, but do not agree with her ethics for sure.

    However, after reading this exchange I can see there are many on here who from my knowledge of Miriam’s writing style and rhetoric to be Miriam herself, even though you claim you are not. ItsHellWithoutJESUS, which Stephen has already asserted is an alias, Recognizer of the Truth, and Servant. Even too my eyes what PeaceBringer wrote looks an aweful lot like Miriam, you may not be and all of this is merely speculation, but I’ve spent the last year and 1/2 reading Miriam’s writings and whether or not she is indeed Roslind.

    I am mostly convinced she is and that she has been lying, and I am quite disgusted with the web of lies she has spun. Not only that but although I believe the writer of Rahab’s Place has some of the worst theology I’ve ever read, Miriam was rude and her claims that there is no way she knows where she is from a COMPLETE joke!!! Miriam, on various post on her endtimes blog, has made it more than obvious she is from the UK.

    I do not know how she changes her IP address, but I do know that as soon as things started getting bad with the Diggory press issue, she started disapearing and the “SluethforTruth” blog popped up, hmmm curious. Ever since then she has been missing up until this last month and when I tried to comment on her claims of her lying they blocked my comment and it was quite objective, but I am assuming Miriam doesn’t want whatever “followers” if there really are any out there anymore, to get divided.

    Here is the thing, the Bible states we need to judge and test all things and I have tested Miriam for a year and 1/2, I have found her to be a woman of great wisdom at times, and at other times sorely lacking in discernment, and quite possibly has the most inflated sense of self-worth I have ever come across. A true prophet is humble, she may have a gift, but she abuses it to control others from what I have seen, and she has gotten more and more sour and discontent straying away from what was in her original blog and making it somewhat of a Christian version of a tabloid.

    However, I will say this, it is not much credit to Miriam, mostly God, but she helped me understand just how deceiving ppl in the prophetic movement are and how disgustingly manipulative the are, as I was in the thick of it when I discovered her sight, God used the info on her site to help me get out of the mass deception I was in, but I believe Miriam has pretty much now turned her back on God and is pursuing her own agenda. I don’t see this expose so much as a “reaping and sowing” because I don’t think she was wrong about much of what she said about all the ppl she said stuff about she just said it VERY rudely, that is the biggest problem I have with her besides lying, he complete lack of respect for other human beings. I agree we should rebuke the so-called ministers and evangelist who are deceiving the masses, and we can be stern, but when we think we are so high above others we do not need a gentle tone, well then we truly have turned away from God.

    Anyway, she is merely experiencing pain due to her lies and fraud, but it certainly doesn’t invalidate where she was right, anyone can speak truth, the speaker doesn’t determine whether the something is truth, whether or not it lines up with the Bible determines that.

    Oh and just so you know, I’ll prolly never come back her, but feel free to call me a heretic and rip me apart, I am past caring, I’ve had enough hate from non-Christians, its pathetic and sad when I have to get it from “so-called” Christians, but I am very used to it by now.

    God Bless ~Amy

  59. At long last – a little support.. Thank you 8PZ00088 and Amy for adding your comments – I was beginning to feel a little maligned and abandoned out here..

    [By the way Amy – I’m pretty confident that ‘Tim’ (aka Peacebringer’) is NOT Mrs Franklin. The fact that he has the character to leave challenging posts up for all to see surely proves that? But the others you mentioned above – yes, I would be very surprised indeed if those aren’t our dear Mrs Rosalind Franklin in disguise again..)

    I cannot comment on the contents of the ETP website other than to concur with Amy’s view that it doesn’t require any special ‘gifts’ to lift materials from one site and paste them on another. Nor does it take much insight to point out others’ flaws. After all, I’m sure we can all agree that we’re NOT perfect (with the exception of the prophets amongst us of course – sorry).

    But one thing is clear when reading ‘Miriams’ original comments concerning the 1,000+ individuals she has mercilessly castigated on her website.. She certainly has an exceptional ‘gift’ for tearing others down. Given some of us know who she really is and what she is capable of – and all the crimes and offences she has committed against us.. well, the sheer gall and hypocrisy of the woman is absolutely and literally incredible!

    Anyway, these threads are becoming somewhat epic in length, so I’ll give the poor readers a break and keep this one short(er), asking only that other Franklin / Diggory victims out there might weigh in with a few words..?

  60. Stephen could you state the time at the Torquay Court on November 9th, and also the case number please. I am sufficiently interested to attend.

    Thank you

  61. Amy,
    I can assure you I am in no way shape or form Miriam. Any similarities in posting is purely coincidental. If you check out the blog fully that should be abudantly clear. Feel free to search peacebringer via google and see I have been around. I know for fact recognizer of truth, aka, sylvia (and subsequently her husband richard) are not miriam as have received fairly specific identify verification. Craig (whichever ID he is) is also clearly not Miriam. For the others mentioned, I tend to doubt it as there is a distinct difference in tone of posts at least as seen here.

    Question Amy, are you DestinySweet over at sermon index? Your posting style seems similar to what I read over there. Just wanting to be clear who talking with here.

    Let me be clear, I do not agree with Miriam on several issues. If you read the diggory press saga article you will see several issues I addressed. The defensiveness and tact taken in defense of self I find to be wrong. It seems to me fighting fire with fire. On the other hand, Dr. Manning has certainly been less than honorable himself.

    I like yourself have followed the blog about a year and half now. I appreciated the info, monitored her “prophecies” cautiously, and appreciated the information when presented. Generally it has exposed what needed to be exposed and most of the posts are simply reporting facts. Yet, several folks with discernment have noted a critical spirit and tendency over and above the information presented, which at times presents itself. All that being said, the service to body of Christ has been invaluable and no one else really has met the same need although many good blogs out there as well.

    I hope Amy you did not just post and run, because that would truly be a disservice to yourself. As that might be the case I will probabally email you this response as well.And Amy, sorry for any hate you have received at the hands of other believers, that is truly sad. You won`t find it from me.

  62. For Piggy-in-the-middle (above) – there are other Diggory / Franklin cases being presented at the same time, but my case number is 8PZ00092, and the hearing will be at 10.30am Monday Nov 9th at Torquay and Newton Abbott County Court. Hope to see you there.

    As for ‘peacebringers’ comment that I have been somehow ‘less than honourable’.. May I ask you Tim to be specific please – and not just prattle on about the sockpuppets list again.. That topic has been done to death.

    Stop trying to divert attention away from the main issue by impugning my character Tim. I have been absolutely honest and transparent throughout – and you folks have been thoroughly misled by Mrs Franklin. Those are the facts.

    Why can’t you simply accept the realities here – and YOU do the honourable thing Tim – and either submit the proofs of those whom you claim are NOT Mrs Franklin’s aliases… or admit you may have been hoodwinked once again..

    You may not like my confrontational style Tim – but neither do I particularly like your reluctance to face the truth. The list of apologies you owe me for rash or unfounded comments is beginning to mount up Tim.

  63. Dr. Manning,
    I assure you I certainly intended on being more direct with you regarding what I have issue with, and my perception is that you have not been entirely honorable in your tact and approach. It is quite clear the defamatory tone and intent presented. Even your “complaint” uses defamatory language including referencing “mood swings” which if it was an actual presentation of evidence to the court does not stand merit.

    I referenced the whole socket puppet issue and we have hashed that over. I am not going to violate other peoples confidence.

    I have already referenced the use of rhetoric regarding death threats when clearly the context of what you posted is not a “death threat.”

    Early on in viewing you back and forth with Miriam on one forum or another, there is clear referencing you as referring to yourself falsely as a Christian minister. Now, I recognize you may well perhaps perceive yourself that way, but your beliefs are in no way shape or form that of a minister of the Gospel. You also referenced yourself as a professional counselor, which there has been nothing posted that indicate such credentials. Certainly you do not reference any current standing of any type of professional counseling liscense, but you never did indicate that you are liscensed.

    Also in reviewing the back and forth between you and Miriam at one form or another, it seems perfectly clear that your threat and intent when the conflict first started was if she did not resolve your complaint satisfactorily you indicated that you would “bring it to the internet” with what seems to me, clear intent to do harm to reputation.

    Now that does not preclude the fact that Miriam has done things wrong. As stated, in reviewing the “evidence” presented and exchanged on the internet, it is clear both have engaged in “less than honorable” behavior. In fact you go at great lengths of stating how Miriam posted varied “untruths” on the internet, when they mostly were posting her side of story and posting in a tone an manner that is no different than what is found on your listing of evidence. It is not about a “confrontational” style, Dr. Manning, it is the use of rhetoric and defamatory language. YOu have used such on this blog, many times directed at me, even to the point suggesting that I might be a miriam sock, later taking it back. Making passive aggressive comments such as “franklinite, and hoodwinked.”

    Here is what I am to believe if I accept all your rhetoric Dr. Manning. I have to believe that either Miriam has a Dissociative Identity Disorder or she is a high level sociopath with no conscious and exposes deceptive theology on her website as some grand scheme to defraud others or some major episode of reaction formation. I believe the truth is more likely she is a person who made some bad decision decisions that snowballed. She handled herself in a defensive and irresponsible manner to the strong and defamatory accusations.

    Now what you do not like, Dr. Manning, is that I do not accept your version of the “facts” at face value and find your approach to matter less than honorable. I have learned that the court referred matters to essential mediation multiple times but the rhetoric on both sides and level of conflict reached a point where there is no willingness to work things out, so court has been involved.

    I did find the website I referred to that is taking a sound objective view of matters. http://mickrooney.blogspot.com/2009/06/diggory-press-journey-so-far-quest-for.html

    BTW, quiet an enlightening back and forth between Dr. Manning and Miriam is at the booksandtales forum: http://www.booksandtales.com/podforum/viewtopic.php?t=4957

    It really shows the level of conflict and really fits how mickrooney has protrayed the conflict.

  64. I’ve been VERY busy of late and tired of this whole subject; but, I did want to briefly weigh in here. Tim wrote above:

    Besides the alias list falsely accusing the likes of sylvia and craig, you make comments such as “she made death threats” and post a screen shot of a comment: His days are numbered without the greater context. The purpose of such things are pure defamation.

    It’s been a while since I saw that info on the “Rogues Gallery” site; but, this one that Tim mentioned about the supposed “death threats” is the one in which you, Stephen, lost all credibility with me. I wholeheartedly agree with Tim’s assessment that this remark was inflammatory and was intended as defamation.

    I’ve learned long ago that there those who are “last worders” and continued debate becomes fruitless VERY quickly with such individuals. It appears you, Stephen are one of them. This is why I suggested you wait for your day in court.

    For clarification: when I initially started blogging on Christian sites I was reluctant to reveal my true identity (and I FULLY respect individual’s right to privacy). I had good reason at the time which I don’t need to go into here. So, while I initially blogged under the name “Lee” — my middle name — I subsequently started blogging under my first name “Craig.” Since there have been times recently when I referenced an old comment of mine when I posted under the name “Lee” I thought it best to post with both names. I may have actually added more confusion. Sorry ’bout that.

    However, I also posted my full name — first, middle and last — when I submitted a few full articles for posting on a few different sites. If you go to Miriam’s site you will find some in which I’m identified with my full name.

    Also, Stephen I referred to you above as an “unbeliever” since you stated that you are not a believer in Jesus Christ as we Christians see Him. It stands to reason then that you are an unbeliever — an unbeliever in the Jesus Christ of the Bible. I called you this just after you made your admitted (later, by you) “tongue in cheek” statement on prayer. I saw it as a passive aggressive attack on the Christian faith.

    You will have your day in court. In the mean time, I will pray as I see fit to pray.

  65. I am pleased to see you have been doing some homework Tim, and have discovered the original online exchanges at this link: http://www.booksandtales.com/podforum/viewtopic.php?t=4957 May I also encourage people to view those opening volleys first-hand, and come to your own conclusions. It may be worth noting that the moderator saw fit to remove/relocate several of Mrs Franklin’s posts..

    As for your latest post; I just don’t have the time to keep refuting the numerous erroneous and misleading statements being made here Tim, but for the record, it was Mrs Franklin who made several false allegations concerning supposed ‘death threats’, and it was in response to those false allegations that I identified the post where, as ‘Auntie Carol 123’ (I believe) she made the comment “He well knows his days are numbered!” (Please note the use of other Franklin aliases on that thread too).

    In placing the screenshot of ‘Auntie Carol’s’ comments on the Rogue’s Gallery, I was simply identifying Mrs Franklin’s capacity for projecting her very own character traits onto others (through the use of false identities). There is so much evidence that this is her modus operandi – to falsely accuse others of what she herself is doing – that the issue is surely beyond debate. Please view this document for more proofs – as well as the whole of the ETP website.: http://checkpoint.ie/Truth%20Test%20for%20Mrs%20Rosalind%20Miriam%20Franklin%20of%20Liskeard.pdf

    I have also received direct threats in emails from ‘persons’ whom I believe to be either Mrs Franklin herself – or very close affiliates. Some of those threats were quite sinister – many calling down the ‘wrath of God’ upon me, and calling me Satan etc etc.. Interestingly, some of those individuals (who also appear on the sockpuppets list as well as here on your blogs Tim) would NOT confirm their identities when I emailed them back.. I wonder why?

    As for being a Christian minister – yes I was, with the emphasis on WAS. But that was some 15 years ago in the USA – and I’ve since ‘moved on’ as-they-say. The point I was making on that particular post was that I was qualified to have an informed opinion on much of the nonsense spouted by Mrs Franklin’s religious alter-ego ‘Miriam’. I have also studied enough advanced psychology to have an informed opinion on certain related issues, but have NEVER claimed to be a licensed practitioner. But of course you should know this Tim. Unless of course you are referring to ‘sleuth-for-truth’s’ obviously irrefutable claims?

    BTW Tim – please check out the legal definition of ‘defamation’ – because you’re using the word incorrectly. ‘Defamation’ revolves around the publication of FALSE statements. The facts are that Mrs Franklin’s contrived ‘sleuth-for-truth’ websites contained a great deal of defamatory material – that is; lies and other misleading materials designed to unjustly defame others. The Rogue’s Gallery on the other hand is, as far as I am aware, a fact-based record of the details surrounding our court cases and Mrs Franklin’s other questionable activities. The fact that the reporting of those FACTS has the effect of bringing Mrs Franklin’s reputation into question is simply due to Mrs Franklin’s behaviour – not ours. Mrs Franklin also accused The Times, The Guardian and Private Eye reporters of defamation – and attempted to bully them into silence.. But for some strange reason, their articles were still printed..

    Furthermore, Mrs Franklin has now been blacklisted by the major book publishing outlets, and has been sanctioned by a UK judge.. not to mention having UK Court judgements awarded against her. Are we supposed to believe that it’s all a giant conspiracy against this poor innocent soul..? C’mon guys – and you talk to me about credibility??

    Technically speaking, some of the comments and opinions you have expressed here Tim are defamatory.. inasmuch as they are inaccurate and serve to undermine my good character. But after dealing with Mrs Franklin’s level of malice, it’s been pretty tame stuff here thank God! (This is not an invitation to up the ante by-the-way..)

    Another point of fact you’ve gotten wrong Tim is that ALL the remaining claimants responded most positively to the prospect of mediation – but it was Rosalind Franklin’s position that made it impossible to succeed – not ours. To the bitter end she continues to abuse the Court system in a process of attrition, obstruction and delays – obviously hoping she will wear us down, and so avoid justice. BTW, proofs of this are all on the Rogue’s Gallery in case you haven’t seen them.. http://checkpoint.ie/roguesgallery.html

    Finally, you said this Tim:
    “I have to believe that either Miriam has a Dissociative Identity Disorder or she is a high level sociopath with no conscious and exposes deceptive theology on her website as some grand scheme to defraud others or some major episode of reaction formation.”

    Your words, not mine..

    Now I really, really mean it this time. In light of what I KNOW to be true – and in light of the efforts I have made to share the facts reasonably and openly – this debate has become both absurd, and somewhat offensive to me personally. I don’t have the time or the patience (I’m afraid) to keep refuting the various slights and false accusations directed at me here. You in particular Tim owe me several apologies for the many disparaging implications in your posts thus far.

    If you are not man enough to make those apologies – I must conclude that there is no true ‘honour’ behind your declared wish to be truthful and objective, and so must take my leave I’m afraid. All the same, I do sincerely appreciate the fact that you have allowed me to speak my mind openly and without censorship.. something the sleuth-for-truth sites and ETP sites would not allow..

    I sincerely wish all who are interested in truth and justice – well. But I don’t think I can offer any more to this debate without repeating myself over-and-over and becoming increasingly frustrated – and thus possibly causing more offence. So let me close by apologising if I have inadvertently caused any such offence.

    I’ll report back after the Court hearing..

    Kind regards


    BTW, has anyone gotten any feedback from ‘Miriam’ yet.. No? Really..? Please do share if you do..

  66. I apologize for any offense, but I am honestly sharing my perception of how you have protrayed yourself and events. My perception is things such as comments of “death threats” which there is no way what you posted could be seriously considered such. I am not seeking to undermine your charater, only reporting the fact of my perception of what you posted as well as the back and forth exchanges. In terms of the rejected mediation, I was going what Mick Rooney reported about the rejection on both sides of ADR as recommended by the court. YOu saying Mick Rooney inaccurately reported those facts?

    Now, Dr. Manning, let`s make sure and get the facts straight. What you have certainly suggested by your portrayal of Mrs. Franklin is that she would either be maliscious or mentally ill. I think making any such suggestions to be out of line and purposeful attempts to tear down character. Dr. Manning, the biggest thing I take issue with in your protrayal is comments such as “mood swings” and “manic behavior” which clearly are used to inflamatory intent (to get away from words with “legal defintion”) and serve to paint a very specific picture of a person over and above any evidence in case. It is Dr. Manning, not honorable and serves a disservice to folks who suffer from mental disorders. Dr. Manning, I could certainly point to posts you have made here and claim you exhibited “mood swings” or “manic behavior.” Yet, doing such would be making a direct value judgement and something would not be appropriate. It is interesting to note, that you make statement regarding what you believe are the psychological dynamics of Mrs. Franklin`s behaviors, which is again is generally inflamatory. Particularly in reference to “projecting.” It serves no real purpose but to tear someone down while elevating self.

    Now if you would please direct me to what has offended you so grieviously to “demand” apologies and suggest my honor is at stack if do not apologize. I have honestly stated my impressions of what has been presented. Your response has done nothing to elevate any level of respect. I believe you do a disservice to those who have been harmed by Mrs. Franklin`s business practices. You have alleged I have made misleading comments. I have simply shared my perception of what you stated, and have said it to you directly. And Dr. Manning, I have made no “accusations” toward you other than stating my opinion of your presentation of facts being less than honorable. Well that and falsely attributing people as aliais`s that are not. I find Mrs. Franklin`s behavior less than honorable as well. I generally agree with Mick Rooney`s take on the matter.

    In terms of the question about professional counselor, you did make that comment one place or another in the same sentence you called yourself a Christian minister.

  67. Tim (peacebringer); I’m in the middle of this unfolding drama – and have met this woman personally – and have been dealing with her (very reluctantly) for over three years now.

    I think perhaps I have a clearer view of what is ‘true’ here Tim.. don’t you?

    Best if you drop the subject now Tim – because every attempt to defend Mrs Franklin’s indefensible behaviour is only going to make you look more complicit and foolish.. but each attempt to discredit me unjustly will only seem like yet another contrived diversion..

    By the way, ‘Miriam Franklin’ (as an end-times-prophetess) doesn’t actually exist. Her real name is Rosalind Franklin, of Liskeard, Cornwall.. So please, please let’s stop deluding ourselves Tim..

    Yes. What a ‘terrible disservice’ I’ve done to Mrs Franklin’s unsuspecting victims by warning them..

    This thread has now become silly I’m afraid…

    See you after the Court hearing..

  68. Again, Dr. Manning, I do not defend Mrs Franklin`s behavior and any attempt by you to paint me as doing so is foolish. Just because I find your actions dishonorable and a disserive does not mean I defend Mrs. Franklin.

    So you have met the woman. So you have been involved in this situation for three years. It does not justify the actions that you have engaged in. Anyone reading your list of evidence can read the inflamatory comments. They are all over the place. Sure I understand you think it is justified. But no one behavior justifies wrong behavior by another.

    It is not a matter of “warring” people to use the inflamatory language that you have used. Now you throw out “deluding” here, in relation to whatever “name” is used in relation to Mrs. Franklin. It is very disrespectful of you and the kind of behavior I am referring to, Dr. Manning. And feel free to leave the conversation and call the discussion silly, because Dr. Manning when it comes down to it, there is no behavior by another that justifies the inflamatory choices of word you engage in. In reality Dr. Manning to any objective person, such language only serves to discredit yourself. Yet, you prefer the tact you use, find it justified in order to deal with the “evil” Mrs. Franklin.

  69. Let me add, Dr. Manning, that what I have read has been nothing new and read over all the material before. I read it when I looked into matters when first brought to my attention in the spring. Reread matters and whatever was new when brought back up with this post. I will aknowledge and apologize for making a comment about less than honorable prior to making a post directly addressing you and the issues.

    Yes, there are people who have worked things out with Mrs Franklin. There are also people who dropped out as described above because the cost of pursuit does not equal the loss. There is clearly plenty on both sides here that is just simply wrong. At any rate, if you stop posting than these posts shall quiet down and we can all move on with other things. Certainly open to productive discussions. As I stated before Dr. Manning, we have different world views. It is clear you feel justified in actions, which I find to be less than honorable. There is nothing you can say, justify, or rationalize that will change that perception. Two wrongs do not make a right. ANd you know what, I do not even care who threw the first barbs or attacks. It is still wrong.

    Ultimately, Dr. Manning, my comments about you coming to peace stand. You can blame your lack of peace on externals such as Mrs. Franklin, but true peace is not dependant upon any external. And real true peace only comes when at peace with the one true God.

  70. Ok, ‘whatever’ Tim… you can have the last word..

  71. Or maybe not.. May I suggest anyone interested in really understanding this issue from an objective perspective views this link, and the comments of several independent posters – as well as several manifestations of Mrs Franklin in disguise: http://rahabsplace.wordpress.com/2009/04/01/end-time-prophetic-words-author-sued-for-fraud/

  72. Stephen, I actually agree with Peacebringer aka Tim on a fair amount. Look, for the most part, Stephen, you are the one being petty here, not that Tim is without fault, but I have also been studying you since January and let me just say that RAHAB is NOT objective, I have been there and it is even more skewed and less objective than you or Mrs. Franklin.

    I don’t wish to be called names, but so be it, I don’t care, there is a point one gets to, when called enough names, esp. by so-called Christians, you just block things.

    I am not being judgmental, but I fear that your pursuit of this issue with Mrs. Franklin has blinded you and you have allowed it to take away your peace. I understand you did this initially to keep ppl from being decieved by Mrs. Franklin, but it has long since gone past the bounds of good taste.

    I tried to warn you before by E-mailing you, I probably was afraid of an attack so i wasn’t as forthright as I should have been. I am not God, but from what I have see, you have become judgmental, rude, overly critical, paranoid, and petty. I do not necassarily think that you should stop the legal fight, that is between you and God, but I do know that what you are doing online started out good and has gone bad and is not only taking your peace and joy, but the peace and joy of others as well. Do what you must, but I feel I have done my part in warning you.

    God Bless ~Amy

  73. You are entitled to your opinion Amy, but let me ask you this; if YOU (or anyone else with ‘opinions’) had been subject to months of unbridled personal attacks and false accusations online by a master deciever – would YOU have simply let it continue unchallenged? Do you think years of lies and personal attacks might have taken away YOUR peace too? Do you think YOU might have gotten somewhat upset perhaps?

    Much of what Mrs Franklin has posted online has severely disrupted my private and personal life – unjustly and maliciously. I tried to deal with her personally with dignity and professionalism; then I approached the police, lawyers, and the courts to no avail. Finally, I took her on at her own game, and used the internet to expose her shenanigans.

    I would argue Amy that what is shameful here is the patronising judgements of casual observers – who do not fully grasp what is going on – and who have NOT had the courage or the guts to take this bully and fraudster on!

    People seem to forget that most of the genuine posters here recognize normal social constraints when commenting on public forums – but Mrs Franklin does not. There is a time to silently suffer, in the hope that the justice system – or God – or whatever – will come to your aid… And then there is a time when one recognizes that that aid is not forthcoming – and one must stand up for oneself.

    I agree with you Amy, this IS a nasty business. But it is NOT something I started, nor wish to continue any longer that I absolutely must. But given what we have suffered at Mrs Franklin’s hands thus far – and given our successes in warning others, and in hampering her ability to deceive many more – NO I will NOT be cowed into ‘trying to be nice’ for the sake of popularity amongst those who only have a partial understanding of what’s going on – at best.

    This is a battle – make no mistake – initiated by Mrs Franklin. But even in this battle, I have tried my best to remain as honourable as possible whilst tackling possibly the most convoluted and duplicitous individual I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Try fighting any real battle without getting ‘dirty’ Amy.. or without feeling paranoid.

    My job here – as I see it – is not to appear ‘nice and reasonable’, but to expose this woman for who and what she is. Unfortunately, there is no way to do that without being frank and honest about the unsavoury facts. You label this frankness ‘petty’ and ‘paranoid’ because you don’t really grasp the depth or the seriousness of the situation Amy – when in fact it is simply me being blunt and honest.. without any icing or niceties..

    Those who really understand what’s going on assure me that I am making a courageous stand for what is right, and they applaud my determination and tenacity. That encourages me. If I must suffer unsound judgements from those who do NOT fully understand what’s going on – then I suppose that’s the price I have to pay.. But I really wish it wasn’t so..

    In short Amy, I find the type of personal judgements you’ve offered to be inappropriate and somewhat offensive – regardless of your good intent. I KNOW what’s happening here – I’m living through it unfortunately. Walk in my shoes for a while Amy – and perhaps you’d see things a bit differently..

  74. Well, I’m not particularly inturested in continuing a discussion where my words are grossly taken out of context. I do understand, to say that I have not tried is absurd. So since I do not appreciate that and although i was hoping for a good conversation, I am henceforth exiting this conversation. Good luck to you Mr. Manning, just don’t be so quick to jump on people’s words, I am not “everybody else”.

    God Bless ~Amy

  75. Amy, I am sure here I have had moments where left the intent and grace intended. I certainly am open to hearing faults.

  76. Dr. Manning,

    Again, It is perfectly clear you feel justified in your behavior. I disagree. I do not care what anyone says or does, there is no excuse for what has been exhibited on both sides.

    I can say this thought Dr. Manning. For the offenses and rudeness displayed here, I forgive you. For your dishonorable behavior I forgive you. For the behavior directed at others I forgive you.

    I have no further comments.

  77. Get off your sanctimonious high horse Tim – and do some research.. I’m not asking for your forgiveness – nor your condescending opinions – nor your permission – to stand up for what is right and just.

    This discussion has gone beyond absurd. It is a farce. I was a fool to have indulged you in the first place.

    Go and discuss the subject with Miriam – maybe you’ll have better luck there. No?


  78. Goodbye Stephen. Yes, you keep saying the same thing over and over again, and it reaches a level of being absurd. I also am getting to a point of repetition.

    The point I stand by is no matter what you are standing for, it is no excuse for dishonorable behavior. I stated such in the diggory press article and I state it to you directly. I have examine enough to know that there is ill behavior on each side to go around. God will deal with each of you as He will in His time. It may wait until the time of God`s judgement. And Dr. Manning I assure you that when this matter is all said and done, you will still not be truly at peace.

    And Dr. Manning, you believed that you could convince me that the way you have conducted yourself is justified and reasonable, than yes that was foolish.

    Let me spell out for you YOU ARE BOTH IN THE WRONG, which is pretty much what my Diggory Press article suggests.

    Now sorry you perceive my opinions to be condescending. I still forgive you none the less. Forgiveness is never about the request for it, you can receive it or reject it. That choice is yours. I still forgive you.

  79. Your messages are now blocked from my email account Tim.

    Enjoy your myopic delusions and unqualified opinions. Hope you can find someone else to indulge you.

    Thanks for letting me know what God’s up to these days by the way.. next time you’re chatting with Him, would you mind asking His divine opinion on people who wallow in unqualified self-righteousness, judgementalism and false piety..?

    Check out Matt 25:45, and most particularly Matt 7:6.

    I’ll leave you with this quote by Martin Luther King: “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Think hard about this Tim.

    We’re done. Your messages are now blocked.

  80. Thank goodness for that. Peacebringer your site can now resume it’s righteous content. I have followed all this in silence and sometimes disbelief of such lack of respect.
    You have commented with a great deal of integrity and ‘christlikeness’ versus a great deal of obvious disdain and arrogance.
    Others who have read this entire ‘debate’ and others yet to come across it and peruse will be in no doubt who walks in love and who does not. It has been a most helpful exercise in exposure of persons, and it will indeed be interesting to learn of the outcome next month if it is made public. I hope you will get to hear the verdict Tim.

    God Bless you.

  81. Dr. Manning,
    Another comment, which you may never read given your last comment. I guess you have to block emails because you would not be able to resist making comments. And actually I believe we reached a point where nothing really can be said. The opinion of me matters not, nor the insults. I still forgive you.

    Now for the rest lets look at the passages Dr. Manning so kindly referenced: Matthew 25:45 “He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” This is from the sheep and goat passage. It clearly points to how we interact with others is how we treat Jesus. What we do reflects our geunine response, is how I would put it.

    Matthew 7:6 “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.”

    This really gets to the heart of when someone is unwilling to listen to the gospel and reject the peace of Jesus, it is time to move on. It follows the verses on “judge not lest you be judge” and “take the beam out of own eye before the speck in another”. But really gets to point of openness of others. There really is a point where telling someone the truth, in love, really will not only be rejected but can be used destructively in return. Interesting it is followed by Ask and you shall receive and God being a giver of Good gifts.

  82. For the record Tim – and just to show I do have a heart – I will apologise for letting my frustrations get the better of me in these posts – and apologise if I’ve unnecessarily offended you, or other posters.

    However, I stand by the FACTS outlined in my posts, and feel that anyone who thinks me ‘dishonourable’ in any of my activities regarding Mrs Franklin has, in my opinion, unfortunately come to the wrong conclusion. I’ll leave it at that.

    I will report back here after the next Court hearing. Till then, I wish all here peace..

  83. The only person winning anything here is the Enemy of us all.

  84. Carrie, I absolutely agree with this statement, yet remember above all Jesus is the victor, even if the sin of humanity and the enroaching darkness seems great.

  85. Just for the record folks, at the Nov 9th Court hearing in Torquay, the claimants won a categoric victory..

    Details will be forthcoming soon..

  86. Sorry for the delay folks, here is the link to the full report of the Court appearance..

    Click to access TorquayReport.pdf

    Kind regards to all


  87. rahab and her spirits are attacking miriam because miriam exposes them.

  88. WHoever you are, that is hardly what is going on here. Rosalind definitely did things wrong, reacted poorly and faced consequences. Here appearance in court showed no signs of a physical attack. The thing is, that truth needs to be stood for, and the statement above is not truth centered.

  89. You’re absolutely right Tim (aka ‘peacebringer’)- truth does have to be stood for… So why haven’t we seen the apologies due from you yet – either here or on your other Diggory-related posts?

    You have known that we were vindicated in Court for nearly two months – and you surely cannot believe any longer that ‘Miriam’ is some sort of divine agent – do you? Nevertheless, you continue to pontificate on the subject without showing any shame or repentance for your previous rudeness and erroneous conclusions..

    You have have not been fully honest in your posts Tim. You made a serious error of judgement by supporting Mrs Franklin in the first place, and have been backpeddaling ever since in an attempt to justify your pious observations – which I repeat – you were NOT qualified to be making. You seem to think that by attacking me for being direct, frank and resolute in the face of Rosalind Miriam Franklin’s three years of abuse and character assassination, justifies your own lack of judgement, and somehow excuses you from indulging in the very same behaviours you are (unjustly) assigning to us.

    Ah well, ‘reap what you sow’ and all that Tim..

    So, because of your irresponsible support of a proven fraudster; for your chronic lack of objectivity; for repeating your ill-founded opinions even AFTER Mrs Franklin has been found guilty in Court – and most of all for failing to apologise for your ongoing bias and condescending judgementalism.. congratulations Tim!.. you have earned your place on the Rogues Gallery as a leading Franklinite with many of the same character traits as your heroine.. I do hope you are proud of yourself.

    Feel free to continue fudging the truth and maligning the characters and motives of decent honest folk Tim.. and feel free to dismiss Mrs Franklin’s criminal activities as simply ‘errors of judgement’ or whatever.., and we in turn will continue to share the facts on the Rogues Gallery – where you, and the position you have taken will be available for all to see.

    After all – we do want people to know the truth – right Tim?

  90. Merry Christmas!

  91. Again, Dr. Manning, what exactly do I need to apology for. For wishing Miriam well, for offering her prayer for her claimed injuries? I have not at any point condoned what Rosalind said. What I did not do is join in your parade of character assassination. I have stated you did things wrong, your proclaiming a need to include me on your “rogues” gallery points to more something in you, some sense of needing “vindication” for your behavior in the matter which you believe is entirely justified. It was not, and is not. Two wrongs do not make a right. Feel free to list me as a rogue, it is part and parcel of what I would expect. Anyone that doesn’t see things the same way as you or cause you grief you seek to tear down.

    So now you say I do not apologize for my bias. My bias being the Christian faith, I will not apologize for. A bias against new age teachings such as you espouse I also will not apologize for. Those things have nothing to do with Rosalind Franklin.
    Second you indicate that I need to apologize for condescending judgementalism. I take it this to be references to stating you are in darkness and calling that judgementalism. It is judgementalism that comes not from me but God’s word. Either you are in the Kingdom of God, which is light, or you are in darkness. I am sorry if you perceive that as judgemental.

    The question I have Dr. Manning, given are distinctly different world views, why did you come back here and post. You have an inherent need to be “fighting” with someone? Your anger and bitterness run that deep.

    Again, Mrs Franklin was wrong. For any appearance of support for her actions, I apologize for support for her wrongful actions was never intended. Support of those innocently wronged by you on the other hand, is nothing to apologize for. I stand by what I have said.

  92. First off, late Merry Christmas!!! Second, I apologize if the wording stinks like rotten meat, but I am quite exhausted.

    I know this is a useless argument at this point, but here I go anyway. 🙂

    First, the internet, especially when it comes to typing is one of the most grossly misunderstood areas of communication. Some people have terrible listening skills and they transfer ir to reading and typing or have excellent listening skills, but fail to transfer those skills in to reading and writing online.

    Here is the thing, if there is one flaw you have Mr. Manning, and I can say this based on readind pretty much all of your online post, is that you get so defensive about what you are doing you fail to listen to others because of all your because you appear (not saying you are b/c I can’t see you) to be subconsciously (unaware) under the assumption that everyone is out to get you and is out to foil your plot to expose Mrs. Franklin if they do not diametrically oppose her in a similar manner as you. There are many people like Tim that although they do notsupport her, do feel she did needely expose many people online. People like Tim and myself have freely admitted that she is a vile and malicious person and clearly needs help and punishment, but we can still see that she spoke many truths, not all of what she said was true, and but a lot of it was, NOT in terms of your case, but in terms of Biblical principals. It is extremely possible to have a gift from God and be in sin, look at the many pastors who have been exposed for adultery. Her major problem is not repenting and asking for forgiveness from God and people such as yourself for her bad behavior. We are NOT and never were excusing these things Mr. Manning, I wish you could just see that there is a separating between her behavior and the things she said, we are and never were condoning her behavior we were merely in agreement with some of the things she said on her blog.

    I still have the E-mails that I first ot from you when I first contacted you and you had a much better perspective back then, freely admitting that you probably had been tainted by Miriam, while I wish you would do this now and admit it. You really do sound just like her right now and in the last few months, so I do not NOT have a problem with your exposing her behavior, this is fine, but being rude to people like me and Tim is absolutely unnecessary and being sarcastic and belittling is also very unnecessary. I know you feel your behavior is justified, but it just isn’t, there is no need to be rude.

    Once again, I do not disagree with your exposing of Miriam just as I do not diaagree with her exposing of many deceptive ministers and ministries, but I do disagree with yours her general behavior. I wish you could separate it Mr. Manning, but I fear it is too late for you to separate the actions and sins from the person as I do with you. I try to be very kind to you even though you have been mean, hurtful, and spiteful. It doesn’t matter if you think it was mean, hurtful, and spiteful because what matters is it was to me.

    So, please, go away if you’re not going to offer common courtesy at least.

    God Bless Amy

    I am quite used to people on the internet who don’t attempt to understand other people, especially Christians, they are hands-down THE WORST. In fact because I am at time too sensitive for my own good, it makes me very grieved and causes me to cry b/c although I do not agree that Christians should unify witht hose who are clearly in sin and wont repent

  93. BTW, please don’t misunderstand some of what I said, the typing was really bad in some parts and I insert some extra words which may make it confusing… I apologise…

    God Bless ~Amy

  94. Amy, these are the replies you were looking for.

  95. Sorry folks – I simply can’t give any more energy to this..

    I have read your various comments and taken them on board, and for once will keep my observations and opinions to myself..

    A New Year – another chance to focus on the good and positive, and try to avoid that which would pull us down.

    Sincere best wishes, and hope the quest for ‘truth’ will rest paramount in your endeavours..

    Sayonara (really)..


  96. hi Stephen

    I hope you realize Franklin is using aliases here, to the point it is merely just YOU versus her here. It’s psychotic. She is clearly delusional and likely schizoid, clinically so.

    I was banned from ETPW and all my posts censored. One is able to post there if A) you suck up to her; and B) same as A.

    It is glaringly obvious she is doing most of the posting there, using aliases. I have posted using ip cloak but cannot be honest or else she will censor disallow my OPINION.

    And woe to you if you DARE quote scripture on the hierachy which GOD has ordained re: women in leadership/teaching over men 🙂


    check out my free website – I am currently fascinated at John Bunyan’s works; dead now 322 years but more current than ever. Free downloads.

  97. I see my link not allowed … oh well!

    Also The Shack is exposed there too

    http://www.scribd. com laws632 …. just google laws632

  98. Lawrence, if you think I am “Miriam” you are sadly mistaken and you really haven’t read a word I have said. I suggest sir before making conclusions you investigate who I am a little further. It is not hard even from the blog here. I have clearly indicate things that Miriam has done wrong. I still check out the information on her website, but as to information that comes directly from her, there is a profound mistrust. Also in terms of some of the people who posted in replies, I have had personal interactions with several of them and can attest to their not being aliai of Miriam. Basically, in regards to that matter, you believe what you want to believe. “Miriam” did enough wrong that there is no need for adding on anything else other than to do as you did and paint the person as mentally unbalanced. BTW, for the record schizoid is a personality disorder with people who are socially withdrawn and have odd behaviors.

    Also note, Lawerence that I have no reason to disallow your link. If you read or followed this discussion at all, you will see I do not believe in heavy moderation. I do however want to check out new posters before posts to end up on the blog. I agree John Bunyan has a lot to teach, yet he was also theologically flawed as we all are. He is worth reviewing and examining for sure.

  99. laws/Lawrence:

    If you truly believe I am actually Miriam disguised, I feel sorry for you. I’ve no idea why your posts were censored/banned on the ETPW site (or even IF as you have no way of proving this to me — not saying you’re lying as I don’t know you except through the blogosphere); but, if you were to look through my various comments on Miriam’s site it is obvious I am a completely different person. I posted under “Lee,” “Craig,” and “Craig Lee” and even used my full name for a short time. I even disagreed with Miriam on her own site and on another.

    Frankly, If I were her I’d post a thread on her own site about this to the extent possible without causing any undue harm. There’s already enough (mis)information on the ‘net about this; so, I think a clarification is in order. But, hey, I’m not Miriam 😉 — contrary to your view.

  100. Craig,

    The thing that is frustating and brings uncertainy is the continued claims of signficant physical injury. Yet, accounts of her in court do not indicate immediate evidence of physical injuries. God knows the trith there and there is plenty to mistrust. Personally I continue to pray for God to work in her heart and life. Nothing further than that. I also pray for God’s truth to reign.

    I have noted that there is interesting responses that occur. When a person may have “issue” with another in one manner or another, the reaction is to go to the worst and surround yourself with others who also have had issues and engage in manners to tear down. This is not the way of operating in love and truth.

  101. peacebringer:

    Yes, I would sure like the whole truth to come out. To me, everything is 3rd party evidence — hearsay. I don’t wish to speculate on any of this. However, I do feel it encumbent upon Miriam to eventually come clean on her site. If she is physically unable to type, why couldn’t she just dictate to someone who could then ensure it gets posted on her site?

    There was a recent comment by “ETPW moderator” who said that with her injuries she is not able to play piano/keyboard and that she was apparently a gifted musician. I had no idea she was a musician as not a hint of this was ever in any of her posts/comments.

    Miriam has always treated me with respect even when we disagreed; so, I have a hard time with the accusations against her. I’m not saying I disbelieve them; but, absent direct evidence, I’m not rallying against her either.

  102. Damage to the hands is interesting. Suppose that it could not be readily evident in court. Just do not really know the truth there. Also wish Miriam would give an open explanation on her blog. If it is true that she lost ability to type and play, and was a pianist it would be devastating. My wife is a pianist, and it would be a significant loss if something were to happen to lose use of hands.

    By and large the accusations of psychopathic behavior or serious mental illness are not founded, and more a function of the tearing down that occurred. It is nothing founded on truth and love. Now, it is clear Miriam has not been open, and handled business matters poorly.

    So whereever the “truth” lies, God is at work. Generally I find when you engage and disagree with others respectfully you often but not always get respect back. When disrepectful though, you can be assured of getting negative behaviors in response.

  103. Generally I find when you engage and disagree with others respectfully you often but not always get respect back. When disrepectful though, you can be assured of getting negative behaviors in response.

    That’s certainly true; but, a true Christian response is not to fight fire with fire. However, we are all human and prone to mistakes; so, if we respond negatively, we should post an apology after the Holy Spirit’s conviction.

  104. Never meant to sugget otherwise, we should always respond with truth in love. When falter take responsibility.
    BTW, you ever going to swing on by and participate in the forum. Would love to have ya over there. 🙂

  105. I meant my statement above as a general statement — not to anyone specifically. However, I’ve been guilty of it myself.

    OK, I’m clueless here (happening more often I’m afraid): which forum?

  106. http://www.peacebringer.net/phpBB3

    shows how much attention is paid to the “buttons” or the stuff on the right of the blog. 🙂

  107. Look, I don’t want to be rude, but Lawrence, you are a moron. Miriam is dillusional and crazy, but I AM NOT bher, and I have posted here quite a bit. You sound every bit as crazy as her, and if you honestly think she is as omniscient as you seem to represent here, then I feel sorry for you. She’s censored loads of my comments, mainly the one where I told people she wasn’t injured at all and needed to stop lying to people when she first posted the false claim of being injured. Tim is NOT Miriam either and Stephen Manning went from well-meaning to seriously deceived.

    I really despise arguments, but I am getting very frustrated with with people, and I apoligse for my bluntness, but you really do come across as very dumb, and hate to say it, but Miriam is right about woman being able to minister. Not all her arguments are sound, in found many of the ones she uses are wrong, but the Bible is quite clear that it is NOT about excluding woman from ministry and I wont bother quoting either because you seem highly capable of reading it yourself. 🙂

    I am sorry, I just get mad when people spread lies about me, and am not Miriam and never will be thank God, but I do pray that she comes to her senses as she has completely jumped off a cliff mentally as shown on her recent blog post.

    Anyway, God Bless and I just hope you will realize how ludicrous you sound. 🙂

    God Bless ~Amy

  108. Amy,
    I think that is in general the point. Even a lesson in all this. When we get wronged, or spoken wrongly about, we get defensive. It is really difficult to bless those that curse us and speak the truth in love.

    There is much I don’t understand regarding Miriam, God will deal with her.

  109. Tim, look, I am assuming that you are implying that I was being defensive? Actually, I wasn’t trying to defend myself at all. I apolohise because I knew my words probably came out wrong, and they did.

    I am actually a very gaurded person, and there is a large difference between defensive and defending, much like pride is wrong, but being proud of ones accomplishments is good, does that make sense? Besides that, I was more trying to defend others, you see, I am VERY VERY used to people hurting and attacking me, and it happens on an almost daily basis. I actually do know what its like to be physically attacked for my beliefs. So when I see others being attacked for things that aren’t trie and defending someone based on lies, it deeply affects me and at times my words come out far differently then I intend, which is why, usually I refrain from saying much, but when I do, I rarely read it because I tend to judge my writing very harshly since I am an author… 🙂

    I know you don’t mean to be condescending, but at times, your tone is a bit condescending. I know you mean well though. I know it is very hard when you believe something very strongly, so say it the perfect way; its not possible, something will always be off to someone, trust me. haha But I do try my best to be kind, have sound logic, and convey love. 🙂 I have found, one has to be very careful on the internet and one has no way of knowing another’s background often times because we never see them face to face or have long convos with them, I do. Its kind of my hobby actually, since I am still to sick to be able to do much of anything.

    God Bless ~Amy

  110. Amy,

    Sorry if that came off as condescending. I was not referencing you per say but talking in general. Each of us can easily move into self-defense rather than interacting in love.

  111. I agree w/Amy regarding the condescending air -not only in reply to her but in reply to others on this forum.

    As for the blogger’s penchant for using a phrase – please use it correctly …Per se – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaper se (also misspelled as “perse”, “per say”, “persay

    Per se NOT per say

  112. Blog Author,

    Are you saying that if one chooses what you term “self-defense” that that is not “loving”?

    Oh … PUHLEEZE!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve heard some “doozies” and this is another in a long line.

  113. Thanks for the correction on per se verses per say, didnot know that.

    Again, sorry if I come off at any point as condescending. Never my intent.

  114. Hmm, Weary it seems something about my style of writing and choices of words has upset you. Not sure what.

    In terms of “self-defense”, yes when we engage in defensive behavior we are protecting self. Is self-defense always “unloving”, no I would not say that. But in general there is a principle. If you are defensive, it is about protecting self. It is about you. One is not necessarily putting the interest of others over one self. There is time and balance for everything.

    I attempt to respond to folks respectfully, sometimes I fall short. Sometimes I get defensive. Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in a point trying to make, I can skip making improtant transitional phrases that make intent clear.

    Looking back at Amy, I can see my response was a quick reply with several thoughts going back and forth about the general process of things.

    Overall, there is a general lesson for us all in this, that we have much to learn about loving one another verses looking out for self or even responding out of self. Certainly I can be more deliberate in my responses.

    Weary, let me ask you this, was miriam’s self defense and use of deception and her behavior loving or is it about protecting self? I would say the 2nd is the case. As I said, I do not understand a lot of what goes on with Mrs. Franklin. Generally the thought that comes to mind is a critical spirit and failure to address her own issues. Now some of what is criticized is accurate, rest not. Like I said, God will deal with her.

    In general, for each of us, we need to learn to better interact in love and learn how to bless those that curse you. As such, thank you for pointing out areas I can approve and certainly open to other feedback.
    God bless.

  115. Again …. puhleeze!

    You are laying heavy burdens upon people.

    I once heard a minister say that one reason God gave us the emotion of anger is to recognize when we are being violated.

    One can become “defensive”, when they are being violated or mistreated.

    The way you appear to prescribe is that “in love” one must be a doormat.

  116. Peacebringer,

    Your “style” condescends to everyone who does not follow your link of thinking.

    Why do you play Holy Spirit?

    You seem to have a penchant for correcting others if they do not fit into your way of thinking.

    Each of us has the “corrector” within us – the Holy Spirit.

    It’s your “talking down to” others that is troubling.

  117. Not intending to lay heavy burdern and not even talking about “violations” and mistreatments. The issue of self-defense and God defense and blessing those that curse you is a whole other level.
    Let me ask you this observant? When Jesus asked us to turn the other cheeck is that too heavy a burnden? When Jesus directed us to forgive 70 times seven was that a heavy burden? Blessing those that curse you?

    My point is that by nature defense is about self. Now there are times we need to act in defense, such as in abusive situations. And believe me friend, I have a long history of being mistreated in my life, so I know what I am talking and God did a work in me to take some down, not that I have arrived by any means. And yes, God gave us emotions for a reason, they are warning signs. The minister was correct regardiing anger. It all comes down to a balance of acting out of self, or acting beyond self. Building up or tearing down. Now some things need confrontation and tearing down. It is a balance of truth and love.

  118. Weary and observant (are you one and the same?):

    It’s one thing to bring to mind your view of someone’s errors or imperfections; but, both times YOU were condescending with your tone in response — the “puhleeze!” thing.

    That’s rather hypocritical I’d say.

  119. Observant,
    If you make those claims then perhaps you would be served of both reading the rest of the blog and the forum. My intent is to speak about the theological matters more than anything about any particular person.

    I am not trying to play the Holy SPirit. I am speaking what I know, I am open to being directed to being wrong. I certainly am not trying to be the Holy Spirit. Can you please point me to a post here on my forum that is offensive? I am prone to make mistake and come off in manners other than intended.

    Now, certainly as we all do it can be difficult seeing things as others do. In my review of Primal, I recognize that while I recated to Mark Batterson’s breaked down of the greast commandment, I recognized that he was coming from a different perspective and a different angle and that the views were not really contradictory.

    Let me ask you this observant, if you have a particular problem with something I said somewhere and how I said it, please point it out specifically. I cannot make any changes and evaluate self and improve my communication if just given generalities.

  120. lyrafowlpotter said: “I actually do know what its like to be physically attacked for my beliefs.”

    that’s the same claim Meriam has made too many times

    are you Meriam?

    Meriam should repent and give a apology to her readers for her lies and check into the looney bin or take her meds

    Dr. Robert Mowrey thinks Meriam needs meds. Meriam must be perfect LOL! She takes up argumeants with everyone.

    Get you LOL’er’s out.


  121. Well, you asked. It’s about manipulation and control. Rather than just giving a reply, it’s a general trend on this blog to give a mini “correction” to posters as well. Such as the correction given to Lyrafowlpotter. No correction was needed. It is a condescending attitude in that each poster must receive a “tim” lession/correction rather than must a reply. There is no liberty given to posters to have their individual thoughts and/or actions with a mini Tim teaching with each response. How God deals with them and you and me and others is not the same. The fact that a “sermonette” is given is, in itself, condescending.

    Are you a peacefaker?:

    1. peacefaker
    A “peace-at-any-price” person.
    2. One who makes any and all concessions necessary to keep the situation copesetic, pleasant, and non-confrontational in the short term without regard to the long term consequences.
    Someone who can’t say no to anyone, even if the other person isn’t necessarily argumentative or contrary.

    Click to access 08-01-04KeepingthePeace_000.pdf


    It’s a certain “air” prevanlent on this blog – no matter what a poster says, “Dad” is goiing to criticize and correct.

    Berating posters and reading things into their comments that were NOT there does not bring peace but rather confusion and irritation.

    It’s like continual nagging.

  122. Can you please give examples of same. A blog or a fourm is conversation. Never are my responses meant to be ‘Sermonette’s” but sharing of view. Again, observant I don’t think you have really check out my replies, my content or my posts. Certainly asking the question about “peaefaker” show that shows a lack of awareness of how things post. Admittedly, I have an amiable bent in personality. In fact, your whole response is strange. You essentially claim I lecture everyone but then in same breath ask me if I seek to get along and love at the expense of truth. Please, give me an example of anywhere where I berated a poster. Reading things into comments is something we all do, we can all misunderstand.

    Again I ask you , what in particular are the things you have issues with. Please give an example. My resposne to lyra was not meant as a correction, as I already stated. It was a general discussion with poorly connected thought processes at thte time.

  123. Let me add thought that I while work on taking time to examine my posts, to see if they come off as described and a teaching, or nagging at someone. Cause that is never my intent. Others can certainly see or notice things that I can be unaware of, so will work at trying to improve.

    Sorry, poster of #119, accusing Amy of being Miriam or was that intended as humor? It really was not called for.

  124. Thinking things through a little more. I know I can at times get redundant and end up making the same point over and over. It is not intetional when doing it, and if ever come off as shouting down another view without listening or letting anyone else have their say let me know.

    One thing you should know, is that writing this blog and the other stuff has all been in part about God getting me to use the voice he has given me. I never intent to squash anyone elses voice and if I do it to you, pleaes let me know, becaues odds are I am not aware I am doing so. I wish my voice was perfect, that I always communicated with what is in my heart, and always spoke fully in both God’s love and truth. I know I falter. I falter with friends, with family, on the forum, so certainly will falter here. Sorry for any ways I have falters here in past, and will look to continue to improve.

  125. Same pattern again. Tsk tsk’ing a poster. It’s easy to see why the poster asked if it was Miriam under another name.

    It was glaringly obvious if ANYONE reads what #119 extracted and posted and asked a question about.

    Telling someone “uncalled for” is again same pattern of tsk tsk’ing your posters.

    How about .. “is there something I’m missing here”?

    Obviously there is. The poster quoted in 119 merely asked why Lyra said she had also been PHYSICALLY attacked.


  126. Seriously sir,
    That was uncalled for and I have choices. Censor it, let it through and comment on it, or let it through and say nothing.

    The comment was rude and if you just read this thread you will know full well my opinion of making such claims. Seriously or in jest. It is not approriate and is uncalled for. To let such disrespect go without confrontation would be a “peacefaker.”

    Sir, let me ask you this, is you perhaps here to geuninely point out what is wrong. It is almost as if it was set out there to get a “gotcha” moment. I said a whole lot and what you focus on is my calling post #119, which comes off as “you”, as uncalled for. And no the poster did not ask Amy why she had been attacked. It was a rude passive aggressive comment.

    So again, what is your purpose in these comment. To offer correction and advice and ways I can improve, or generate negative discussion the purpose of which is to mock and tear down? I have taken your critcisms to heart and am examining self for truth. So what is your intent?

  127. Tim,

    What’s with all these attacks today? I agree with you that post #119 was out of line.

  128. Craig,
    Only the good Lord knows. It is distracting for sure. I want people to know that if I ever offend or come off in a way that offends or seems nagging to you to let me know. Sometimes it may just be a matter of my doing a poor job of communcation as in the post after amy’s comment.

  129. Craig,

    Christians are so quick to pull that “attack” weapon out of its holster.

    Get a grip …..don’t you think you’re chiming in might be called by some as ‘attacking’

    If you would REREAD #119, there’s a key point there that is lost on everyone so far. Not lost on me.

    Craig, aren’t you the one who said you use proxies to post on ETPW?

    That’s not disingenous?

    Peacebringer asked me some questions … you frame it as an “attack”

    Why are you “attacking” me for answering a question or having an opinion.

    Don’t see that you were part of the conversation except when you interject yourself to make critical comments.

    Whatever ….. typical “Christian” behavior. …. “better than thou”

    If you get in a disagreement on the job, Craig, is that an “attack”?

    Think long and hard on that one. DOH!

  130. At the risk of coming across with another “tsk tsk” comment.

    First of all, if you want conversations to be in private without comments from others, there are multiple other ways to contact me. Again, ignore a lot of what said to make point.

    Sir, are you personally a Christian, because this last post clearly points to a seperation between “you” and “Christians”

    Oh and sir, you have not really answer questions. So again, what is your point being here? What are you looking to accomplish in your post?

  131. observantwatchman:

    You are quite the hypocrite! I commented above about your “puhleeze” comment which is condescending is it not? And, then you comment to me with “DOH!” Condescending once again.

    Then, you say that I blogged under a proxy while I instead used a different name [I explained that I did and why I did it and that it in fact was my middle name] yet you yourself are using a name other than your given one. Incredible!

    I can have an argument with someone [“argument” is a legal term –perhaps a stronger word for “dialogue” — which unfortunately some view as negative] and enjoy it as I usually learn something in the process; however, when someone just criticizes then the conversation becomes unfruitful.

    And, every one of your comments here have been attacking/criticizing.

    This is Tim’s blog and he can run it any way he likes. He could just delete your comments; but, he’s been quite gracious in my opinion in his responses to you.

  132. Tim, a lot of obvious points seem to escape you and this is becoming wearying. I have little tolerance for duplicity .. such as that Craig Lee is displaying now in his comments over at ETPW.

    The confusion is on your end, not mine and I have not the patience to go around the proverbial mountain over and over but do check out the hypocrisy of Craig Lee’s halo-ish behavior here and his sarcastic comments to another poster on ETPW to wit:

    “You are also rather condescending with your “For hearty mid-trib believers such as your good-selves these questions should be cake-walk … ‘Perhaps you should review what you write before hitting “submit comment” to see if it befits a Christian.

    Comment by Craig Lee / January 24, 2010

    Comment #50 at http://endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com/2010/01/18/harold-camping-date-sets-rapture/#comment-54769

    CraigLee – aren’t you being just the least bit hypocritical lecturing here and then within the hour making such a condescending post on EPTW???

    Where is your “Christian” behavior? .. is it hidden by our Christian SPIRITUAL PRIDE? I’d say it is!

  133. Craig,

    Your opinin matters not. Why would I care about the opinion of one as yourself who posts as you just did on EPTW???

    Tweedle dee …..

  134. Observant,

    You have little tolerance of dupicity but a fondness for passive agressive communication and using duplicity yourself. You use indirect communication and complain that “obvious points” are escaping. Some things do seem obvious to me, but I am not going to go there sir. One thing that is obvious sir, is your intent is not to engage in any dialogue, but rather engage in baiting. If you have serious points and serious dialogue and concerns, feel free to address them. If you continue to simply engage in passive aggressive baiting, my tolerance of your disrespectful posts will come to an under. Because sir it is clear that you ignore genuine comments and reflection from others, and prefer to make your passive agressive points.

  135. observantwatchman:

    So, if someone responds in a condescending manner you think it’s condescending to point it out?

  136. I made my points, Tim .. it is not my problem that they escape you!

  137. Craig,

    What is so difficult for you to understand that you lecture here on “proper answers” yet you belie yourself by violating your own “sermon” with a snitty comment to a poster on ETPW .. uncalled for, I’d say.

  138. Tim,

    I will ask you to give your opinion re: my comment from Miriam’s blog as cited above. Do you think it condescending?

    If you truly think so; then, I will take the correction. I don’t expect you to pull any punches just because I agree with you on most other points.

  139. You do require others “respect” you, don’t you, Tim? No we’re getting tothe bottom of things. That was evident in your “dialougue” with Stephen Manning. You accuse me of “skirting the issues” – I’ve pointed them out plainly to you. Perhaps you don’t want to consider them and being evasive is a defense mechanism.

    Lyra said she had been PHYSICALLY attacked – or did that slip by you to?

    I’ve been reading here for a long time before ever posting because, as I said earlier, rather than letting the comments stand, while it is your blog, it gets wearying to see you lecture every poster as you did Amy, Stephen Manning et al.

    Perhaps you should change the name or focus of your blog??

  140. Craig . you have to ASK someone if your comment on ETPW was out of line? Gee —- you can’t know that for your own self? You have to ask the opinion of someone else? Your comment reeks of sarcasm and is mean-spirited AND YOU KNOW IT!

  141. 132 is all about your issues, Tim! I have better things to do than “bait” but it’s very convenient to throw out some things you’ve probably learned in a psychological context to avoid any consideration of any comments I’ve made. No matter what answer I give, there will be a “twist and shout” and tons of protest from you.

    Your lengthy rebuttals are quite telling.

    This has now become pointless.

  142. Nope, do not require anyone “respect” me. If I did, your posts would not be allowed, nor would have many of Dr. Mannings. I really do not care what you “think” of me.

    I did not accuse you sir, of “skirting” the issue. I do not engage in the passive aggressive, in direct communication. I prefer to let someone know directly if they are having a problem. You have talked in circles and enaged in the vary behaviors you are pointing out.

    Yes, Amy stated she has been physically attacked, yet was she asked about it? Nope, rather a passive aggressive comment calling her “meriam” was made. So observant, let me see how observant you are… can you answer on this blog what posts of people I would disagree with that I let sit without a comment? Can you tell me why I started writing this blog? Do you really have concerns over my interactions with others or simply others I disagree with there actions toward others. Call me all the names you want, criticize me all you want, I will always examine myself to see what I can learn.

    You sir on the other hand show no indication to do the same. You make your passive aggressive, indirect comments, that clearly make yourself feel better. Bet you pat yourself on the back over the varied reactions you are drawing and having a fine time.

    And yes sir, you have pushed me to the point of anger and irritation. Not related to myself, but the attitude you show both towards the Gospel and other people. The anger is because it seems you care more about making your points in “clever” passive aggressive ways then anything really coming from operating truly from love and truth. Sir in your words there is no love and very little truth. Not let me ask you this, sir, am I here coming off as a “fakekeeper” unwilling to confront someone?

    Yet, sir, I forgive you. I really do not want to, honestly, and my heart is far from it, but in surrender to God, I forgive you. May God’s peace go before you.

  143. Observant, I really do not care what you think. I forgive you, and the parts of me that are unable, I ask God to empower me.

    Here is where I am being directed:

    Proverbs 9:7 Whoever corrects a scoffer gets himself abuse, and he who reproves a wicked man incurs injury.
    Proverbs 9:8 Do not reprove a scoffer, or he will hate you; reprove a wise man, and he will love you.
    Proverbs 9:9 Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.

  144. Well, there is something wrong with YOU if you are angry. You better figure it out. And as for passive aggressive comments … if you can’t get my point, you never will. What you refer to as “passive aggressive” others would call tact.

    Would you like me to be very BLUNT? If I were, you wouldn’t like it. You don’t seem very capable of comprehending quite simple things.

    Is that BLUNT enough for you?

    I’ve had enough … stop trying to pin your problems on others with accusations and double-talk.

    If one cannot communicate clearly, then they should learn how to.

    Say what you mean and mean what you say.

    I cannot make much sense of any of your defensive ramblings.

    Goodnight … this is a drain.

    Oh .. and love is not always sugary sweet. Your extreme defensiveness covers up WHAT?

    Figure it out youself …rather than PROJECTING onto others.

  145. And observant, if you have better things to do than bait and scoff, please move along. Still forgive you.

  146. Observant, thanks for your concern, I will take everything into consideration.
    may God’s peace go before you. You are forgiven.

  147. Tim .. you’re condescending right there. What do you have to forgive me for?

    The only OFFENSES are ones you have worked up in your own mind.

    If you’re offended by the truth, you do have a problem.

    Now if I were you, I’d give some consideration to how offended and upset you are when you asked for input and then you whine and cry because you don’t like it.


    Perhaps this subject is not your calling? Perhaps blogging is not your calling?

    Consider how quick you are to take offense.

  148. Thanks for your input observant, I will take it all into consideration. May God’s peace Go before you. You are forgiven. May it go well with you.

  149. 143 & 144 … Tim, you really should look at that glaring example of your own passive/aggressive behavior. What you accuse others of doing you do yourself .. it’s called PROJECTING!

    You have nothing to be offended over so for you to continue to tell me you forgive me is ludicrous.

  150. Thanks observant. I still forgive you. Next time you talk to Dr. Manning, tell him I still forgive him also. Peace.

  151. Because of insecurity and incredible self-defense, you frame this exchange as “baiting and scoffing” to let yourself off the hook. We all; have issues, but to project our own issues onto someone else in order to try to make them look “bad” is very disingenious. That is exactly what you have done, Tim.

    Why don’t you quit this passive/aggressive game and start the name-calling?

    It’s really what you want to do!

    You have not been “scoffed” …only in your own mind to justify accepting any responsibility and to blame everyone else.

    Kind of similar to Miriam’s new “excuse” the she is “passing the baton”

    See how falsehoods beget strife-if the subject of this original post would be honest and “come clean” then this topic would never exist.

    On that we both CAN agree! 🙂

  152. Thanks for your opinion. I will examine myself further. May God Bless, peace. You and Dr. Manning are still forgiven.

  153. You know, it gets offensive and annoying to tell someone repeatedly they are “forgiven” when they have done nothing to offend! Why don’t I post that repeatedly to you? Because I’m not offended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good grief .. no wonder the world looks on Christians as they do. Tell Dr. Manning???-I only know of him from the Diggory Press matter which brings up something else. Miriam appears to have authored books and published them under Diggory on subjects that don’t line up. As you said so aptly, there are many mysteries about Miriam. Things that cannot be understood. Books on New Age techniques .. the same things critiqued on her blog. Confusing!

  154. Craig, in taking a look at your post, initially I didn’t pick up on anything, but the last line could be pushing it and going into the give at take. I know I can do it easily, it can be real hard to keep focus during such discussions. I know I have. As I am doing, taking a real look at expressed concerns because others often see better than we see ourselves. Again, for myself, kind of looking at the lesson of how to interact with others in heated or conflicted moments.

  155. Observant, forgiveness is for both actual and perceived offenses. I do not know your heart to know truly if what you are doing is being intentional. My forgiving you has more to do with me and my attitude, than anything to do with you. Accept it or not, but I need to keep forgiving you. THat is between me and God. May you be blessed, and I will take all under consideration.

  156. Tim,

    Thanks for your comment. In my blogging I have certainly been guilty of pushing the “submit comment” too soon without giving proper thought and have regretted it later. So, as I was typing that comment on Miriam’s site I did pause before I pushed the button. I tried to be careful with the wording. Tone is VERY hard to convey in the written word.

  157. Yes, I am well aware of that. Even writing professionaly, sometimes I can miss key transitional statements. Words can be taken far different than meant. Somestime clearly statements can be made out of self, over how others react. Clearly I have a long way to grow in learning to love and confront fully in both love and truth. I think in fact that is rather self-evident. 🙂

  158. One thing that is very clear to me, is that I can get over-reactive. Also need to work on my communication clarity. Always open to having it pointed out even if I do not want to hear it.



    I came here this morning to check out a new blog, to find all this nonsense again. Yep, that’s what it is, NONSENSE.

    Tim and Craig Lee, I KNOW you both. Gracious christian friends, worthy of respect and trust.
    Stephen/Obsevantwatchman/etc.etc. is who and what he is and I doubt if he will ever go away.

    God knows the truth and you stand in righteousness before Him, I pray His blessing upon you both.

  160. Are you suggesting, “loving sister”, that I somehow am unrighteous and you wouldn’t dare to pray a blessing on me?

    The blatant hatred in Christians is amazing. The hatred in you is obvious. I am not Stephen Manning.

    Your post carries no love – just saddling your horse for 2 you praise and condemning another.

  161. Expressing a prayer of blessing and encouragement to two christian brothers whom I know and respect very much, DOES NOT equate to hatred towards you. I have no hatred in my heart whatsoever.
    If you are not Stephen Manning you are identical in writing style and posture, and I suspect I am not alone in wondering……….

    I don’t intend to get into a new debate with you, this whole thread has already become tedious to the extreme.

    “Lord God, please have an encounter with this man, and give him your peace – Amen”

  162. Have an encounter with me? You believe me unsaved? How wrong you are. Again, I am not Stephen Manning.

    Are you a respecter of persons? It appears so.

    The only part of your “prayer” I would receive is the part about “peace”

    I’m not an unsaved person-yet you paint me one.

  163. P.S. Mr. Manning’s plain-speaking is much desirable to the Christian hypocrisy evident in your words, madam.

  164. “loving sister” … one thought occurred – why do two “brothers” need your RESCUE and “good words and blessing” yet you disparage me to the point of asking God to have an encounter with me

    perhaps a little time in your Bible might help you to see your divided heart and hatred and arrogance and pomposity

    if you were truly loving, you would have also spoken kindly to me .. lest you harm the cause of Christ ..which you have

  165. Observant,
    Thank you for the words. If I have said or done anything in offense please forgive me.

    Question sir, in one breath you profess to be “saved” yet in the same mouth decry “hatred” of Christian, of which you proclaim to be.

    Sir I know not if you are or are not Dr. Manning. You know that and the facts there related to the exchange are irrelevant. Although I confess the thought crossed my mind, please forgive me. The thought crossed my mind because there is the same spirit, tone, and even concepts used within your statements. Again the truth of the matter is irrelevant.

    Please forgive anything I said or done that was self-justifying or rationalizing. May God please you, and keep you safe from all harm. My God’s peace, love, and joy fill you and touch your heart. May God’s love overflow and fill you beyond measure.

  166. Oh dear… I thought I’d escaped from this debate, but apparently not. Now even MY name is being taken in vain – along with that of Jesus!

    I had no intention of being drawn back into this exchange folks, but seeing as I am being falsely accused again, I feel a few points need to be made clear.

    1. I am NOT ‘Observantwatchman’ or ‘MiriamDaFruitCake’, nor do I know who he/she/they are.

    2. However, I do agree with much that has been posted in those names, and feel their observations regarding some of the ‘holier-than-thou’ comments made by Tim, Craig etc are right on target – if perhaps somewhat direct.

    3. As the forum moderator, Tim (Peacebringer) must have the senders’ IP addresses – so I am somewhat bewildered as to why he is fuelling the notion that these posters may be me in disguise?

    4. The theme of this blog originally began with ‘Miriam’ (aka Rosalind Miriam Franklin) supposedly ‘needing prayer’ because of a reported physical attack (which never happened)… Given that she has since been proven in Court to be a pathological liar, crook, and habitual deceiver, it was a misguided notion at best for Tim (Peacebringer) to begin this blog in the first place without doing his research, and it seems it has now become an embarrassing testament to his own personal reluctance to admit his error.

    5. As I stated previously, in my opinion this and other online commentaries authored by Tim consist almost entirely of three things; (i) Misguided support for a criminal and a charlatan (Mrs Franklin); (ii) The misuse of ‘Christianity’, ‘Christ’ and the notion of ‘forgiveness’, to question and undermine the characters and motives of challengers; and (iii) frantic backpeddaling and deviations into abstract theology in a sanctimonious effort to hold the moral high ground.

    I understand that Tim feels ‘qualified’ to create this online platform so we can all benefit from his insight and wisdom. But they plain fact is that; (a) he did NOT do his research properly; (b) he made several errors in his earlier assumptions; and (c) (in the opinion of some) he has used his ‘faith’ to judge and second-guess others (sometimes in an offensive and condescending manner).

    Speaking for myself, I have found many of Tim’s exchanges on these posts to be both frustrating and distracting, especially his tendency to pontificate ‘on God’s behalf’, so I take some modest relief from the fact that not many people seem to be taking the matter too seriously here.

    I am not trying to be rude and offensive in making these remarks folks, but it is especially galling to be lectured on moral rights and wrongs by persons who certainly have a limited grasp of our experiences with Mrs Franklin; who continue to reject the plain facts; and who appear determined to indulge their religious superciliousness at others’ expense.

    Claiming to be ‘Christian’ or calling on the name of Jesus does NOT give you the moral license to judge others – and that’s mainly what seems to be irritating ‘Observantwatchman’ above – as well as myself. Interestingly, the EndTimesProphecy website set up by Mrs Franklin is just that – a platform to judge others whilst indulging in egocentric delusions of one’s supposed ‘Christianity’ and affiliation with a loving Christ.. Oh how I wish we could get Jesus online..

    As I have said and repeated numerous times now; Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin is no more a prophetess than my goat – and anyone who continues to believe so – or who tries to defend her behaviour risks their own credibility being questioned.

    Don’t forget folks, this is the very same woman who refused to hold the Holy Bible in Court… who has lied and cheated and stolen thousands from people who trusted her – who has had her various businesses and false-front websites shut down for deception and fraud… these are the plain facts Tim and Craig. And yet we are still discussing her credibility as some sort of moral authority who claims to be a prophet??? C’mon guys – get a grip!

    Link to the evidence: http://checkpoint.ie/roguesgallery.html

    We fought a long, hard battle against this utterly despicable woman. In my opinion we should be applauded for our determination and tenacious pursuit of justice – not be judged and castigated by self-indulgent ‘moral authorities’ online, who have NOT walked a mile in our shoes..

    By the way, warrants have now been issued against Mrs Franklin for non-compliance with Court orders… We can only hope that they give her a cell without a computer, so that the nonsense over at ETPW will finally cease and give us all some peace..

    Oh, and before you beat me to it Tim, I forgive YOU in advance for whatever judgemental or condescending comments you are planning to retort with. I will also pray for you, and in particular that all myopic religionists will come to understand that religion – any religion – loses its mandate the minute it becomes elitist, sectarian or judgemental.. But seeing as this is not an original idea (apparently Jesus mentions this in scripture somewhere) so I’m sure you know this already..

    Tempting though it will be to re-engage you in debate Tim, I hope you will excuse me for taking my leave again.. and getting on with more fruitful and productive pursuits.

    Meanwhile, feel free to order a copy of my book which deals specifically with the excesses of religious addiction: http://www.amazon.com/Psychology-Symbolism-Sacred-Stephen-Manning/dp/095515037X

    You will remain in my prayers..

    Stephen Manning

  167. Dr. Manning,

    Sorry if my last post “fueled” the speculation that you and observer are one and the same. My statement was admitting the thought had crossed my mind. Yet, it in essence is the same spirit. Interesting response though Dr. Manning, since you liberally accused others of being Miriam for reasons no different than the similarities between you and observant, et al. As I said, it is irrelevant.

    Please note I am not speaking “on God’s behalf.” You continue to paint the blog and interactions and speaking judgements toward people. This is not the case.

    This post was started to ask for prayer with what seemed at time a legitimate request. Instead it turns out to be less than forthright request. You post as if I defend or support Miriams actions, and I have stated numerous times I do not. You both did things wrong.

    Now I understand your point of view, which is contrary to the Gospel. Your book is part and parcel of New Age view of blending and tolerance.

    At any rate our positions are clear. My apologies for anything that comes off as condescending. I will not apology for speaking the gospel, which is a narrow way, and as such will be decried elistist.

    As to Mrs. Franklin and her refusal to submit to authorities, see will face justice. As scripture tells us. If anyone has anything against you, settle the matter, elsewise be handed over to the judge and will face full measure. (Paraphrase of content.)

    Now I confess, I do not always communicate perfectly. I sometimes engage in defense communication. I sometimes can come off as condescending or arrogant when not the case.

    If my comment on forgiveness came off as questioning moral character or as undermining. Rather it is a heart felt response to the judgemental attacks being spouted and my personal offense taken at what has been said. Simply meant to bless.

    Dr. Manning, you and observant are quick to point out perceived arrogance and judgement yet the posts have been filled with accustory tones filled with anger and malice. The posts elevate self over anyone else posting and exhibit no humility or love.

  168. Tim,

    You do ‘self-justify” and defend most every post. I see it, Manning sees it, you admitted to it.

    Same ‘ol merry-go-round.

    As for a lengthy “self-defense”, I’m not interested as you say the same thing over and over but seem to rarely if ever employ self-examination.

    Perhaps you pontificate so much as that you think yourself superior for being in seminary.

    Whatever the reason – it is blatantly obvious and is gratingly annoying as in the proverbial “nails on a chalkboard” sound.

  169. Sorry you see it that way. Not sure how to take some of your comments, which simply show that you have really no idea who I am or the content of the blog. If you find my posts and comments on this thread or anywhere else, you are free not to engage. If you simply want to level accusations, that is your choice. YVWH Bless. Shalom

  170. Hi,
    I have asked Miriam on her blog 1) are you the owner of diggory press and why are you being taken to court? 2) to please address the claims against you so we aren’t all confused 3) own up to whatever needs to be owned up to 4)
    answer those who are asking you questions and write an article about it 5)tell us why you are so sick

    I get no answers. How is her court case coming along? How was she hurt and why is she so hurt? Is she going to jail for anything?

    To me if the woman is writing against people and then does the very same things, she needs to talk about it. Otherwise it’s very strange

  171. She won’t answer. Others report having asked the same questions only to get no replies in return. There is something very amiss with Miriam.

  172. If Miriam is writing all these posts against these ministers, and then is doing the very same thing she is accusing them of, or exposing them of, something is very amiss. I’ve asked her questions a couple of times but get no answers. When the lawsuit allegations first arose I asked her but got no answer. She has a double standard and something is wrong. She is also asking for donations now to fund her life now that she’s been sick and out of work. If she’s been sued and lost she shouldn’t be asking for donations to pay back her losses. If she had to shut down a fraudulent business she shouldn’t be asking for donations to fund her losses. And if wordpress is free or almost free why do you need donations anyway? Something seems dodgy there too. She says she’s been out of work due to sickness, and that’s why the donation tab is up. Is that really true? I guess it’s none of my business, but I am sick over all the fraud in Christian circles. Is there anyone out there who loves the Lord anymore?

  173. Mriam’s not sick, except in her morals, character and in her head. She defraded authors though Diggory Press-took their funds but never followed through on her committment. She simply absconded with the money. And she was never injured. Miriam is a pathological liar .. of the worst kind. Folks who have encountered her describe her as devious, aggressive, rude, cantankerous, a bully and say her train is without it’s trolley (i.e. mentally unbalanced). And Nigel, the husband, sports tattooes. Doesn’t Miriam rail against those as well. What a double standard. Miriam is a flake of all flakes. Don’t buy her lies, don’t contribute one red cent! In addition, she refuses to pay the judgments and is appealing them claiming the UK judge “does not know the law” .. Miriam… rebellious, without conscience, deluded, daft, deceiving other-the list goes on.

  174. Miriam perhaps needs prayer for publishing this book???


    Yet she makes this review “”Harmful to minors….Offensive” (Diggory Press)”

    The more one looks into the duplicitous life of Rosalind Miriam Franklin, owner of the now-defunct Diggory Press, the more contradictions one sees.

    Which makes everything Miriam writes suspect! One thing she is is clanging brass and tinkling cymbals.

    Without love .. Miriam is an angry misled person who brings confusion among the flock.

  175. correction-from the forum for said book, it appears Miriam reviewed it but declined to publish it; question is, why would she even review or consider publishing a book that is about witchcraft?

    For Miriam, it seems compromise is okay as long as it brings in the $$$.

  176. I just found this site, surfing. Wow.
    Which end is up?

    I was just “banned” from ETPW by a moderator
    who 3 of us accused of unchristianlike behavior.
    It is under the Benny Hinn section.

    Naively, I thought they were fair and objective.
    But they have lied, slandered, and defamed me.

    And I find out that “franklinites” are indeed using
    false name on many websites.

    What’s going on with ETPW?

  177. Randy,

    Here is my thoughts on what is going on with ETPW. Miriam while projecting and displaying advocacy of truth, has fallen short herself. The positive stuff that is found there is polluted by her own ability to walk in the truth and light. She chose the weapons of the world, failed to settle, and worst failed to live up to responsibilities. She has fallen short of what the Bible directs us in terms of dealing with enemies. The Bible direct us to settle matters. The bible asks us to Trust in Him for defense, not use manipulation and deception. Now, while I have withdrawn any “public” support of the good on Miriam’s website, I do continue to pray for her that God will work in her heart and draw her unto repentance. I originally stated in all this that even if there was “no wrong” done, that even the appearance of evil needs to be avoided.

    So, where to go from here, disengage from ETPW, until such a time that there is public confession and repentance. If not the good that is there is polluted.

    I will be making it my intent in time ahead to list some sound apologetics and discernment sites that can point to the same set of information that is beneficial without the pollution. It is sad all the way around. It is also sad the anger and venom that is displayed. It is grievious.

  178. randy,

    I don’t know about any ‘”franklinites” using false names on many websites.’ Maybe there are; maybe there aren’t. There have been accusations on this thread here of this same thing. I’ve been accused of being one. I’m not.

    I just read through the comments on the Benny Hinn thread. Perhaps the word “sleaze” should not have been used by the moderator since the word has a connotation of being unkempt (Hinn is certainly always well-groomed) and/or sexually perverted. Is it possible this word has a different slant or meaning in UK English than American English?

    I just did a look up at dictionary.com:

    1.a contemptible or vulgar person.
    2.a shabby or slovenly person.
    3.a sleazy quality, character, or atmosphere; shoddiness; vulgarity.
    4.sleazy behavior, content, appearance, or the like.

    I see you are not the only one who objected to the word “sleaze” or “sleaze-bag” being used.

    I would agree that Hinn is contemptible for the way he portrays himself to be a Christian yet has lied numerous times with his false prophecies and ‘healings’ not to mention the way he ‘blows’ the ‘holy spirit’ on others. The man is a charlatan and a disgrace to Christianity.

    I hope the disagreement can be settled between you and ETPW site moderator.

  179. Another thought struck me today as even checking to see what the hub-bub might be in that benny hinn thread. How much is it that we are simply being “entertained” by the reportings of the nefarious actions and teachings of those not walking in truth. Is there a point where it has past reporting of truth and bringing darkness to light, into gossip, slander, and debasement and following same for amusement? Is the anger and behavior that of righteous anger and equitable to Jesus in the temple or is it elevating self over those who have errored? Again, probably will need to be a blog post sorting out those questions further, but that thought is on my mind today.

  180. peacebringer,

    I agree it IS sad how threads and comments can get carried away over at ETPW. However, there has been much good come from the information over there. There are countless testimonies from individuals who have been steered away from deception by reading info from the site.

    I admit it IS hard to deal strictly with the facts with issues involving the eternal fate of individuals. It is VERY difficult at times to keep the tone down. I do my best; but, at times I’ve fallen short.

    There are some good articles on the ETPW site. I have contributed a few myself [not saying mine are the ‘good articles’]. I do my best to stay away from name-calling and the like.

    I will continue to post comments over there (at least for now) as I like to provide counter-arguments to positions I find faulty. There are a lot of theological discussions which I always gain insight from reading the views of other commentators.

  181. Is there a point where it has past reporting of truth and bringing darkness to light, into gossip, slander, and debasement and following same for amusement? Is the anger and behavior that of righteous anger and equitable to Jesus in the temple or is it elevating self over those who have errored?

    As we comment, we should always try to discern ‘righteous anger’ from ‘gossip, slander (although truth by definition is not slander), debasement.

    For example, I personally find Todd Bentley absolutely despicable; yet, I must be sure that comments are all based on facts or at least credible sources. Can I call him a liar? Sure, I can based on numerous lies he’s told. Yet, if I say he’s being ‘untruthful’ I make my point without coming across as being hateful or having a personal vendetta.

  182. Craig, I understand entirely. It is with great regret that no long can support. It has very little to do with the “comments” and more to do with just the sense of it being “polluted.” It does have great content and has helped many. Yet, God has led me to back away. I cannot speak for others on that front, although know there is a growing unease of those that support her.

    Personally had quite the back and forth with God with reluctance to pull backed, based on the useful information, “polluted” is what I kept getting back and reluctantly pulled back. Each person needs to sort out with God what God is asking. For me it is to not refer others there and find other places that can provide sound information that can point them away from the untruths. It is difficult because the tone of a lot of blogs ends up distastful. Personally I learned a lot of the varied information posted there, so again it is with deep regret.

  183. Tim,

    I didn’t mean to imply you were wrong in your decision. I respect that you were led that way.

    Just for the record and to clarify: I do not support or defend Miriam herself; however, I am not a detractor either. I support some of the content on the site; but, I do not support others.

    I agree that the tone on a lot of blogs can be distasteful at times. It’s a shame really.

  184. Didn’t mean to imply that you were suggesting such, just giving further clarification. I have had conversations with some who have defended Miriam and supported that have some wariness recently. God will deal with her and each of us as he will. We need to each be responsible for own actions, words, and deeds. It is grievious.

  185. Hi and thanks for the responses.

    re: false identities

    I came across a list of “franklinites” from etpw
    and their fake names used on other sites.
    Sylvia, for example, has many false identities.
    Sometimes she is a woman, sometimes a man.
    lol. That speaks for itself.

    Do you, or anyone, have more info on these
    franklinites false identities?


  186. Randy,

    I can understand perhaps the confusion. It is easy to think of others as being more than claimed on the internet. Paranoia sets in easily. I know Sylvia is not Miriam. I also know she is in fact married, although never conversed with Richard. Each of us easily can cross a line and walk in own strength to defend what we believe. Most of us have difficulty trusting in God to be our defense and strength. Even harder it is when we ourselves face false accusations. On Dr. Manning’s list I know of essentially 3-4 that were falsely labeled as alias. I know full well how easy it is to see folks as aliai as Wally who has posted here seems an awful lot like Dr. Manning and seems to know more about legal happenings in Britian than would be normal from someone whose IP is from Texas. The thing is, it does not matter. We should be teaching others with love and respect. I have faltered certainly and come off as condescending, all though not really intending to tear anyone down.

    Most likely, Randy, the folks being labeled as “Franlinites” are people who take a stand for truth against the likes of WOF and NAR and even the New Agers like Dr. Manning. Mrs. Franklin pointed out errors of some, while taking money from them as well. She more and more has been straying from the truth, thus polluting the good that she has done and could do. It is a lesson for each of us, to walk the straight path that God has set before us, wandering not the right or left. Staying true to God’s call on life. Hope you stick around Randy and end up blessed by the content of this blog. As the intent of this Blog is really to build up others. There will be elements and times when there may be posts of direct confrontation. More often than note, this blog will focus on underpinning theological issues and lessons learned than directly pointing out every error as it comes forward. Now this blog may get more hits if did elsewise, but I need to walk the path that God sets before me.

    May you be blessed,

  187. I’m not ‘Wally’ Tim (Peacebringer) – nor have I ever once tried to hide my identity. So once again you manage to impugn my character unjustly.

    A close associate of yours contacted me privately indicating you had in fact apologised at long last for the unjustified insults and accusations directed at some of us.. but I’m afraid I haven’t found it yet?

    I would also like it noted ‘for the record’ that not only was my last post blocked (certainly it didn’t appear) – but you have also removed the assesment icons from this blog – probably I suspect because the negatives were beginning to mount up..

    I ask you to allow visitors to see the following warning which will be up on the Rogues Gallery page soon – along with all the verified and suspected sockpuppets used by Mrs Franklin… Not wishing to go over old ground again Tim, I will simply state that unless you proved an alias to be wrong, it is disingenuous of you to imply there are errors on that list.

    If THEY can’t prove their identities – then why should we accept the word of someone whose discerment and judgement has been seen to be so seriously flawed..?


    An important message regarding ‘Miraim’ Franklin of the end-times-prophecy website:

    On behalf of the victim’s support group, this memo is sent with the best of intentions to advise and caution visitors to that site that ‘Miriam’ the self-styled prophetess is in fact Mrs Rosalind Franklin of Minions, Liskeard, Cornwall, UK, currently being pursued by the UK courts in regards to several cases of fraud and deception these past months; specifically in her role as a vanity publisher under the following business names:

    Diggory Press
    Exposure Publishing
    Meadow Books
    Kingdom Come Publishing
    Author’s Chance Ltd

    Whilst continuously denying that she is in fact ‘Miriam’, Mrs Rosalind Franklin has engaged in a relentless campaign of character assassination against those who would expose her to the public. The current moderator on her site (who we suspect is in fact Mrs Franklin in yet another disguise) is now engaging in similar activities supposedly ‘on Miriam’s behalf’.

    Because Mrs Franklin has recently placed a ‘donate now’ button on her ETP website, this message has been sent to you in the hope that you will not be duped into funding Mrs Franklin’s illegal activities.

    You are respectfully invited to view the evidence at the Rogues Gallery, and decide for yourself whether or not Mrs Rosalind ‘Miriam’ Franklin deserves your attention and support.


    We wish to make it clear that there are no ‘religious’ reasons for circulating this information; simply an urge on our part to ensure further unsuspecting victims are not defrauded, and that Mrs Rosalind Franklin can not source further funding for her immoral activities until she has (at least) fulfilled her obligations to the Courts, and to her defrauded clients.

    We apologise for any distress this information may have caused you.


    Dr Stephen Manning
    Diggory Press / Rosalind Franklin Victims Support Group

    Specific questions may be directed to stmphd@mail.com

    Other ‘interesting’ sites linked into the endtimesprophecysite:
    · End Times Prophetic, Prophecy, Visions, Dreams, Revelation, Christian Blog
    · Sola Dei Gloria
    · Truthspeaker’s Weblog

  188. Stephen,

    If THEY can’t prove their identities – then why should we accept the word of someone whose discerment and judgement has been seen to be so seriously flawed..?

    Just because someone doesn’t feel as though they have to prove to you their identity, this does not mean they are in fact a sock puppet/alias. Perhaps they don’t wish to be on your email list? For whatever the reason, I believe if anyone wishes to keep their identity secret then we should respect that.

    IIRC you thought Sylvia was a sock puppet/alias. Sylvia has posted enough on the ETPW site for me to be absolutely certain she is not Miriam. There is nothing similar in their writing styles.

    Not sure what your beef is with “Truthspeakers” Blog; but, I have spoken with this individual via phone and I know with certainty that she is based here in the USA. I converse with her on occasion. Truthspeakers only link to ETPW site is that Miriam had posted some of her blog articles. Truthspeaker has posted some of mine as well.

    Of course, you don’t have to believe me…

  189. The current moderator on her site (who we suspect is in fact Mrs Franklin in yet another disguise) is now engaging in similar activities supposedly ‘on Miriam’s behalf’.

    Like Sylvia, the writing style of the moderator is nothing like Miriam’s. Not even close. I, in fact, did a double-take just today as I suspected someone else may be Miriam in disguise as the style was VERY similar. Yet a very recent comment made it absolutely clear this commenter is not. That’s what I get for reading too much of the stuff Stephen is putting on here.

  190. And, regarding Sola Dei Gloria: are you alleging this is actually Miriam? I used to contribute over there; but, I don’t any longer. I’m positive it’s not Miriam — once again by the writing style AND by some of the points of views.

  191. Dr. Manning, I have not blocked any posts of yours or removed any. Yes, I took down the rating as it really is not that helpful overall in terms of the blog as a whole. Generally only folks that “Rate” are those with vested interest. Most people certainly do not use them, so it does not give me adequate feedback. Yes, I had noted the negatives recently, but that does not really provide feedback as this is the only “thread” anyone utilized them. The fact that you were tracking “negatives” tells me something. Rest assured if I cared about any kind of “rating” war I could easily get folks to come here and have them “up” the positives, it just does not give me the kind of feedback I was looking for.

    Now, Dr. Manning, you proved you did not read carefully, which is not surprising. For I sated I can see how it is easy to make conclusions. There are similarities between you and Wally and he has a profound excess of knowledge regarding what is happening. Now perhaps it is just because he follows you and parrots what you say. The point is, it is easy to think of someone as an “alias.” I am not the one going around accusing people left and right of doing such. It is easy to make that conclusion. And you know what I do not really care, if you are doing it for whatever reason, that is your issue.

  192. Dr. Manning, perhaps you are referring to my perhaps not letting a post go through on the forum. Pretty much approved of what you said, if I didn’t not approve something it pretty much was not wanting to get into more back and forth at the forum location as well as here. There have been nothing from you up till now since the forum post.

  193. Craig, no absolutely not. Referred to Sola de gloria as a great site for information. PJ is not related to miriam at all. Oh my, sorry if I was not clear.

  194. oh I see, Dr. Manning is linking Sola De Gloria to ETPW…
    Hey Dr. manning, there are many more “apologetic” sites or you just tracking any and all that have “linked” to ETPW…seems like you just want to keep “fighting”

  195. So, to be clear Dr. Manning. As I have stated several times, I have found you both in the wrong.

    What is new is I have stopped linking to ETPW and stopped using it as a source of information regarding certain deceptive ministries, as indicated here, it is polluted based on where Mrs. Franklin is at currently.

    I still find your “behavior” as wrong as well.

  196. Reluctantly, I need to address S. Manning because I now remember that he accused me of being Miriam.

    Dear Mr. Manning, please take my internet alias off your site. I am a born and bred CALIFORNIAN and a born and bred American and if you had ever bothered to read any of my posts about the NAR, the reason I started going to Miriam’s site was because people I love and was and remain in intercession for — had fallen prey to the Lakeland disaster. People very close to me.

    If it wasn’t for Miriam’s site back in the early part of 2008, I honestly don’t know what I would have done.

    Since that time on a small handful of other charismatic forums, I have used, I believe, two other aliases, and not for very long. I didn’t like using them because it made me feel disingenuous somehow. One of the names I believe I only used on Andrew Strom’s forum was LoveWrappedInTruth and the other was mostly on ETPW, CooperChrist. I used those names because either I was banned or something happened on Strom’s site one time and then the other time I asked Miriam to erase a post I made where someone I knew in the NAR was sticking up for Lou Engle and I lashed out sarcastically. When someone started asking me for more posts under that name on Miriam’s site, I felt stupid and couldn’t reply to that person and so I just stopped out of the stupidity of using other onscreen aliases.

    I also linked some articles to conservative websites under another name.

    What is funny about this is I know Miriam knew I was doing it because I would email her I was doing it.

    I had a “discussion” with Ian on yet another blog about the internet alias issue and Ian himself once posted a very interesting and introspective article he wrote about the relative morality of internet aliases for Christians. It is a weird issue, weirder still with regards to aliases used in secular political forums.

    Miriam also knows that I opened, but never fully started using, my own wordpress blog almost two years ago. I think there is an issue of giving our correct witness by using our real names that I have been either too chicken to do or have just not understood what the Lord wants me to do about it OR have shoved the thought back as something “I just can’t handle now”.

    Those are my thoughts on it, and while mulling it all over, I have never used my aliases “against one another” or used them for any good reason except to prevent my beloved lost in the NAR from feeling I was outing them personally in my diatribes against the apostasy, and done this so that they might have time to repent. Miriam knows that I edited out any named references to people in certain prophecies or words I had — of people I know in the NAR with whom I would start a huge fight if I started calling them out by name. They are small fry in the bigger NAR universe, and perhaps that has also been my excuse.

    I don’t know if this is the right thing to do or not. I am praying for their repentance, and this prayer remains the reason that I blog at all. I have gained much much insight from ETPW and other sites, and the time spent there has been fruitful in that in blogging about these issues, I have learned SO MUCH. So much it can never be repaid.

    I don’t know if using the aliases set up a bad example for Miriam, as she was the only one who knew I was doing it — or not. Ian’s article reverberates with me on this topic. Internet anonymity is simply an issue that I never considered before, and certainly as I set out to write on various blogs, it didn’t seem to be a moral issue.

    I used to write in on a famous conservative website and would get banned for my anti Mormon stuff. I think I learned about the issue there, where people knew each other by what we posted all the time and banning was something that happened a lot for charismatics especially. We would pm each other when we signed up again, and it was a strenuous process to be signed up. It has never occurred to me until now that what Miriam did kind of has set her up for a problem: posting as someone outside of herself and discussing herself.

    I don’t know if using different aliases online is exactly a sin, per se, in and of itself, but it comes close to it when it is not honestly admitted, and I don’t know where or how Miriam is dealing with this.

    I posted under LoveWrappedInTruth for about three or four months in 2008 and only on Strom’s website. I posted under CooperChirst maybe five times on ETPW, and again, didn’t like it and felt ridiculous when someone asked me for more posts etc. So I stopped.

    I pray that Miriam has not taken this to a sinful extreme, i.e. that she isn’t telling people about it when asked, as I have done in a recent email to her — with no response as of today.

    I defer to Ian Vincent’s more measured consideration of this issue and admit my own stance became surreal when people didn’t know I was AriseMyLove, and so I stopped.

    As for Stephen Manning, the horrible thing is not that he considered me to be Miriam, but that his own spiritual situation and perspective of charismatic Christians is skewered. We are to give a good witness to people and this whole situation makes the Lord look insane.

    For my part, I am sorry that I allowed Miriam to know about my other online names, that for reasons I wrote to her about, I was using for that short period of time. I hope that she will straighten the mess out presently to the people like me, who count on her blog to be a resource for people to turn to when they are in need of deculting from NAR or PG or counterfeit mindsets. I owe her a lot and have said so repeatedly.

    Thank you Peacebringer and also Ian.

  197. I simply don’t have the time – nor the inclination any longer to dispute with two acknowledged Franklinites – specifically Tim (Peacebringer) and Craig Lee – the latter still being a prolific, and often-sycophantic commentator on the ETP website..

    As for the links I noted above – (and please pay more attention this time Tim and Craig).. you will see I only noted that those were ‘interesting’ sites, where my intention was to draw people’s attention to other locales where we might either uncover Rosalind Franklin in another deceptive disguise – or, some more unwitting victims of her nefarious activities.

    Of course, it goes without saying that we may also come across some more willing Franklinites like yourselves who (for reasons that are now beyond me) simply refuse to acknowledge that their heroine ‘Miriam’ is a scoundrel of the highest order – and seem more intent on blacklisting the whistle-blowers than admitting to their own errors.

    I can’t imagine for a moment that two sterling advocates of Christianity such as yourselves would be either too arrogant or too proud to apologise and withdraw? Surely not guys! Surely there’s some reasonable explanation for why two seemingly-intelligent people would continue in this vein despite all the evidence.. no?

    Check the link again for the evidence please Tim and Craig, where you will now note, that in public acknowledgement of your combined wisdom, discernment and unflinching determination to share your moral expertise with us all – you too now have a respectful mention there.. Congratulations again.


    For the last time, I do not use aliases Tim, except when a pseudonym is necessary to access a blog – in which case I always sign off in my own name or otherwise make it clear who I am. Your continued petty insinuations and unqualified judgementalism has become irritating in the extreme Tim.

    And as for the much-discussed sockpuppets list in the Rogues Gallery; there is, and always has been an explanatory disclaimer on that list.. but of course you both are fully aware of that, right? In which case, why do you keep making misleading insinuations..? Isn’t that technically dishonest guys? – At least just a little bit disingenuous – no?

    Why oh why do I keep coming back I wonder…? I keep telling myself that if you two were in one of my classes, I would have flunked you both long ago… But in a spirit of goodwill, let’s try to get through to you one more time.

    As I have suggested many, many times, why don’t you contact the ‘prophetess’ herself directly, and then see how long you can continue to sit comfortably on the fence.. or pontificate condescendingly from above.. I assure you, that will be the best and most expedient antidote for your lack of discernment in this issue.


    Oh – and I forgive you both in advance Tim and Craig – for any less-than-Christian feelings this post may engender in your hearts – and I will pray that you will receive the grace, courage and discernment to match your loudly-proclaimed piety..

    I’ll respond again when you two do your research.. or show some real objectivity and discernment here..

    You’ve both scored well-below par thus far I’m afraid.. So you really must try to do better guys..

    Sorry, can’t waste any more time with you on this, but I do hope you will continue to have have fun with Miriam and her increasingly bewildered flock..

    Where is that reported apology of yours posted by the way Tim? – I really must see this..

    Wishing you genuine peace…


  198. A quick one for ‘AriseMyLove’.. Thanks for your explanation about the alias issue above. I sincerely apologise if you have been caused any untoward distress because of an error on the sockpuppets list at the Rogues Gallery.

    However, I do hope you’ll acknowledge publicly that there is indeed an explanatory disclaimer on the sockpuppets list as can be viewed here http://checkpoint.ie/RFVariousAliases.pdf and that had you clarified this issue in private as requested on the Rogues Gallery, there would be no need for this public debate as to your identity..?

    Anyway, if you would be kind enough to contact me privately (and confidentially) at stmphd@mail.com, I will deal with any apparent errors on that list appropriately..

    By the way AriseMyLove, you are spot-on regarding my view of this whole ETP / Miriam / Charismatic Christians / NAR / PG debate (not that I understand what all these actually refer to).. But yes – I do think it all rings somewhat ‘odd’ – to put it mildly.

    It seems to me that if half the energy spent castigating other Christians was spent actually BEING Christians… you might all be doing far more fruitful things with your time.

    I’m amazed that so many apparently normal and reasonable people have been sucked into Miriam’s clearly dysfunctional world.. But who am I to judge – or to spoil everyone’s fun..?

    After all, according to the experts here, I’m also one of those who is ‘living in darkness’..

  199. Arise is allowed on Miriam’s site to treat posters in a way that would be disallowed on a non-Christian site. Arise is a pitbull type when she wants an answer. Ask her why she was banned on Watchman’s Cry. Because of her DOGGED abuse of a poster who didn’t answer her repeated questions. Then there’s the obvious un-Christian way Arise treats Prisca on EPTW. Methinks Arise thinks she is the savior for all deluded everywhere. Arise has a spiritual pride problem she needs to deal with. Her use of aliases is minor in comparison to how she lauds herself over others, badgers them, etc. Arise wants to be Holy Ghost Jr. She probably sent a donation to Miriam.

  200. Excuse me, is that “Skeptic” that I vaguely recall from Frangipange’s site a long time ago, now writing under the name “Observant”? The same one that, in a very unChristian like manner, tried to nail me for idolatry of Miriam or some other such verbiage?

    I appreciate that you are keeping up with me online, it’s nice to have online stalker fans. I posted on Watchman’s Cry a few days ago, btw. Your prognostications about me and Miriam are just that… prognostications.

    It’s kind of funny, but I appreciate your droll unbelief and sour grape stylistics, in a purely dramatic way.

    We all need Faustian characters such as you, haunting us in some manifestation or another, it keeps us away from the deadliness of your cynicism.

    Bless you observant, and I hope you find or re-find the Lord.

  201. Still cranky, eh, Arise? Where is the LOVE? No, I’m not “skeptic” but I have observed how rudely you treat Prisca and how you’ve had to be “lasso’d in” on Watchman’s Cry. Yes, you posted, but only after a temporary ban was lifted. I think you do idolize Miriam.. but you idolize yourself more.

  202. Dear Stephen Manning,

    Thank you for reading the above and will you please just take my name off where-ever it is located? I hope you and Miriam figure all of this out, soon.

  203. Dear Observant:

    Not cranky, amused at your time investment online, keeping up with where I’m at spiritually on a daily basis.

    And I actually appreciated having to eat humble pie on Watchman’s Cry, because I was not communicating directly with Nathan about that poster. It really eats up too much time in the long run having to write out all the ups and downs and ins and outs.

    Stephen Manning summed up my own views on so much blogging lately: live it, don’t blog it.

    But perhaps you need to still write it all out online… as the famous saying goes… “how do I know what I think until I see what I write?”

    Blessings on your blogging, observant, and may it lead you to His truth.

  204. Arise, another cryptic reply. Why don’t you work on that anger that develops in your every post-a sarcastic anger. I read the exchanges on Watchman’s Cry———-<as usual, Arise, you blame someone else.<———— This is boring, for, as you proclaim, you are NEVER wrong. BTW, your "interpretation" of dreams is nut-so. Adios! Not interested in "blogging" with you but then you might tell me, as you have other posters elsewhere, to "submit" to you. You are one mislead "Christian" …it's always everyone else's "fault" but yours when there is disagreement on a blog. That I AM smart enough to see. I could copy the posts here but they're highlighted elsewhere for others to see that you are nothing but "clanging brass and tinkling" cymbals. As for your online activity, your posts are to be avoided as they are full of folly and rancor. Toodle along, now, over to ETPW where your every FALSE word is salivated over.

  205. Aha! At last we’re getting a few five-syllable words into the debate. I may stick around and observe the verbal cut-and-thrust for a while after all.

    And folks – please don’t let too much religious zeal get in the way of some humour here.. and some appreciation for the literary efforts on display..

    ‘Prognostications’ eh..? Great word Arise.. but I’m not absolutely sure it was the one you were looking for in your colourful reprimand of Observantwatchman above.. but five syllables is pretty impressive all the same.. I know he doesn’t waste words on unnecessary diplomacy, but one has to admit Observantwatchman is refreshingly direct and to the point most of the time – no?

    ‘Faustian’ too – also impressive Arise, but I believe that might be more accurately applied to one who “sells their soul to the Devil” – and arrogates (lays claim to) delusions of self-importance.. with the distinct emphasis here on the ‘selling’ part.. Does anyone topical spring to mind Arise?

    Mind you, I don’t think Old Nick is getting much of a bargain..

    C’mon now – it’s not so hard to keep one’s tongue in cheek when one’s only typing..

    As to your other post above Arise: I respectfully ask again that you contact me privately please.. as that is the best way to ensure we both know who we are dealing with. I assure you again of my discretion. And please, let’s be clear on one important fact; ‘Miriam the prophetess’ doesn’t actually exist, except in her own mind, and in the minds of those she has deluded. Her real name is Rosalind Miriam Franklin, a proven fraudster, deceiver and thief.. and with all the best intentions in the world Arise, I wouldn’t be holding your breath if you’re expecting Mrs Franklin to do anything reasonable any time soon..

  206. Dear Observant:

    If you have a reasonable, or helpful, or even, Biblical criticisms with anything I post, please feel free to post your “corrections”.

    But keep it to the subject at hand and not prognostications or personal abuse.

    There’s another famous quote out there about how when you can’t argue the facts, you attack someone’s character.
    You seem to devolve to the latter.

    Where’s the “love”, Observant?

  207. I love to see people treated properly, Arise – that character is not in your posts. I’ve also observed you “love” to argue. You’ll have to go BEAT on Prisca some more and tell her to “submit” to you!

  208. Dear Observant:

    I’m sorry, this is too funny. Your rancor, I mean.

    And you seem to have a misunderstanding regarding apologetics and personal relationships online.

    Be blessed in any case.

  209. See … another personal attack. Tim to alert the blog moderator because you just won’t stop arguing and, like I said, you called me “wrong”

    “a misunderstanding of .. blah, blah, blah…’

    don’t we sound superior … but I expected it of you, arise, it’s so YOU!!!!

  210. Oh dear….what a mess; I have been directed here by an ex endtimes blogger, as she quite rightly thought I should be aware of the whole ETPW saga. Craig and others will recognize me from Miriams site. My posts on there go way back almost to the beginning.
    I, too, learned SO much there. I have been completely mystified by the developments re Miriams ‘attack’. I have also been horrified by the harsh words written here.
    Tim: your views seem to be very balanced and loving. What you say about Miriam makes sense, and I will continue to pray for her, as I’m sure we should do, regardless of what she has/hasn’t done!
    One lesson for us all is that none of us is immune from falling into sin or from being deceived.
    If I refrain from blogging on ETPW, which I feel I may have to, then I will remain a ‘silent’ watcher, in the hope that there will be an honest report and, where necessary, repentance.

  211. Dear Stephen Manning:

    Well, you made me laugh, too.

    In this arena of charismatic Christian online blogging, “prognostication” has evolved to mean something that an unbeliever does, a little more attenuated than “guessing” — and as opposed to actual or true prophesying. There is a little bit of Jungian “projection” inserted into the meaning as well.

    Personally, I don’t think you should be discussing Miriam any more, Mr. Manning. My prayers are in line with peacebringers, and I hope you can see the difference between the Church and the real Jesus Christ in spite of everything.

  212. Dear Observant:

    I was going to begin today’s posts on this site with a little lecture on the difference between “a personal attack” and “dealing with the subject matter”.

    As I said, you don’t seem to understand the difference. Please, if you are a Christian, try to reread the Bible for better understanding of these terms.

    Whew… where is all that bitterness coming from? You don’t know me and I don’t know you and have made no accusations against you personally — please for your own sake… calm down. God is Good.

  213. >> Please, if you are a Christian, try to reread the Bible for better understanding of these terms. <<<

    More of Arise's sanctimonious ragings. She ass-umes no one has any understanding of the Word but her and she wants to poke her understanding down your throat.

  214. I’m glad to be bringing some humour into the debate Arise.. and I fully agree that there are many more fruitful things to be doing than discussing the criminal activities of one Rosalind ‘Miriam’ Franklin.. One can only hope that these online discussions are slowly but surely serving the interests of truth.. by alerting those who might yet fall victim to a calculating predator..

    But as long as ill-informed or misguided individuals promote or support Mrs Franklin, I will feel duty bound to offer some ‘loving advice’ and if needed, some helpful criticism.. To do any less would be to abrogate my responsibility to my brothers and sisters would it not..?

    It’s frustrating sometimes being quoted out-of-context, and especially irritating to hear misinformed judgements from those who I know do not have all the facts… (especially when they are sanctimonious and condescending) but to expect a round of applause for exposing ‘Miriam’ was I suppose, expecting a bit too much – especially from those (such as yourself perhaps?) who had already publicly thrown their hat into the ring on her side. All the same, I have received many scores of private messages of encouragement and support, that far outweigh the negatives encountered online.. So at the end of the day, despite all the stress, costs and trouble Mrs Franklin has caused to so many of her victims – it is surely clear who is truly at peace with themselves..?

    As for spotting the difference between ‘The Church’ in all its various dissenting forms, and Jesus himself… well, it may surprise you to learn that I was formally trained for the religious life some years ago, but regrettably, soon despaired of all the elitism, the sectarianism, the pious judgementalism, and the overall lack of love and respect for ‘outside others’ – you know, all those Samaritans and Philistines and non-Christians out there – hence the occasional touch of cynicism or sarcasm in some of my posts..

    You have to agree, some of the posts on these blogs – and particularly those over on the ETP website – reinforce my reservations about what so many now deem to be ‘Christianity’ in action.. and I regret to say Arise, that although I have enjoyed our short exchange here, I do believe you are deliberately baiting Observantwatchman. You are the one claiming to be the Christian here – not him. Surely it is incumbent upon you to turn the other cheek – and not use your ‘Christianity’ as a weapon?

    At the end of the day Arise, we can only aspire to ‘do our best’. Inasmuch as I understand that concept, I will continue to try to do so.. Meanwhile, I can only hope that those who proclaim their advocacy of Jesus so publicly will try to do likewise..

    I respectfully suggest you turn your admirable talents and attentions to discerning the truth behind Miriam and her activities – and then simply ‘do the right thing’.. Go on, you know you should..


    I know that I for one would appreciate the break..

    Gotta go folks..

    Love, peace and forgiveness, and all that..

  215. Dear Observant, whomever you are:

    Whomever has wounded you in His name, I am sorry for that, but it was not me.

  216. Dear Stephen Manning:

    Unless someone makes their living in some other fashion than through their “Ministry” these days, I am not interested in what they have to say as a “Christian”. I’ll listen to any true “tent-maker” though.

    I apologize if it seems like I was “baiting” obsevantwatchman, too, I was bemused by the fact of all that energy invested in cyberstalking me through various postings. I can’t think of a bigger waste of time.

  217. Arise, nice deflection but it is not applicable yet I am certain you have wounded many with that acerbic tongue of yours.

    And yes .. you are baiting. Go bait someone else.

    You flatter yourself if you think anyone “cyberstalks” you.

    I don’t follow after Pharisees. and GIVE IT A REST!!!

  218. Dear Observant:

    I entered into this blog not addressing you — and suddenly found a flurry of false accusations thrown at me, by you and completely out of the blue, for various postings elsewhere online that you have apparently catalogued, in meticulous detail, regarding (what you believe to be) my personal spiritual life!

    Then why didn’t you, sir or madame, forthrightly interject yourself into whatever online discussion was happening — at the time? Why would you lob this to me here on Peacebringer’s site, when it has nothing to do with Miriam or the concerns of this thread?

    Which begs the question of who you are, who has wounded you in His name, and if you have not randomly cyberstalked me, then how would you have kept such detailed misinterpretations of my online activities over such a length of time?

    Really now. Name-calling, false accusations — such vitriol — and so inappropriate to this thread. Is that Christianity? I think… not. In fact, it is exactly what the Enemy does as the accuser of the brethren. So, I think you, sir or madame, need to give it a rest.

  219. My quite the discsussion since last able to check in.

    Dr. Manning. I did make a state either here or at my forum that I do apologize for my unwise choices of words. Sharing my perception of your living in darkness was unwise and did not serve the intent of my heart.

    Yes, all to often those “in the church” do not represent church. I understand that we have differing perceptions and I won’t go into further what I think of your religious views and should not have brought it up. The perception of your views though did serve as an initial barrier to taking your “Complaints seriously” as I beleive I indicatd more than once.

    However, Dr. Manning, I cannot, nor will not apologize for telling you that your methods regarding Mrs. Franklin have been wrong and even deceptive as evidenced even your protrayal of the court where you take every chance you can to demean Mrs. Franklin. The way you went about things there is absolutely no justification for, ever.

    As to the recent back and forth between commenters I would appreciate it if that is disengaged.

  220. Elizabeth,

    I encourage all who have followed this thread or the incident to seek God and His leading as to handle the matter personally or not. Whatever is going on with Mrs. Franklin and whatever the truth of the reported attacks are, prayer is needed related to God matters out. There is much that is questionable, so it is for each of us to inquire of God and follow His lead. Again, the fact is that you, myself and others had God impact us through material presented at the site regardless of whatever is going on with Mrs. Franklin. And here is the thing, it really is not much different than the deception out that does happen. God is at work and touches peoples lives, and as such it is really difficult at times to seperate what is the truth and what God has done, from the lies and deception. Really a lesson for each of us in this all.

  221. arise-the same accusations you lob at dissenters of your every word on ETPW….and you shall have the last word-as you desire it-enough with the claims of cyberstalking-are you paranoid-or did you name what forums you frequent early on .. up there; believe me, there is nothing of yours I desire to read!

  222. I will kindly ask to refrain from the bickering and back and forth.

  223. Tim please may I, as respectfully as possible, ask Randy to tell us all exactly what sites Sylvia has used “many false identities” on, and ESPECIALLY AS A MAN. We can then all go and look them up to clarify his accusation.

    Thank you,


  224. Thanks for the (partial) apology Tim – I sincerely appreciate the effort.

    I regret however, that I cannot alter your opinion about the motives and methods of the Rogues Gallery. The explanation at the head of the page makes it clear that (in the absence of effective action by the authorities) the purpose of the site is to alert potential victims by forewarning them of Mrs Franklin’s illegal and immoral activities.


    There is little room for niceties there I’m afraid, but I’ve tried to be as forthright and direct as I can in posting information.

    As I’ve said many, many times before Tim – this is a nasty business. But a nasty business created almost entirely by the nefarious activities of one Rosalind Miriam Franklin.

    Even today, I received another string of comments made by the supposed ‘moderator’ at ‘Miriams’ ETP site, calling me in public ‘a known criminal and a liar who belongs in the loony bin – or in jail’. But she’s clever enough not to name me specifically, because then I could take direct action for defamation.

    Please remember at the time the Rogues Gallery went online Mrs F had four other defamatory websites attacking me personally and ruthlessly – so tell me Tim, how ‘nice’ was I supposed to be in defending my own good name and exposing her in all her deviousness and dark character..?

    Please remember that this woman has forged documents, lied under oath, stolen thousands from scores of trusting clients – and has done her utmost to blacken the names of anyone who challenges her. Lying and stealing and bringing people down, is simply her way of life I’m afraid..

    I accept that I have taken an absolutely uncompromising position in regards to this woman – but at no time ever have I been deliberately ‘deceptive’.

    Being likened to Mrs Franklin is probably the worst insult of all Tim, so if you would withdraw that particular observation, I would feel far less aggrieved at similar inappropriate comments and condemnations, which, despite this latest apology of yours (which I do sincerely appreciate), unfortunately remain online for all to see.


  225. some info relevant to our ubiquitous mr stephen manning:


    As he seems to spend a large proportion of his life
    with seemingly nothing better to do than hectoring RMF online, the above link has some important info regarding his rather shabby and duplicitous character.

    This blog is the same as ‘sleuth for truth’ which was taken down from a couple of sites last year following a complaint, presumably from mr manning. As he would say, judge for yourself folks…

    For the record I am not RMF and have no connection to Diggory press.

  226. Aha – she awakens from her slumber… It seems Mrs Franklin’s ‘injuries’ have not prevented her from making these posts online. Regrettably folks – you may now get a first hand view of the unscrupulous depths to which this woman will stoop… And before anyone asks the obvious question; ‘How do you KNOW this is Rosalind Miriam Franklin posting? After all, ‘Father Ted’ above explicitly denies being her…’ The simple answer is how and why would anyone have a full, line-by-line copy of the sleuthfortruth websites that were pulled for defamation and libel (all 3 of them)?

    It would seem that our satellite discussions online are having the effect of eroding her support base – both as a rogue publisher and as a self-proclaimed prophet.. So true-to-form, she goes on the attack again, using all manner of deceptions and misdirections..

    I hope you’re beginning to feel my pain now Tim… Anyway, here is the response I’ve already placed on another site.. and please don’t forget folks, this woman has already been found guilty in court, and has been described by bailiffs as ‘the worst they have ever encountered’..


    Just received the details of the post above in my private email. Thanks to whomever sent it in.

    May I ask ‘Father Ted’ to identify him/her self so we can notify the courts that another (4th) defamatory blog has appeared online, and take the required action.

    Meanwhile, Mrs Rosalind ‘Miriam’ Franklin has now posted a ‘donate here’ button on the endtimesprophecy website – despite castigating so may others for doing the same… and she still continues to deny she is the same person who is currently being pursued by bailiffs for non-compliance with court orders.

    She has also been officially blacklisted by all the major publishing industry operators for engaging in fraud and deception…

    Anyway, let’s see if ‘Father Ted’ has the courage of ‘his’ convictions. Pray tell us who you really are ‘Ted’..

    Looking forward to your response..


    PS: Just noticed that the link to Father Ted’s name goes nowhere… mmmm I wonder why..?

    C’mon all you good guys – help me out here…

  227. By the way, Dr. Manning. I see you falsely are decribing my blog content, which has been to call both wrong. Never claimed to be a Reverand, but you know that. And I have only ever “deleted” on of your posts. I think I did delete a couple of wally’s that crossed line of respect toward others. I also believe I deleted something on the forum, which is seperate from the blog. It is that kind of blantant misrepresentation to make your case that is the kind of behavior I take issue with. I am not going to get into a back and forth over it. I forgive you for your misreprestation and mischaracterization. Please do not come to get into an “argument” over what you have said. You know my thoughts, I know yours. The matters and issues have been stated many time over, so unless there is a new piece of news or information, kindly I ask you to cease and desist.

  228. Goodbye Dr. Manning. Please do not return.

  229. Oh well – seeing as you’re deleting any future posts Tim – I might as well call a spade a spade.

    What God wants you to do is be truthful, courageous and righteous.. especially if you purport to be some sort of online authority on matters divine.. But instead you walk the path of foolishness and cowardice, and in your pious arrogance, undermine the efforts of the truly righteous.

    Sorry, but there’s no easy way to say it Tim.

    Look in the mirror my friend..

    You know where to reach me when you’re ready to get real..


  230. Matthew 7:5
    You hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of your own eye; and then shall you see clearly to cast out the mote out of your brother’s eye.

    Just as we expect “leadership” in churches,
    to show accountability, transparency,
    we should also expect “leadership” on websites,
    to show accountability, transparency.

    If enough of us ‘demand’ this, hopefully the
    website’s owners will voluntarily submit
    names, IP’s to an independent 3rd party,
    such as Rick Hebert,
    who can then screen people using multiple
    identities. Also, ‘cloaking’ IP’s is not allowed.

    This would prevent ‘manipulation’ of sites,
    increase credibility, and put to rest dissension.

    Currently, there is no accountability whatsoever.
    Any end time or prophetic site can say whatever
    they want with no accountability. Change is needed. Voice your comment in favor of leader
    accountability to each blog you visit, today!
    (simply copy and paste this above, to sites.)

  231. Not sure what you are asking for here Randy. As personally I try as be as open and transparent as possible. If you are asking for IP’s being supplied by “blog” owners, not sure what the intent or purpose of that is… I really do not want to go and track every IP of every poster in this thread due to the “alias” allegations. IF have not noted or seen any weird “IP’s” but wouldn’t know any warnings of anything “cloaked” as well. Personally I would feel uncomfortable giving out anyone’s IP just as much as I would any information that have given me personally regarding verification of identity.

  232. Insults and false accusations towards ETPW moderator, Steve Lumbley, pjmiller, me and now Peacebringer, all in the space of one week. And these are only the ones we KNOW about. My oh My!

    And who are YOU accountable to Randy?

    You said “……who can then screen people using multiple identities…..”

    I am STILL waiting for you reveal MY multiple false identities, which I must have done in my sleep because I have no knowledge of them. Come come Randy fill us in as I am most interested to go and read them.

  233. Randy,

    I wholeheartedly share your sentiments regarding the term “sleaze” as used by the ETPW moderator in reference to Benny Hinn.

    While I’ve never been a Hinn fan or supporter, I cannot in good conscience refer to him as a “sleaze”.

    If we are to be salt and light, our choice of words *does* matter.

    To be banned at ETPW for daring to disagree with the moderator or blog owner is standard practice. The poster is suddenly silenced while a flock swoops in (probably alter-egos or sock puppets of the blog owner) in sarcastic back-patting.

    To be banned from ETPW is rather a badge of honor. And if one hangs around there too long, the persistent negative tone and critical spirit might begin to run off.

    just mho (my humble opinion)

  234. Randy,

    Regarding ETPW blog owner’s perspective on accountability, see the exchange between poster Jacob and ETPW (Miriam) at http://tinyurl.com/ydhylvp

    See posts 669-672.

    ETPW’s accountability is a valid issue to explore because of previous documented abuses of funds by said blogger (court decision in Diggory Press mater).

    Now that ETPW is soliciting donations on the site, the issue of lack of accountability becomes more critical as unsuspecting “followers” give to a person who has a reported history of deceptive business practices and fraud with judgments awarded to plaintiffs in a November 2009 court ruling.

  235. observantwatchman: wow, thanks.
    This is a much deeper issue than i knew.
    Gotta love the truth. Thanks again.

    I do verify RMF’s lost court cases for fraud.
    (Saw the court doc’s)
    Too bad, as some Bentley breaking news
    was leaked to her. But that was just a
    “pick of the bunch”. Could have been any site.
    And i don’t think the whistle blower scrutinized
    all the websites and picked hers as the most
    righteous and upright. LOL.

    But all this does point to the need for
    some sort of minimal level of accountability
    by “responsible” websites.

    As far as i can see, this and other sites do
    exercise a fair and honest go of things.
    (kudos to you peacebringer)
    But what happens when that fails,
    as it has at some other sites?

    Should we not “increase our boarders”?
    And bring a minimal level of accountability
    to these Christian blogs?

    Proverbs 11:14
    Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.

    How and what is done, is open for discussion.
    The important thing is to do something!
    What suggestions do you’all have?

    I like the IP accountability because it takes very
    little time or effort. Only a “problem” area
    need be scrutinized. It’s up to the website.
    Also, it puts to rest any dissension about
    multiple or cloaked comments.
    Sounds like a “win-win” to me.
    It would also bring ‘safety’ in that cult people
    or Bentleyites, etc. could be IP identified and
    their address circulated to warn other sites.
    (Instead of the constant back and forth waste
    of time trying to persuade someone who has their own evil agenda, and then banning them.)

    Again, only the ‘problem areas’ need accountability.

    Hope you’all come up with ideas too!

    Thanks peacebringer.
    Great choice of a website name!

  236. Accountabilty and the internet is at tricky thing. The world will eventually establish a system of accountability, which ultimately will result in decreased freedom of speech and persecution of Christians. Always when we post, the good and bad of who we are becomes evident. I do not heavily moderate and try and be as open as possible. If you peruse the site, you will see that regarding a Frank Vennes connection to Tom Petters, I made a quick, wrong judgment, and when realized my error, apologized and backed off. It also showed me the importance of being issue specific vs person specific. Personally, I do not need to have IP’s warning. Say randy, based on action and behaviors elsewhere, if listened to their side of story, might be on a “black list” of IPs without dealing with the individual as a whole. When we get into conflict the worst of self can often manifest. Particularly if drawn into a conflict and get into attack/defend mode. Ultimately each of us stand before God. I want openness, because guess what, I will get things wrong. I may miss a perspective in my understanding of God’s word. Perhaps I end up leaning heavier on psychological understanding of soul and heart and miss something others can teach me. I am not an authority, just a voice. This blog is God working me through using and capturing voice and engaging the “teaching” gifts he has given me. Another part of the problem Randy is we do and will disagree. Sometimes there are people not open to direction and just divisive. Now let’s say Randy that you were lable a “divisive” person not open to correction and others say have nothing to do with you…then you are always ignored, never listened to, and any building up of you that could happen falls by the wayside. Anyway that an interaction with you could sharpen another would be missed. Iron sharpens iron. How does that happen, by coming into not just contact but also conflict. I pray that each of us would learn and grow in moving out of “conflict” modes and become more and more dependent on God. And this relates to my mindset with Mrs. Franklin. Ultimately she stands before God. It is not my job to convince Mrs. Franklin to change or convince her of her need to be forthright. I have to turn to God and pray for the Holy Spirit to work in her life. In terms of here and my perception of comments or words that may be unjust, I know my actions and stand before God. I take everything said seriously, even if “flawed” or “skewed” as Dr. Mannings words. Yet, I take seriously that my communication can come of condescending and not valuing others opinion. My request is respect. Ultimately we stand before God. I have issues with many “discernment” sites in there painting with “broad brushes” and putting everyone in same category as if we are the ones able to seperae the wheat and tares. Sometimes folks come off as in the mode of the “Ephesus” church where they get a lot right but have lost their first love, that being Jesus. Sometimes the “errors” of others even have degarded to an “entertainment” for many. It can be interesting to watch and examine the back and forths of conflict. “Judge” shows are popular for just such a reason. Yet, God offers us something different and calls us to something different. We are to walk in fear not love. When I read of “accountabilty” and IP lists I hear a lot of fear. A lot of need for heavy control to keep people safe from error and the unscrupulous.

  237. Peacebringer said:
    “We are to walk in fear not love.”

    Uh, does anyone else have trouble with that one?

    Pb, I am not asking for “regulation”
    of Christian sites
    but a ‘minimal accountability’.
    Otherwise, the lies,
    slander, false accusations, rule the web.
    Is that Christian?
    The IP thing is simply to prevent “fake” ID’s.
    Not regulate.

    I can’t say it any simpler than that.

    Too simple.

    There is no ‘black list’.
    Yet a blacklist is exactly what is happening NOW.
    So how can you say it will create a blacklist
    when a blacklist is all ready happening?

    Sorry, your points seem on another tangent.

    Getting rid of the “fake” ID’s of people
    who are
    comments to their own end is easy
    and reasonable.

    I see no logical or Godly reason why anyone
    would not support and endorse this.

    The flip side is to do nothing.
    “The only thing necessary for
    the triumph of evil
    is for good men to do nothing.”

    Which way would you have it?

  238. Here is the thing Randy, generating a “list” of IP’ s is not going to prevent fake IP’s. Randy what I meant to say is we are to walk in love not fear. Brain sometimes messes things up. I don’t really closely edit my responses. So my apology for the lack of clarity. To me getting a list of “IP’s” stinks to much of the “control” and such that eventually will come from the world. Now, I cannot expect people to be in the same place I am. I do not heavily moderate the blog or even forum for that matter. Forum is a bit more moderated though.

    Please, tell me seriously how you think “getting” the IP’s of commenters would solve any “fake ids” there are endless places that folks could post from if they so choose. IP addresses also contain private information making it uncomfortable for some people.

    Right now the way the internet is, folks can post what they post. Generating a “list” of IP’s is not going to give any protection and plenty of places out there for folks to do ill. Rather as a Christian need to pray, love, and forgive. Also need to set limits when things go to far.

    Randy, please give me sound biblical reasoning for you suggestion. Outline a biblical case to do as you suggest and I will consider it. Saying, can give no biblical reason not to do it without facts is simply short sighted.

    Here are a few Godly, bibilical reasons not to: Bless those that curse you Love your neighbor Fear God not man I

  239. Thanks for clarifying that sentence Pb.
    Makes much more sense that way.

    I also had the thought that not everyone
    is computer savvy that runs a site.
    But it really is easy to do this.
    Or just ask a geek. LOL

    As for Biblical reasons, (smile), I have a few dozen.

    Keeping it simple though, how about:
    “Thou shalt not bear false witness”!
    (Boom, Boom Boom) (added for effect)
    And others like no lying, no deceiving, no fraud,
    but yes to honesty, righteousness, truthfulness.

    Surprised you would ask Pb.
    Maybe for the benefit of other readers.
    The whole Bible speaks of the integrity
    we as Christians should maintain,
    and how we should conduct ourselves.

    That said, I very much agree with you Pb,
    on any ‘controlling’ or ‘censoring’, which
    could also become self-serving.
    We don’t want to clone ourselves.
    Freedom to question and debate is
    healthy (within limits) and I support that.

    Which is what the IP thing is about.
    Not control. But promoting healthy debate
    from one (1) IP address per person.
    Imagine voting having no ID required…
    You could go back a hundred times and
    then it is all chaos and confusion.
    So identifying the IP keeps it clean,
    and prevents multiple personality disorder.
    hahaha….too funny. Making myself laugh.

    On every blog, I am randy.
    That promotes healthy communication,
    honesty, and community.

    If I had the time, I would set up a site
    to do these things. Ah, where is the time?
    My life is too busy, still, in God’s work.
    Seeing a person’s eyes change, from darkness
    to light, when they accept Jesus as their Lord
    and Savior. (Deep breath) Ahhhh…there is
    nothing like it. Glory to God. Thank you Jesus!

    Winding down, maybe when September
    rolls around more can be done by me.
    For now, the simple step
    of identifying the IP to the username,
    and checking
    for multiple personality disorder,
    if something sounds off,
    is a quick and easy solution.
    Same for any “anonymous” IP.
    And if one is found, you could speak to them
    and correct things.
    If they refuse,
    it would be helpful to email their U/N and IP
    to someone neutral as I suggested.
    Or to myself, as I have email contact
    with many site owners.
    (Though i hoped to do that, as too busy)
    Then ‘abusers’ could be IP identified and stopped.

    2 easy steps to healthier, christian blogging.
    2 easy.

    God bless. Let me know what you think.
    I am talking to a number of other sites
    and they are ok with some sort of
    cleaning up of the blogs and with avoiding
    the ‘childishness’ of other self-serving
    prophetic sites.

    I feel in my heart this is a good thing,
    and a God thing, Pb.
    Thanks for the discussion and the
    many thoughts/viewpoints you brought. Awesome man.

    Ponder and pray, and let me know
    if you’re onboard.
    I may whip up a “Gold medal” identifier
    for sites that are honest and responsible,
    such as you Peacebringer.

    God Bless


  240. Is this “character” …this type of vengeful writing supposed to be issuing from the keyboard of a self-proclaimed “prophetess of God”?


  241. I’ve been watching this show on several blogs for almost a year now and I feel led to share a story that may shine light on this personality I see in Mr. Manning.

    This guy Manning reminds me of my daughter’s father who is very charming, funny, and seems very endearing. Turns out that this guy was just really good at lying. There was not any conviction and so he made up all kinds of things about himself. He created this alter-ego.

    Here’s just a few examples of this lying:

    When I first met my ex he told me he was a scout sniper in the Marines and had been medically discharged. By the end of our relationship he was saying he was a Recon Sniper, in my ignorance I thought Recon and Scout Sniper were one and the same, years later I found out the truth.

    He also had a certificate saying he was a 1st degree black belt in Okinawan Jiujitsu and another certificate saying he was 2nd degree black belt in Gracie Brazilian Jiujitsu (Small detail, one certificate was 11×17 that you could buy at a martial arts store, but poor caligraphy, the other was and 8.5 x 11 document in a frame something that could be made in Microsoft Word). Mind you, at the time he was 23 and deep down, especially since I had taken martial arts and had received belt certificates myself, the black belt claims seemed a little off, so I asked him how he was able to have 2 black belts at such a young age and in two different arts. He told me since he had a black belt in Okinawan Jiu-jitsu that he could basically build onto it with another art. I had never heard this before, but didn’t think someone would lie about it.I had always thought that even if you were a 7th degree in one art, if you started another, you started as a white belt, which is true. Actually, if I had known about Gracie brazilian Jiu-jitsu like I do now, I would of spotted his lie right away. There are very few 2nd degree Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belts in the world, and there would have been even fewer 8 years ago. Most Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belts take several years to earn even the first degree, so there’s no way he could of had a 1st in Okinawan and a 2nd degree in Gracie Brazilian from what I knew of his earlier life.

    Unfortunately, at the time, I knew nothing about any of these claims and what it would take to back up their validity. I just believed him, why would someone lie about this stuff? For my ex, it was attention. It felt really good to be perceived as this awesome person, and to a point, he believed all his claims. He had to to keep them going.

    Years later after our break up, I had learned that most of his stories were just that; stories, lies, big fish, tall tales. Come to find out, his military discharge was a Bad Conduct discharge and not a medical. Years later, when I confronted him about his lying, specifically about his mixed martial art cage fight lies, he didn’t come clean, instead he rants and cusses at me. Weeks later pictures show up on his myspace of him holding a trophy and making mean poses at the camera with statements as “pictures for the fight card” and there was a picture of a 2nd degree black belt certificate, yet no pictures of his actual fights or fight card. Instead of believing these pictures, I did my research to see if he had really been in a cage fight and that maybe I was truly mistaken and what did I find? Nothing. You see he lived in Ohio at the time and if he knew anything about their fighting regulations there, he would have known he needed to register with the Athletic commission and pass urine tests (which he wouldn’t have because he takes steroids) to even be cleared to fight. He was never on this list nor did his name come up in any rankings.
    So what did my ex really do? He bought a trophy, had it engraved with with his name as a heavy weight winner, took pictures of himself posing with this trophy saying he won this fight and then posted them on Myspace. Mind you, there were no pictures of this fight/match taking place, just elements he got that he thought would make his stories believable. He also had the audacity to buy himself a black belt certificate that claimed he was now a 2nd degree black belt in Okinawan Jiujitsu, took a picture of that and put it up on his Myspace page. Why? Because he wanted all his friends to see these things. Why? So they would continue to believe a lie.

    None of these people questioned him, or looked into his claims and inconsistencies. When I finally looked into all this, I was floored at how much this man lied and how easily he did it. When confronted, he just lies even more and gathers people to himself who will not question him.

    That’s you Mr. Manning./Observant Watchman/Randy/Skeptic, etc. I know you’re looking at this thread and I know you are this compulsive liar I just described, just like my ex. You liars are all alike, especially the ones at an unhealthy level. You will go to great lengths to keep your lies going. You will make up whatever elements you need to. For you Manning, its the sock puppets you generate, then point fingers at everyone else and say that’s what they’re doing. What’s funny is you don’t even notice when you answer questions with one of your aliases that has been directed at Mr. Manning, and you answer it with “I”. The funny thing is after you initially show up on a blog, all your “buddies” come flying in chirping just like you, but with a slight change in typing but the same arguing elements even using the same Matthew 7 scripture in your posts in the same out of context way.

    To everyone reading, Liars accuse people of doing the very thing they are guilty of.
    What a tangled web you weave, Mr. Manning.

    You can rant and rage at me all you want for calling you what you are, a compulsive pathological liar who doesn’t have an ounce of conscience or conviction and loves the mayhem he produces. Soon though, you’re not going to have much of an audience.
    Just know, your sins will find you out.

    Galations 6:7-8
    7Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 8The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature[a]will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

  242. Miriam, I take great exception at you calling me a compulsive liar. That’s what YOU are. I am NOT Stephen Manning depiste your grandiose wish that everyone who speaks ill of you is him. Perhaps a PSYCHIATRIST consult is the best thing you can do for everyone. Servant, do you have MPD?… Miriam has MPD!

  243. Yes, Miriam (servant) you have all the classical signs of “false victim syndrome” Suggest you get psychological counseling as you have also become a cyberbully! Your blog has lost credibility now that the truth about you is getting out!

  244. No more pointing fingers at others. The IP from servant is unique, not anonymous, and is seperate just as yours is unique. If this “accussing” other people of being sockpuppets and aliai does not cease and desist any posts pointing at such will be deleted. It is wrong from BOTH SIDES.

  245. Let me also add that if anyone wants to post to throw insults at one side or another, expect deletion. THere are plenty of other places you can express your thoughts.

    On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Timothy Blake wrote:

    > No more pointing fingers at others. The IP from servant is unique, not > anonymous, and is seperate just as yours is unique. If this “accussing” > other people of being sockpuppets and aliai does not cease and desist any > posts pointing at such will be deleted. It is wrong from BOTH SIDES. >

  246. But it’s servant, if you will REREAD, who lumped anyone who does not worship Miriam as all being the same person. I resent that and I’m surprised the obvious escaped you. It was Servant who came along and made the accusations not vice versa.

  247. Proverbs 6:16
    These six things the LORD hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: 17 A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, 18 A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, 19 A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.

  248. servant, and your point would be? … unless, Miriam, you are applying those to yourself, they do fit!

  249. I don’t know whether anyone else who is following this blog feels as I do, but I have to say that I am saddened by the trading of insults and accusations. Whilst it is important to know the truth in these matters, one thing for sure is that God knows. If we are sickened by it, then how much more the Holy Spirit. Does not God’s Word say that He is our vindicator? If someone is preaching a false Gospel, or leading the flock astray, then he/she should be called to account. But what is going on here…is something else.
    Personally, I can say that Miriam Franklin was always kind in her responses to me, and if there is truly sin on her part, then we should do as this thread indicates, and pray for her.
    I do pray that God will vindicate the innocent, and exose the guilty. I can’t help but feel that the only winner is Satan, when the Lord’s people set out to destroy each other.

  250. How about how Miriam has set out to destroy Stephen Manning? Does he not “count” because he is not of the “brotheren or sisteren”?

    Miriam is the guilty party. How long will you pray? Will endless prayer, Miriam’s lies and her smearing blogs about Ian Vincent, Manning et al be somehow ceased by your prayers? Do you realize how FOOLISH your method sounds?

    Will Miriam’s lies about owning Diggory Press somehow be stopped by prayer?

    There is a time for prayer and a time for action.

    Calling a spade a spade.

  251. By your assertion, Elizabeth, then Miriam should not be posting about anyone on her blog and the false doctrine fleecers should be “vindicated” by God. There is NO vindication when one is guilty and Miriam is guilty of outrageous, deceptive and duplicitous behavior. That sounds more like a need for repentance than vindication, to me.

  252. Of course I’m not advocating that the ‘guilty’ be vindicated, nor the innocent punished!Oviously the allegations are serious. But what I’m trying to say, probably rather clumsily, is that surely slanging matches are not the way to go. Neither is taking the law into your own hands.

    What will be the fruit of all this?

    I would also point out that I think it is right to alert the flock to the ‘false doctrine fleecers’ as you call them..which I believe Miriam did. If she has been unscrupulous in her private life, then I do believe God will deal with her. And of course repentance is needed.

    It’s a sad situation and although I’ve been drawn into this ‘discussion’, I feel that it is a ‘fruitless’ distraction, and I should no longer participate.

  253. Well said Liz, there really is a lack of fruitful discussion, the main points I originally made are not even focused. The things is some of this stuff becomes “entertainment” and folks get caught into seeing what someone will say or do next. Prayer is needed for all parties, that God may work in their lives. We each can look to ourselves to see what we are walking in that brings dishonor to God. Ultimately we stand and fall before the highest authority. Now can you imagine what things would look like if Joseph, Daniel, and even Jesus engaged in the behaviors of some on both sides? I wish I could just simply “Lock” discussion on a specific topic versus posts as a all, but alas if did that it might spill over to other threads.

  254. wow.
    I had to spend an hour, re-reading this all again.

    I agree Pb, slandering each other is not edifying.
    At the same time though, speaking the truth,
    “in love” is good. If all could keep within that
    Biblical context, and restrain the comments,
    then maybe we could get the truth.

    Is servant a ‘franklinite’???
    Sure sounds like it to me.
    Servant’s tone reads very bitter, and
    not “servant-like” at all. Rather dark.

    Pb, if you re-read through all the comments,
    i think you will agree it was ‘servant’ who
    began the harsh slander.
    I see you banned the Dr., not ‘s’.
    I do not know all the history,
    but should not both receive a ‘time out’.
    Would that not be fair and impartial?

    Leaving ‘s’ up to say whatever,
    when there is an obvious problem with ‘s’,
    i have to disagree with.
    And is does smack of siding with RMF.
    Objectivity is difficult.
    Hope my ‘perspective’ helps, and brings
    some peace to both commentators.
    Both should ‘time out’, not ban one.

    wow. The need for MPD accountability
    is greater than i knew. More later.


  255. Oh, just to add quickly, SDG (Sola Dei Gloria)
    is linked to etpw.
    I testify to that.
    A number of emails i sent to SDG
    about the problems at etpw, were ignored.
    Then i was banned, for no reason.
    I believe Franklin emailed pj and told her
    to ban me.
    So she did.

    wow. Is that fair, just, christian?
    Or a ‘sock-puppet’ for miriam?

    Without some ‘minimal’ accountability
    to provide a forum for healthy christian debate,
    things will continue to dissolve into anarchy.
    And Christians look like fools.

    If even a few sites gather together,
    (not to control or sensor)
    and come to agreement on some basic issues,
    well, what a force for good and God that
    would be.

  256. Randy, the stance felt needed to take with Dr. Manning comes from the fact that his posts simply served as “baiting”, particularly the posts directed at me. I simply needed to set a limit. “Servant” may have posted before, I would have to go back and look, but like many of us may be someone who received benefit from Mrs. Franklins site and see the “enemy of Gospel” aspects with Dr. Manning that make it difficult to see past. Note that Observant has been allowed to continue posting. Please note my recent comments were directed at both and saying enough as this is fruitless discussion.

    Now perhaps it is worthwhile to have a discussion about accountability and interacting in truth and love. Personally my goal ha been such but I often, in my self can easily communicate in ways that can be taken differently then meant.

  257. Randy, it could be easy to see there is conspiracy when there is not. Recognize that most other blog authors have much higher standards for moderation and much less tolerance for questions. When they feel their integrity is question, each of us can react in same. SOmetimes it is easier to look outside of our self and how others are communcating wrong. However, it always needs to start with us. For example, I set a limit with Dr. Manning, because I know I can easily take the bait and begin to communicate in unloving communication, better to take the bait. Now I cannot speak for others dealing with you or if they felt they warned you and you failed to listen. Question is always to look at how communicating with others. Sure you can set up some system of external “control” or rating, but always when people communicate there is always the heart issues that can easily twist things off of communicating in truth and love.

  258. One other thought for you Randy. Calling some folks who right or wrong and whatever intent may be defending Mrs. Franklin (Or have offered uplifting words, gone to her website, and so on) “Franklinites” is about the equivalent of someone calling you a “Hinnite.” For it has been your “defense” of Hinn, that has gotten you into difficulties elsewhere, has it not?

    On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 10:32 AM, Timothy Blake wrote:

    > Randy, it could be easy to see there is conspiracy when there is not. > Recognize that most other blog authors have much higher standards for > moderation and much less tolerance for questions. When they feel their > integrity is question, each of us can react in same. SOmetimes it is easier > to look outside of our self and how others are communcating wrong. However, > it always needs to start with us. For example, I set a limit with Dr. > Manning, because I know I can easily take the bait and begin to communicate > in unloving communication, better to take the bait. Now I cannot speak for > others dealing with you or if they felt they warned you and you failed to > listen. Question is always to look at how communicating with others. Sure > you can set up some system of external “control” or rating, but always when > people communicate there is always the heart issues that can easily twist > things off of communicating in truth and love. >

  259. Thanks Pb, for pointing out that the comment
    ‘franklinite’ could be construed negatively.
    I will correct that.

    Yes, thanks for the background on Dr.
    I just saw it like two kids fighting.
    A double time out is the recommended response.

    In response to your ‘higher standards’
    point for other sites.
    Yes, some do.
    But in the specific case of etpw and pjmiller,
    they both have proven to have no standard,
    not even the Bible.
    They do what they ‘feel’ like doing.
    Usually whoever disagrees with them,
    (As i found out), gets banned.
    But MF did much worse by
    lying, slandering, and in very unchristian-like
    ways, gathered her ‘followers’ to attack.
    Not allowing any defense or debate or general
    consensus on the matter. Not good.

    As said in my post way above,
    3 of us commented that the etpw moderator
    was wrongly and inappropriately using the word
    “sleaze”. MF was in on this too.
    Dissent, and get banned.
    Sounds communist, not Christian, to me.

    If i can receive correction, Pb, on your view of
    the ‘franklinite’ word, and stop using it here,
    how much more the “sleaze” word,
    or swearing, used by etpw?

    No standards at all. That is my point.
    Christian websites need some minimal standards.

  260. Randy,

    Worse words are used at ETPW. But I wonder…where is YOUR credibility when you stated a week ago that you had “leaked” some “advance info” on Bentley to ETPW. This whole saga sounds more like tabloid reporting. A poster in this thread summed it up very well from the arrogant narcissistic self-promoting self-aggrandizing attitude of ETPW blog owner to her claims that she has not prophecied amiss. All her prophecies, per her loud proclamation are, 100 accurate!

    What hypocrisy! What INSULT to a Holy God and the Holy Spirit!

    Humility has apparently NEVER been a part of Miriam’s “schtick”.

    The PRAISE goes to GOD! It’ BLASPHEMOUS to go around tooting one’s own horn! I’ve prophesied accurately but I fear and revere God too much to EVER take ANY praise or glory for my own. I am merely a messenger…nothing more…nothing less.
    Poster lyrafowlpotter sums the matter up better than anyone … and I believe she once was a prolific poster on ETPW. Her words are wise and TRUE! She’s seen through Miriam’s lies and deceit and is digusted with it too!

    On 10/22/2009 at 11:04 pm lyrafowlpotter
    Hello there. I think my brain just fell out of my ear.

    Let me tell you this much, I have talked to you “Stephen”, I am sure you remember me, and I believe you are earnest, I also still like some of the stuff Miriam post, but do not agree with her ethics for sure. (she “likes” Manning, like “some of the things Miriam posts but “DOES NOT AGREE WITH MIRIAM’S ETHICS) .. for the record, neither do I!!!

    However, after reading this exchange I can see there are many on here who from my knowledge of Miriam’s writing style and rhetoric to be Miriam herself, even though you claim you are not. ItsHellWithoutJESUS, which Stephen has already asserted is an alias, Recognizer of the Truth, and Servant. Even too my eyes what PeaceBringer wrote looks an aweful lot like Miriam, you may not be and all of this is merely speculation, but I’ve spent the last year and 1/2 reading Miriam’s writings and whether or not she is indeed Roslind. (after 1 1/2 years, Lyral recognizes the aliases that pose as Miriam here)

    >>>>>>>>>>>>I am mostly convinced she is and that she has been lying, and I am quite disgusted with the WEB OF LIES she has spun.<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>Miriam was rude and her claims that there is no way she knows where she is from a COMPLETE joke!!! Miriam, on various post on her endtimes blog, has made it more than obvious she is from the UK.<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>I do not know how she changes her IP address, but I do know that as soon as things started getting bad with the Diggory press issue, she started disapearing and the “SluethforTruth” blog popped up, hmmm curious.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>Ever since then she has been missing up until this last month and when I tried to comment on her claims of her lying they blocked my comment and it was quite objective, but I am assuming Miriam doesn’t want whatever “followers” if there really are any out there anymore, to get divided.

    Here is the thing, the Bible states we need to judge and test all things and I have tested Miriam for a year and 1/2, I have found her to be a woman of great wisdom at times, and at other times sorely lacking in discernment, and quite possibly has THE MOST INFLATED SENSE OF SELF-WORTH I have ever come across.


    She may have a gift,

    ………………..but SHE ABUSES IT TO CONTROL OTHERS from what I have seen, ………………


    However, I will say this, it is not much credit to Miriam, mostly God, but she helped me understand just how deceiving ppl in the prophetic movement are and how disgustingly manipulative the are, as I was in the thick of it when I discovered her sight, God used the info on her site to help me get out of the mass deception I was in, but

    I believe Miriam has pretty much now turned her back on God and is pursuing her own agenda.(I believe the same thing to be true … Miriam is about making a “business” out of her blog .. now soliciting donations!)

    I don’t see this expose so much as a “reaping and sowing” because I don’t think she was wrong about much of what she said about all the ppl she said stuff about she just SAID IAT VERY RUDELY!!!

    (my thoughts) INDEED, MIRIAM IS RUDE BUT SHE PASSES IT OFF AS PEOPLE NOW KNOWING A “REAL” PROPHET! BALONEY! Humility is NOT rude …Miriam is NOT humble at all.

    that is the biggest problem I have with her besides lying, (LYING IS A BIG CHARACTER FLAW)


    I agree we should rebuke the so-called ministers and evangelist who are deceiving the masses, and we can be stern, but

    ………when we think we are so high above others we do not need a gentle tone, well then we truly have turned away from God. (Again, lyral is SPOT on regarding Miriam’s spiritual pride)

    Anyway, she is merely experiencing pain due to her lies and fraud, but it certainly doesn’t invalidate where she was right, anyone can speak truth, the speaker doesn’t determine whether the something is truth, whether or not it lines up with the Bible determines that.

    Oh and just so you know, I’ll prolly never come back her, but feel free to call me a heretic and rip me apart, I am past caring, I’ve had enough hate from non-Christians, its pathetic and sad when I have to get it from “so-called” Christians, but I am very used to it by now.

    God Bless ~Amy

  261. wow. Nice blog Amy
    fyi, that is another randy.
    I am banned from there, remember.

    Couldn’t agree more with your last words.
    And yes, getting “very used to it”,
    is the way things seems to be.

    Would be nice to have some web accountability….

  262. randy those were a copy and past of some older comments on the thread.

  263. Randy- Observant is NOT amy. She is actually quite objective and level about what is going on but did have unpleasant interactions herself with Mrs. Franklin.

  264. Okay, just deleted a bunch of posts, because it was a bunch of unneeded and unfruitful back and forth. This is including my response. I will kindly direct folks to pray for Mrs. Franklin, Dr. Manning and all involved. Please refrain from further discussion and commenting on “others” behaviors. It is time to move on folks. Please feel free to make comments elsewhere.

  265. I can’t believe you are all still discussing this. Seriously, who is “winning”? Our mutual enemy, Satan must be laughing his socks off. Why waste any more of your precious lives discussing all this anymore? Life is too short and all too soon over. There is life outside this blog, and some people on your doorstep who never log on are waiting to hear from you who have never heard the Good News. I haven’t been on here since January, and really thought it was over. Don’t know why I looked today to be honest, and haven’t read most of the posts since I was last on as it all seems so pointless. Computers steal our time, just like TV’s used to, and yes this applies to me too. Your life is waiting for you……

  266. people clearly want to comment but not really much worth discussion. Actually much more to this “blog” than this particular article, which really would be best served by no one commenting. There are plenty of things people do that are wastes of times, I agree. Simply pray for those involved and move on is the best approach. Now shh, this thread was almost quiet… 😛

  267. Carrie!

    Thank you!!!!! For saying what was on my mind! You are completely spot on! The only thing I would add is that, nowadays, the computer can be and is for me, a primary evangalism tool, and since I have been bed-ridden for 7months out of a year since March last year, well, I have had the ONLY successful witnessing I’ve EVER had. God has allowed me to reach people in many other countries because of the computer and I haven’t been able to leave the house most of the time. And even now that I can, I still have a very large online witness. 🙂 People, I find, are just a lot more receptive on line if you are a reasonable person, than they are in person. 🙂

    God Bless~Amy

  268. Maybe not my most eloquent speech, and I am certainly not perfect. I have four children, one with two disabilities which show me everyday how much I have to learn and keep me real. I ask myself – will this be important to me in a year’s time and if the answer is no then I know I need to move on. I had no intention of being judgemental. I was just frustrated that so much time was spent on this thread or issue (sorry Peacebringer, didn’t mean the whole blog, I typed quicker than my brain was thinking). Everyone has inherent value and a purpose and plan for their lives, I have been shown that unmistakably by my son and I now love and accept that he is in my life by God’s choice – and this has been a hard journey to get here (11 years). I feel passionate when I see waste and separation where there doesn’t need to be – ALL of you have so much to offer and so many that need you. God bless you too Amy.

  269. Not sure were to post this so I will post it here. While I thought there was something not right I was certainly not ready for what has arisen over Miriam Franklin. So I have spent the last few days sifting over the evidence. I suppose you are the obvious place that is neutral to post this. I still find it hard to grasp that we are talking about the same Miriam. Anyway I only knew her through her web site and that today says little. Stephen Manning does come across as a bit paranoid , filling lists of people who he suspects are aliases of Miriam. I can only assume that what I have read is in fact correct. Miriam was indeed proven guilty of fraud.

    I am only sad that this is an end to something. I hope that those who were regulars or not on her site are not discouraged or put off going on with Jesus. Whilst my prayers must go out to both parties in this affair, my thoughts must also go out to those who were on the sidelines. The unattended victims. For better or worst Miriam was trusted by many. Maybe a trust that is now seen as misplaced, who knows. Many thought favourable of her because she appeared to stand for righteousness and yet there seems to be this other side to her character.

    Thanks for your clarity on this matter

    God bless

  270. Yes, the judge ruled in favor of the plantiffs not sure if that it was officially labeled fraud or not, but that is irrelevant. The passage in scripture that admonishes to settle matters before going to court or face full justice is continually what God has brought to my mind. The things that have been an continue to be engaged in have been a disservice and sad. This has all been shocking related to the duplicity engaged in by Mrs. Franklin. It is sad really.

  271. Hi Tim – I see the debate continues..

    As you know, I haven’t tried to post here for some time, and am using the alias ‘For The Record’ simply to temporarily get past your automatic blocking software or whatever – so you will at least read this before it gets taken down.. Sincerely – no disrespect intended..

    I simply want to draw your attention to the ‘Memo For Nielsens’ which Mrs Franklin has long-and-often claimed was an authentic document that originated at Nielsens (the UK ISBN agency). Using multiple lies, false assertions and misdirections, the ‘Memo For Nielsens’ explicitly attacks me, my character, and my modest publishing enterprise, whilst heaping praise and accolades on Mrs Franklin and Diggory Press.

    Mrs Franklin posted that ‘memo’ on several online blogs, even going so far as to direct doubting readers to “call the ISBN agency themselves and see that Manning is lying..” etc etc.. The fact that Nielsens were reluctant (in 2007) to put something in writing denouncing that ‘memo’ as a blatant forgery authored entirely by Mrs Franklin, seems to have empowered her to the point where she has, for nearly three years now, continued to present that forged ‘memo’ as authentic – even in Court!

    In light of the partial contents of an email received today from the CEO of Neilsens, I hope you will now take a truly objective look at the character of someone who would stoop to these levels of malice and deception in order to protect their fraudulent lifestyle – and demonise anyone who challenges her.

    Surely, no right-thinking person can continue to harbour any doubts about the individual we know variously as Mrs Rosalind ‘Miriam’ Franklin.

    Here are the partial contents of an email from Nielsens, dated March 15th 2010


    Following our conversation on Thursday and a review of the previous correspondence (as much as I am able to access from my own records or from my colleagues) I am able to confirm the following:

    The content of the webpage (link to Memo For Nielsens’ deleted) purports to be a representation of a memo that originated from Nielsen Book. This is misleading, since this copy originated in an email from Diggory Press on 4 May 2007 which was sent to myself and others as a request to “clarify and make for public record the following points”.
    At no point was the email accepted (or even responded-to) by myself or others at Nielsen Book, nor were the contents accepted as any internal policy.
    Any representation on the internet or elsewhere that this email or it’s contents were approved or originated by Nielsen Book is misleading.”


    I hope that this is unequivocal enough for you Tim. If you wish to see the original, contact me at stmphd@mail.com and I will send it in confidence.

    Any positive, objective feedback on this matter would be most welcome..

    Stephen Manning

    Oh by the way; Mrs Franklin still hasn’t paid up as directed by the Courts, and as you probably know, has tried to launch at least four new defamatory websites this past month or so under various contrived guises… where another successful Court claimant (a distinguished retired professional) comes in for similar treatment as myself. She now refers to me as ‘Dr Evil’ no less, but I’m not sure if this is a promotion or demotion from ‘dirty dog Manning’, ‘the proven criminal Manning’ or simply ‘The Accuser’.. ?

    I don’t know about you Tim, but I’m certainly struggling to find anything remotely ‘Christian’ in Mrs Franklin’s agenda..?

  272. james,

    Are you the same “james” — without the capital ‘j’ — who has been posting over at ETPW including new thread posts?

  273. Pretty much thought the memo had already been debunked. Surprised they are just now “debunking” it. And Dr. Manning, you know I do not approve of her behavior. It has been stated multiple times, you just do not like me saying I do not like your behavior either. Face it Dr. Maning, you BOTH have twisted truths and made a matter far greater than it originally should have been. And Dr. Manning, if you did not intend “disrespect” you would not misrepresent me both in terms of the one post on my forum and in terms of the info on your site. Seriously, only started deleting your posts here when you started simply engaged in one baiting post after another. You know my positon. It hasn’t changed. You both have done wrong. Thanks for the new information that basically seems like it is really old information.

  274. I guess I need to publish this here:

    I want to thank “Observantwatchman”.

    I am thanking you for helping me repent of my own pride.

    I am sickened by it and I have no right to say anything without Love, even if it is the Truth. The truth without love is a clanging symbol. God had to show me the sickening extent of my own sin in this area, and your post about it stuck.

    As for Tim, he is surely a peacebringer.

    Observantw, forgive me for any snarkiness or haughtiness or pride in my posts back to you. My heart is really for the lost people in the NAR and if I have no love, they certainly will not hear. Since I believe our words betray our hearts, there is a sense of who we are and where we are with the Lord even on the internet. I truly thank you for your criticisms.

    This doesn’t have anything to do with Miriam, but I do believe I strutted my stuff about how “smart” I am about the NAR on her site. Whoa, if I only had time and space to tell how my own sin helped contribute to some NAR people’s error. May God have mercy and hold not my sin against them, or you, or anyone.

  275. Yes I am still praying over this situation. I am aware that Stephen has major problems with believing that everyone is Miriam in countless aliases. I think I am also given a small notable mention as a possible Miriam. If Stephen is bent on adding to his rouges list of possible candidates then I might be a matter of time before that list becomes rather HUGE!!! The shock factor is passing and I am praying how I should respond. Any advice Craig is appreciated.

  276. My last post Tim..

    As far as I can tell, anyone who has posted in support of Mrs Franklin falls into one of these categories:

    (i) They have been misled or hoodwinked by a proven fraudster. (No shame in this).

    (ii) They know they were hoodwinked, but are too proud to admit their errors.

    (iii) They are sockpuppets/aliases of Mrs Franklin herself.

    (iv) They have some other unexplained reason for not confirming their identity.

    (v) They are hooked on the whole ridiculous end-times-prophecy bandwagon, and cannot discern fiction from reality, prophets from profits, nor friends from foes any longer..

    I should have listened to my own intuition Tim – and left you to embarrass yourself online, instead of trying to point you in the direction of the true facts, but you were too proud to concede you were wrong Tim – and too proud to apologise for the numerous unjustified insults you directed my way. You said that I was; “Living in darkness / that I write garbage / that I was a non-believer / that I engaged in twisted behaviour / I was part of an anti-Christian conspiracy” etc etc.. Remember all those comments Tim? Doesn’t sound much like an objective (or even Christian) opinion – does it? Not to mention the fact you had NOT done your research properly at that time either.. You KNOW you were wrong Tim – yet you STILL cannot apologise. Mmm, what does that say about your discernment – your judgement – or your qualifications to call yourself a ‘peacebringer’ on a Christian forum..?

    There’s a psychological term for people who cannot accept legitimate correction Tim – something Mrs F also suffers from.. So I suppose I’ll just have to live with your silly opinions and condescending judgements – and focus on keeping the Rogue’s Galley updated instead..

    As the Bible says:
    Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.

    1 Corinthians 3:18-19.

    Have fun Tim… I’m getting back to my real life.. continue to abuse me if it makes you feel better, but I’m sure a good soul like yourself will eventually repent…

    I wonder, should I be holding my breath..?


    Oh – by the way, (and taking a leaf out of Tim’s book), I forgive anyone who may be harbouring less-than-Christian feelings towards me.. and I’ll pray that those who feel inclined to castigate me unjustly on public forums will have the courage and honesty to email me directly instead..

    After all, good honest folks wouldn’t want to be making inaccurate or misleading statements without checking the facts first – right?

    Any takers?


  277. Ah, Dr. Manning, back to the “baiting.” First of all, I have already apologized for unwise use of words such as “living in darkness.” It also was an error to bring your “beliefs” and “writings” into it, so apologize. Yet, that is a barrier to understanding your perspective as I pointed out. Yes, I do believe what you teach is an “enemy of the Gospel” and in writing was sharing my perspective. I do not recall saying you were part of an “anti-christian” conspiracy. I have stated that your writing and perspective is part and parcel of the “morally inclusive” it doesn’t matter what you believe view points out there that is flat out deceptive. And yes, I consider that to be garbage. Yet, pointing it out was an unnecessary even if sorting it out was my personal process. So I apologize for that. I also apologize for expecting more out of you than is realistic. While your behavior is uncouth and deceptive, it is my own faulty “expectations” of what is appropriate that leads to dissatisfaction. I cannot apologize for calling you a non-believer, for that is what you are. You can make a claim otherwise all you want but your own writing, words, and actions indicate otherwise. And certainly if you were a believer then would have every reason to expect more of you. Also cannot apologize for stating you engage in twisted behavior, we all do for that matter. But you specifically twist what folks say if they do not agree with you in total and pat you on the back. Now, I am sorry for any offense given you and the unwise choice of words and handling my views of the matter. You are both wrong, both deceptive, and both do not listen to others. You both took a moehill and made it into a mountain and cannot let go. This is what I have stated all along. I moved from wanting to see what transpires further to a point where Mrs. Franklin cannot be trusted. And Dr. Manning you have very little to do with that, but rather sorting through what is actually there. And yes, Dr. Manning, I understand you will perceive me as condescending and judgemental. While attempting not to be condescending, certainly it comes of that way and clearly it is difficult when dealing with someone like yourself who teaches a viewpoint contrary to the Gospel. Now Dr. Manning, anything further and we will go back to rehasing old ground. I apologize for my unwise choice of words. The things I take issue with remain and the things you take issue with me, remain.

  278. Thanks for the clarity this site has brought. I must admit when I initially found out about Miriam I was obviously shocked. Then I felt should I continue to support Endtimeprophecy because of what has happened. Then I prayed a bit more and realised that Stephen Manning is the best support Miriam can get. Let him argue away. His credibility dwindles the more he rattles his cage. Whatever failures Miriam has done I would not let my worst enemy suffer at the hands of this rouge.

    Peacebringer you have been patient and listen to Manning with much patience. I have read your conversation and his arguments.

    I really hope this man finds some peace he needs it. I am going back to blog at Endtimeprophecy. That lady needs our support. Manning God bless I hope you can find peace. You’re the best advert Miriam has.

  279. Just for the record, Inquisitor speaks as an individual (although stephen claims that I too am RMF). Just because I can see through many of the inconsistencies and misleading statements he makes and have asked some searching (as yet unanswered questions) it does not neccessarily follow that anybody questioning his version of events is RMF posting in disguise; Nor do I follow ETPW.
    My opinion has been formed by critically examining his “evidence”in his numerous postings.

    James, I agree, if STM had quit while he was ahead he might just have been able to pull the “diggory 17” deception off, instead he just kept at this unhealthy character assasination obsession to the extent that he has now undermined his own credibility and the checkpoint press brand.

    Assuming, for arguments sake, that he was 100% right on his legal points and being totally honest with us all, would anyone in the right frame of mind really devote so much of their time cyber stalking someone?

    The reality is that many of his “diggory 17” was largely
    fictitious, some plaintiffs were not even aware of their names being used in his ‘group action’ (see wonderarounds blog for genuine court document scans)
    Other cases were so trivial/contrived as to be totally unreasonable: suing for £10 in courier charges for a parcel that needed to be re-sent due to the customer not being to sign for it, another suing for £250 for an unsolicited cd that got lost in the post!

    If I had absolutely nothing better to do all day perhaps I could take a few pages out of his book and start a “stephen manning victim support group” and a “checkpoint press 17 ” and a rouge’s gallery featuring him. A mere £30 in court fees, a couple of pages of court paperwork and and a few hours creative writing would do it.

    I would urge readers to make their own minds up on this one, I would urge “Dr” manning to put his money where his mouth is and sue for libel, if he really can prove to a court of law that these statements and many others in various blogs untrue…


    p.s. Peacebringer, being atheist myself (the name inquisitor is hinting at Chrisitian hypocrisy) and having read reams of info on this manning/rmf squabble over the last couple of years, i can honestly say that you are one of the few people that actually appears to behave in a remotely
    Christian manner. Most of these Christian bloggers seem more interested in scoring points off each other or bickering over theological technicalities. For that I applaud you.

  280. For Tim; I’ll accept that this is the best apology you can muster, so I’ll let it go at that. But still, shame on you for making a public commentary on facts and issues that you hadn’t properly researched or understood; and shame on you for presuming to be ‘an authority’ on matters you are ill-equipped to comment on.

    However, I strongly resent your use of the term ‘deceptive’ Tim. Unless you are basing your comments on the contrived postings of Mrs Franklin (which in itself is an indictment of your discernment and objectivity) – you simply have no grounds whatsoever to label me ‘deceptive’. Indeed, given what you now know, I would argue that the contrary is true; that it is you who is being ‘deceptive’ in not publishing an unconditional apology for your offensive and unfounded commentaries on matters you had NOT properly researched. And it is your pride – and nothing less – that has compromised your integrity in this matter. I have never once been deliberately ‘deceptive’ Tim. Determined, resolute, uncompromising, frank, confrontational – yes. But never deceptive.

    Anyone who has had to go a few rounds with Mrs Franklin has suffered considerably for their efforts. Most decided that the stress, costs and pain simply wasn’t worth it.. But a few of us persevered despite the cost – chiefly to warn others (such as yourself perhaps?) who might become future victims.. As I said before, it’s not a ‘nice’ situation to find oneself in.. But I still firmly believe it was, and is, the ‘right’ thing to do. It is (possibly) well-intentioned folk such as yourself who fall for the Franklin charade in various ways, that inadvertently prolong and protect her nefarious activities. In that, and specifically in their reluctance to face the facts, people who continue to declare support for her are in my opinion, expressly complicit in her activities..

    She has now been found guilty in Court; has had at least seven fraudulent and defamatory websites forcibly taken down; and has been officially blacklisted by the publishing industry.. so ignorance is no longer a viable excuse I’m afraid. And trying to tar me with the same brush simply because I challenged you Tim, is both disingenuous and undeserving.

    For ‘James’; (who also hasn’t had the courage to contact me privately by-the-way) yet who declares he plans to continue subscribing to Rosalind ‘Miriam’ Franklin’s blog despite all the evidence of her wrongdoing and chronic deception, – let me simply direct you to the Rogues Gallery at http://checkpoint.ie/roguesgallery.html where you might have some second thoughts about the application of the term ‘rogue’.. But please don’t take my word for it. Become a subscriber to ETP, contact your esteemed ‘prophetess’ directly, and find out the truth for yourself.. and then get back to me..

    While you ruminate on the wisdom of declaring your public support for Mrs Franklin in public James, perhaps you might consider these pertinent words..

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-68), U.S. clergyman, civil rights leader.

    I assure you, if you have the courage to contact me directly – instead of posting derogatory comments behind an undisclosed online identity – you will find me more than willing to share the real facts with you.. if you really want to know?

    Best wishes


  281. Sorry guys – just saw ‘Inquisitor’s post after I sent this in…

    No prizes for guessing who ‘Inquisitor’ is folks.. I believe the link goes to one of Mrs Franklin’s latest nefarious websites.. which hopefully, will also soon be taken down..

  282. Care to debunk what Inquistor posted?

  283. Dr. Manning, You may “resent” my use of deceptive but that is exactly what you have been. You have been that in regard to your comments related to me that are posted on your website and that you posted on my forum. Now perhaps you genuinely believe every word of what you post, in which case I apologie for calling you deceptive when you may just be delusional. However, I generally believe you know full well what you are doing. Now you keep insisting I “hadn’t properly” researched facts. There is not one thing that I have commented on that has been “inaccurate” or wrongly understood in terms of the research. My assumption is that you believe that if I had “properly researched” I would say, oh way to go Dr. Manning. And Dr. Manning, I have not made comments about you beccause you have “challenged me.” The fact is Dr. Manning that you keep coming back and engage in “baiting” because you are not getting a “well done” here and you do not like the fact that I find both of you to be wrong and deceptive. And Dr. Manning since you have been “deceptive” regarding your comments about me. You are insist on maintaining an aliais list full of errors unless people choose to trust someone they find untrustworthy and give your private information is a deceptive practice. Fact is Dr. Manning both sides in this matter made a mountain out of a molehill and took matters that even according to the court should have been settled in to much more. Oh and Dr. Manning, how about this for a challenge. Rather than just keep “shutting” down what you think is deceptive from the other side, why don’t you just point by point refute the errors and lies? It would seem pretty simple to do? Take too much time, easier to just “shut down” the other side? Again, there are lies and exaggerations on there just as much as with you, I guess you would just prefer only your voice exists.

  284. Let me add this Dr. Manning, the behavior continually “shutting down” another side of story simply comes off as “hiding” something. Oh and congrats for “pulling me” further in with the well worded baiting. So here is the deal, either present information “debunking” the “lies” on the other site starting with what was mentioned here or do not say anything else. Your choice. My guess is you will just “shut down” that blog and that is that. How honest is that really Dr. Manning? Just plain straight defensive and deceptive.

    On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 7:29 AM, Timothy Blake wrote:

    > Care to debunk what Inquistor posted? >

  285. Naughty naughty, Tim – pride cometh before a fall (and all that)…

    First of all, Mrs Franklin’s various websites were not ‘shut down’ by me because I am afraid of the truth – but by the authorities who judged those websites to be either slanderous or engaged in fraudulent activity.

    As to debunking her diatribes on her latest contrived website; myself and several others spent three years taking Mrs Rosalind ‘Miriam’ Franklin to Court in order to ‘debunk’ much of the previous nonsense and deceptions she had placed online.. and the result is in. She (not us) was found guilty and liable in a Court of law.

    It was almost a full-time task dealing with the prolific duplicity of this woman – so it is by no means a ‘simple task’ to refute each-and-every contrived allegation she posts online. In fact, this is how she achieves a personal sense of ‘power’ – by embroiling as many people as possible in her own private hell; and I regret to say Tim (aka ‘peacebringer’) that you, and those that inadvertently defend her (even by proxy) are playing right into her hands.

    It was almost a full-time task dealing with the prolific duplicity of this woman – so it is by no means a ‘simple task’ to refute each-and-every contrived allegation she posts online.

    Mrs Franklin has been proven to be a fraudster and a liar – even you acknowledge this Tim. She even pretends to be someone else (again) on this latest site!! So why would you suggest I waste more of my valuable time disproving more of her lies? – Or is there something else going on here perhaps?

    I recall you stating somewhere along the line that you would wait to see the result of the Court case Tim.. Well, now you have it – yet you STILL cannot concede that you made some grievous errors of judgement (at best)..

    All the evidence you need is on the Rogues Gallery – and perhaps, (as-and-when I get the time), I may place even more evidence to ‘debunk’ the numerous misdirections and lies she continues to peddle to those who don’t have the discernment or moral courage to see the facts objectively.


    I’m sorry to disappoint you Tim – but given your proven inability to be truly objective – and given your inability to be honest about your own behaviour – as well as the facts of this matter.. I’m afraid you no longer qualify as a priority for my attentions. So please excuse me if I don’t take the bait and jump to your demands to ‘debunk’ accusations from a known reprobate..

    In any event, the lies and misdirections Mrs Franklin has posted on those cloned websites are technically ‘sub judice’ and may therefore be produced as evidence against her in Court.. indeed, copies are already on the way to two UK Courts – so it would not serve the interests of justice to post my own proofs and rebuttals online at this time.

    Anyway – look at the treatment I’ve gotten from various Franklinites for posting such information on the Rogues Gallery already – not too encouraging is it?

    Better to give her ‘enough rope’ as-they-say..

    Anyway Tim – in my considered opinion, you have consistently shown yourself to be unsuitable to be moderating a blog on this matter chiefly because of your pre-conditioned bias towards things allegedly ‘Christian’ (such as ‘Miriam’s’ contrived ETP website) – and prejudiced against anything (or anyone) who does not exactly align with your blinkered religious views.. So as far as I am concerned, you have wasted enough of my time..

    Despite your hollow apologies Tim, you continue to insult me as an individual and as a professional with these spurious accusations of ‘deception’ – yet you STILL haven’t had the courage to contact me privately – where these issues might be resolved without all the animosity generated by trying to ‘score points’ in the public forum.

    I’m sure you are aware already that a close family member of yours contacted me privately in a gracious attempt to excuse your behaviour online.. But unfortunately, the apologies he promised might be forthcoming, have not materialised..

    You and I both know that you have absolutely no grounds whatsoever to label me ‘deceptive’ Tim – and by continuing to suggest so online, you reveal some other undisclosed agenda..

    Confrontational, uncompromising, even combative – yes – I’ll concede to that. But ‘deceptive’ – no. Absolutely not!

    YOU set yourself up as the ‘authority’ on this matter Tim – so may I respectfully suggest that YOU should be the one to contact Mrs Franklin directly, get her supposed ‘evidence’, and then return to this blog only when you have made an honest and objective review – and have discussed any contentious matters with me in private.

    It is not my place to disprove Mrs Franklin’s lies Tim – we’ve already done that in a Court of Law.

    YOU do your research properly Tim, and sooner-or-later, we will be singing the same tune – at least in regards to this whole ‘deception’ issue..

    Please do let me know if-and-when you ever get a repeatable response from Mrs Rosalind ‘Miriam’ Franklin..

    Do the right thing Tim – or else focus on matters that you are better qualified to comment on..

    I’ll leave you with a couple of thoughtful quotes:

    “Nothing is more deceitful than the appearance of humility. It is often only carelessness of opinion, and sometimes an indirect boast.”

    Jane Austen (1775-1817), English novelist.

    “Accuse. To affirm another’s guilt or unworth; most commonly as a justification of ourselves for having wronged him.”

    Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914), U.S. author. The Devil’s Dictionary (1881-1906).

    (And yes, I forgive you again.. etc etc etc…)



    By the way – any updates on the true identity of ‘Inquisitor’ / ‘Amazed’ / Servant et al.?

  286. Care to debunk what Inquisitor posted? …thought not.

    Does the true identity of Inquisitor really have any relavance at all to the argument? Is it not my points that should be answered and my opinions that count. Peacemaker will hopefully do a cursory check of my ip adress and report publically if I am anywhere close to where RMF resides.

    As said publicly before, I have met RMF, also many years ago I worked in the book trade but I have no connection, and have never had, any dealings with Diggory press or any other company associated with RMF. I’m not even aware about the alleged ETPW/RMF Diggory press link either: I just don’t know.

    On the seven ‘fraudulent and defamatory ‘ websites “forcibly” removed, again, not quite the case. Most providers are very concerned about getting drawn into possible libel actions, so if in doubt, and where a complaint has been made, it is pretty easy to pull a blog offline upon threats of litigation. Why is Rouge’s gallery on manning’s personal website? As it would require a court order to remove… methinks he knows that too.
    As yet, I am not aware of any libel action against the author of these sleuthfor truth/wonderaround blogs. I’m rather looking forward to it though, as manning will need to prove to a court of law that the assertions therein are false.

    As has been partially reported previously, manning did take RMF to court. He Won !!!

    What he forgot to mention, was that he was awarded £80.
    His claim was for £5000 !!! To travel hundreds of miles, spend years on a case and walk out with less than 2% of the claim is hardly anything to brag about. I suggest the judge was not convinced by his folly either.
    As to his assertion that excerpts from the previous court hearings and official court transcripts are subjudice (British legal term for something being currently dealt with by the courts that must remain confidential) that is another deception. The case in question was dealt with last year; it is now out in the public domain. Newspapers, bloggers and we can write about it and report it – Just as he has. That’s British constitution for you.

    As “Dr” Stephem Manning doesn’t like answering questions about his “diggory 17” deception,
    despite being asked for clarification numerous times on various forums, I have just one question for him regarding this ongoing harassment obsession of his:

    What do you want?

  287. ‘Inquisitor’ is very well informed for someone who claims NOT to be Mrs Franklin (again).. and makes one of Mrs Franklin’s trademark spelling mistakes too. Just mere coincidence? Methinks not. Perhaps it runs in the family?

    I will, in my own time, return to this blog with links to debunk this latest tissue of deceptions and misdirections.. and perhaps Tim and others who have made an appearance here will then do the right thing, and engage ‘Inquisitor’ / ‘Amazed’ / ‘Servant’ / ‘Pardner’ / ‘Miriam’ etc etc with some direct and specific questions of their own… especially concerning this whole ‘deception’ issue.

    Meanwhile, I refer objective visitors to my comments above, and to the Rogues Gallery.


    For the record though: My original claim was only for £80, which then ballooned to £5,000 with legal costs and travel expenses because of Mrs Franklin’s obfuscations. What Mrs Franklin hasn’t mentioned above of course, is the fact that her ridiculous and vexatious counter-claim (originally for £1,085,000, and then forcibly reduced to £50,000) was ‘struck out’ as being absolutely without merit – along with most of her other contrivances. So the real truth here is that the Judge awarded my original claim, plus that of another claimant on the merits of our arguments, and in agreement with all parties that he would NOT be awarding any costs or damages.. Under the circumstances, and given the torturous ordeal we have suffered at this woman’s hands so far – we actually felt pleased to be released from the need to have to deal with her further – even at this price..

    See the full account of the hearing here: http://checkpoint.ie/TorquayReport.pdf

    It was never about the money for us anyway – just the principle of NOT letting a bully and a fraudster get away with ripping off hundreds of trusting authors.. And to a certain extent, we achieved our aims. Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin is now blacklisted out of the publishing business, and has had her ability to deceive and defraud others severely curtailed.

    Listen guys – all the information is on the Rogues Gallery. I have done my bit. Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin and her clandestine and cowardly supporters who will NOT declare their true identities do not deserve to take up my time further with these issues. So I think my best approach from now on is NOT to respond to anyone online who is not prepared to prove their identity (at least to me privately at stmphd@mail.com) and thus remove any suspicion of a hidden agenda.

    So please pay attention RMF / NF / KB / MKA / GB / CON / JPB / GC / am I getting close folks…? Either have the courage to state your real identities online, or contact me privately to show your questions are sincere and deserve a response..

    I know this may leave my future contributions to this post somewhat sparse on the ground, but I do actually have a life to be getting on with – and more fruitful things to be doing.

    Oh, and by the way – as far as I understand it, the materials I referred to above are indeed ‘sub-judice’ because Mrs Franklin is currently trying to lodge appeals against paying the modest amounts she has been directed to pay. So, what does it say of RMF that she would taunt us above on the amount of money it cost us to expose her in Court – when she is now apparently spending thousands of pounds (money which she claimed to the Court she doesn’t have of course) – to prolong the abuse we have suffered at her hands. Maybe the money is coming from donations to ‘Miriam’ on the ETP website..? Mmm – perhaps we should be seeking those bank details Rosalind… so the bailiffs can collect their dues? Care to share?

    We’re also taking bets on whether or not Mrs Franklin’s solicitors will ever get paid..? Any takers out there? The current odds are around 100-1 against!

    So, my sincere regards to the decent folk amongst the visitors/commentators on this blog, but I will no longer respond to anyone who hides their identity – or whom I suspect is being manipulated for less-than-honest reasons.

    Feel free to contact me directly at stmphd@mail.com, and I will do my best to answer your questions..


    Finally, a couple of pertinent quotes to ponder:

    “The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” Tennessee Williams (1914-83), U.S. dramatist.

    “Every violation of truth is not only a sort of suicide in the liar, but is a stab at the health of human society.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82), U.S. essayist, poet, philosopher.

  288. Dr. Manning, Basically you are agreeing that the judge essentially indicated that you both made a whole lot more then necessary over simple contract dispute and the judge treated it for the small claims matter it always should have been treated as, rather than the mountain of chaos the mutual fingerpointing, deception, and exaggeration that was engaged in…

  289. No Tim – you’re wrong once again. If you delete the words ‘you both’ and ‘mutual’ from your post above, and substitute ‘Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin’ instead, you will be much closer to a truthful, factual statement.

    You keep trying to tar me with the same brush Tim – but it’s not going to wash – simply because I have never once been deliberately deceptive throughout this issue. With all the evidence at hand, I don’t need to be deceptive – even if I were inclined to be so.

    If there are any minor inconsistencies in the facts (which there may well be) – or questions about the claimants integrity in dealing with Mrs F – then you can be 99% assured that this is almost certainly due to Mrs F finding some relatively-irrelevant thread here-or-there, and pulling and pulling at it until it threatens to unravel the basic facts – which plainly-and-simply are that she tried to bully, threaten and intimidate us out of holding her accountable for fraudulent and abusive activities.

    Unfortunately for her, she came up against people whose righteous indignation and resolve matched her own proclivity for deception and abuse. As you can see, her main tactic now is to hide behind defamatory websites and various false identities whilst trying to do as much damage to our personal and professional reputations – in the bizarre expectation I suspect, that wreaking some sort of malicious vengeance on those who exposed her – somehow excuses her sins in the first place?

    It doesn’t take a religious person to understand that two wrongs don’t make a right.. In Mrs Franklin’s case, that may be amended to read ‘two-hundred-and-one wrongs’ perhaps.. and despite losing time-after-time, and hand-over-fist, she still hasn’t got the message..

    Click to access Truth%20Test%20for%20Mrs%20Rosalind%20Miriam%20Franklin%20of%20Liskeard-2.pdf

    The fact is Tim, that the Court process became massively convoluted due almost exclusively to Mrs Franklin’s premeditated machinations. Again, there’s plenty of direct evidence on the Rogues Gallery to illustrate this. And to clarify another important point; the Rogues Gallery only went online after months and months of provocations, lies and challenges by Mrs F to ‘show the evidence’ amidst multiple accusations that we were all liars etc etc. So up the evidence went – which of course was highly embarrassing for Rosalind Franklin and her alter-ego ‘Miraim’ the devout Christian end-times-prophetess – as well as for many of her now-schocked followers and supporters.

    All the claimants wanted from day one was the return of their books and the monies owed to them. But Mrs Franklin was never going to concede, or cooperate with ‘that posse of tossers’ [her words by the way – not ours]. Instead, she decided to go to war using character attacks, forged documents, false accusations and multiple online aliases.

    All we could do was try our best to keep up with the avalanche of obstructions, attacks and deceptions thrown our way. Those who could get out early did so – and I can’t really blame them. But several of us were trapped into the legal process chiefly because of Mrs Franklin’s utterly contrived counter-claims. So it was actually Mrs Franklin who indulged in the deception, the frauds, the delays, the exaggerations and the lies.. just ask the other 200 authors who feel the same way. Or better still – see the transcript of the Court hearing which Mrs Franklin has kindly suggested all interested parties should read. Being the honest soul that she is – she will of course make that document public – won’t she? Or is this just another devious red-herring designed to generate a veneer of authenticity where there actually is none? May I respectfully suggest you ask for that complete transcript Tim – after all, it would be in Mrs Franklin’s best interests to furnish you with the truth of what transpired in Court – no?

    Look Tim – I understand you are peeved with me for a number of reasons, not least amongst which is the fact that I have challenged your right to sit in judgement of an issue that even you have admitted you knew very little about, especially when you first made ill-advised remarks and offered offensive and unfounded opinions.

    You are also very annoyed that I have listed you on the Rogues Gallery as a Franklinite as follows:

    “‘Franklinites’ is a newly-devised term to describe (possibly?) well-intentioned, but naïve supporters of
    ‘Miriam’ the end-times-prophetess, who have inadvertently become embroiled in this drama. Worthy of
    note is ‘peacebringer’ (aka Tim Blake)… who has, regrettably, made serious errors of judgement in publicly supporting Rosalind Franklin – without checking the facts out first.. and then has unwisely gone to battle on her behalf online, before doing his research properly.”

    It’s just a small taste of your own medicine Tim. But compared to the various insults and unjustified character attacks you have levelled at me on different blogs Tim – I believe my statement above is a wholly reasonable, accurate and factual statement that neither exaggerates, nor stoops to gratuitous personal insults – right? You might look to your own reaction to that post, and reflect in prayer perhaps at the effect your own comments might be having on others – especially innocent others..?

    I’ll give you credit Tim for not hiding your identity though, and I appreciate it is probably very tempting for you to pull some of these latest comments – but you don’t – and for that I respect you. But I still think we have some way to go, specifically in reference to your implications of deception directed my way.

    I am confident that if we keep this up long enough – and especially if you check out my background and credentials properly – perhaps by speaking to the people who have done business with me – or who are still engaged in this battle of attrition with Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin.. Ask them how ‘deceptive’ they found me to be – instead of relying on information from some shadowy persona with an obvious ulterior motive for attacking my credibility..

    A couple of parting quotes:

    “Whenever, therefore, people are deceived and form opinions wide of the truth, it is clear that the error has slid into their minds through the medium of certain resemblances to that truth.”

    Socrates (469-399 BC), Greek philosopher.

    “Crime is terribly revealing. Try and vary your methods as you will, your tastes, your habits, your attitude of mind, and your soul is revealed by your actions.”

    Agatha Christie (1891-1976), British mystery writer.

    As for ‘not being at peace’ folks. Well, there are different ways to interpret this. There is the abstract ‘inner peace’ that accompanies a certain withdrawal from reality – and then there is that ‘inner peace’ that comes from knowing one is trying to do ‘the right thing’ (as best one understands it) but in the midst of a rather unwholesome reality. In any event, it is by virtue of the warriors and the actively righteous amongst us that the rest of us enjoy whatever peace we have..

    “You may either win your peace or buy it: win it, by resistance to evil; buy it, by compromise with evil.”

    John Ruskin (1819-1900)

    Over to you Tim..


  290. ” So the real truth here is that the Judge awarded my original claim, plus that of another claimant on the merits of our arguments, and in agreement with all parties that he would NOT be awarding any costs or damages.. ”

    So really this fictitious “Diggory Seventeen” , with charges of fraud and theft being “investigated by interpol, no less” as it was dramiticallly described at the time by stephen manning , actually boiled down to just two cases being dealt with at a small claims court…

    I rest my case.

  291. Sorry ‘Inquisitor’ – other than hoping you will indeed ‘rest your case’ – you will receive no further responses from me until you contact me privately with proof that you are not RMF.


    Until then, no more fibs, cowardly snipes, or red herrings please..


  292. Not quite the robust defence of the mythical “diggory 17” fabrication I’d expected. Tens of thousands of words, hundreds of hours of effort, and, he claimed, £5,000 out of pocket…sorry, £4,920 and that is his best defence!

    In reality, he has said quite enough anyway. It seems the best way to shut him up is just ask a few pertinent questions that you know he won’t be able to answer, then he chucks his toys out of the pram and storms off in a huff.

    *MOD editted for inapproiate insults*

  293. sorry Inq had to delete the part of your comment that was directly insulting and disrepectful. and please lets not get into the mutual ripping contest. TIA.

  294. No probs peace, sorry! Just my sense of humour.

    Your courtesy is an example to us all.

    I’m going to bow out of this now as I’ve said my bit.


  295. So ‘Inquisitor’ withdraws without confirming her identity – even to the moderator, right?

    A quote that I believe sums up the situation neatly:

    “The trouble with lying and deceiving is that their efficiency depends entirely upon a clear notion of the truth that the liar and deceiver wishes to hide. In this sense, truth, even if it does not prevail in public, possesses an ineradicable primacy over all falsehoods.”

    Hannah Arendt (1906-75), German-born U.S. political philosopher.

    ‘The truth’ in this case can be seen at the Rogues Gallery as noted above.


  296. The identity of Inquisitor is quite irrelevant to the substance of the current argument which is that stephen manning’s “diggory 17” was a near total fabrication of his and was a blatant character assasination attempt aimed at raising the profile of his checkpoint press and shutting down a competitor.

    Ask yourself, if RMF were reallly guitly of “theft, extortion, fraud, death threats ” (not usually matters for a uk small claims court) surely the judge would have fairly heard all this evidence and awarded rather more than £80 out of his grossly exaggerated £5,000 claim. And where were his other 100 plus dissatisfied diggory authors? For a mere £30 anyone can start proceedings in a uk small claims court. It is designed to be easy for everyone, but is also open to abuse.

    As the self appointed co-ordinator of the “miriam franklin support group” one might imagine that he would welcome this open forum where he could answer to allegations of misleading and deceiving not only the POD publishing community but also the Uk courts.

    As his ‘subjudice ‘defence has now been been debunked, now he is resorting to this farcical pretext of needing my identitiy before adressing my questions. Even If RMF were to post these , he should answer them. By ducking the difficult issues now it proves his guilt and the fact that he has been very deceptive.

    Even if I were minded to comply with forwarding my details to him, (for inclusion in his pathetic rougue’s gallery no doubt) it would be almost impossible to prove who I am for certain anyway. If he think i’m sending him scans of my driver’s license and passport he is living in dreamland.

    This has manning/franklin punch and judy show has gone on for so long now that dodging the questions is not an option: it is now stephen manning’s credibility at stake. Note how even his supporters are distancing themselves from him now.

    I’d also like to add that ian vincent and rahab have behaved in a most unchristian manner by not allowing me to post on their forums in her defence, and they are accessories to this deception also. It may have suited them at the time to engage in this protracted internet hate campaign, but now the real facts are surfacing it just makes them look pretty stupid now and highly immoral.

  297. Naughty naughty, ‘Inquisitor’ (Rosalind / Miriam).. I thought you were going to stop the fibs, taunts and misdirections..

    I’m not asking for your driving licence – just a private contact from you ‘in confidence’ to establish YOUR credibility.. why on earth wouldn’t you do this one little thing to qualify you are NOT RMF under another false guise? I’m not hiding my identity am I? That’s because whatever my other failings are, I do try to be open, honest and accountable – right?

    Methinks there’s a very good reason why discerning others do NOT allow you to post on their websites.

    I should explain that I’m not actually responding to you as ‘Inquisitor’ here – but only to make what I feel is a necessary public challenge to the new lies you’re trying to establish on your seventh defamatory website (so far)..

    You tried this taunting-and-provocation thing before, accusing us of lying for months – stating no-one was suing Diggory Press – and forging documents to place online, etc etc.. So THEN, we put up the Rogues Gallery evidence, and thank God, had some silence from you for a while..


    But now, after editing out most of the directly-slanderous materials, such as attacks on my sexuality, religious beliefs, academic credentials, and personal character… you now try to get another devious ball rolling – hoping to do as much damage as possible – right? What a wonderful example of Christianity you are Miriam..

    Even if you were not Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin ‘Inquisitor’ – there can be no doubts as to Mrs Franklin’s wrongdoings. So what is your motive for posting these contrived pieces online – if not simply to wreak some sort of perverse vengeance on those of us who stood up to you and exposed you for who and what you really are..

    As I said before, we will, in time, get round to ‘debunking’ these latest contrivances you’ve placed online in a desperate attempt to make us (your intended victims) look like the criminals here. And I’m reasonably sure these latest sites of yours will be pulled for defamation once the hosters see what you’re up to.. But I have no intention of jumping to your tune Mrs Franklin – you’ve had enough of my time and attention already.

    I just hope that anyone reading these posts will remember the tone and content of ‘Inquisitors’ contrived taunts and accusations above, so when the lies are eventually exposed, each can come to their own conclusions about what sort of mind is capable of such convoluted and sophisticated deception.

    I will, in the next few days, write a provisional rebuttal of the main issues on the websmear site, so may I invite objective visitors to check out this document (below) from time to time. But please excuse me if I place more important matters first on my schedule.

    Click to access Truth%20Test%20for%20Mrs%20Rosalind%20Miriam%20Franklin%20of%20Liskeard-2.pdf

    Now, who are you really ‘Inquisitor’? I’m sure observers of this post would like that to be clarified.

    I await your contact ‘in confidence’..



  298. I see on there you continue to insist on calling me as hosting a “supportive” web-blog and engage in a blantant lie Dr. Manning. My have stated point blank that I do not approve of Mrs. Franklins actions, but also have found your actions to be deceptive as well. Case in point is your labeling me a “franklite”, claiming I host a “supportive weblog. It stretches the truth. I posted one thread asking for prayer related to a reported “injury.” Further details were brought up, made comments on it. I moved from being supportive as a fellow believer to assessing her to not be trustworthy based on a number of factors, stated as such. Yet, still did not find your behavior acceptable. You want me to slap you on the back, say I am sorry, your twisting of the truth is acceptable because Mrs. Franklin is deceptive and untrustworthy. Two wrongs do not make a right. And yes, I refuse to “apologize” for that perception, so that at least is accurate.

  299. The only twisting of the truth that I can see Tim – is that of Mrs Franklin in her various guises – and your own continued denials that you ‘were’ at least a ‘Miriam’ supporter – if not now – then certainly when you were making encouraging and sycophantic posts on the ETP site, and attacking me personally before you had even checked out the facts.

    That is the frank and honest truth of the matter Tim. You have been irresponsible (in starting an ill-conceived blog); offensive (in your unfounded accusations and insulting opinions); and disingenuous in a number of other ways, particularly in your continued insistence that I have, or am being ‘deceptive’ in any way..

    However, and just to assuage your obvious sense of indignation at being called on your oscillating moral positioning.. let’s just call it ‘fence-sitting’ shall we.. I will amend the ‘Truth Test’ document to reflect your statement that you no longer support RMF in whichever disguise she most lately appears in.. Okay? That is my concession to you, to ensure you can no longer accuse me even of an imaginary offence.

    You should reflect Tim on your own reactions here – and instead of continuing to restate an increasingly unconvincing and tiresome assertion that I am in any way ‘deceptive’ – admit instead that you are profoundly irritated at my directness, and at my unwillingness to let you get away with some of the irresponsible, ill-thought-out and often condescending opinions you have so liberally spread online.

    I say again Tim. Check out my background and credentials. Speak to any decent person who knows me or has done business with me – and if you can find even one instance of deliberate deception or dishonesty anywhere – then I will have no cause to challenge you any more, will I?

    Care to take up the challenge Tim – or would you rather just apologise, and withdraw these repeated insults?

    This could all have been resolved in private you know.

    I will get the amended document up today – just to show good grace – and hope that might prompt a more ‘Christian’ response perhaps..?


  300. “because Mrs. Franklin is deceptive and untrustworthy”

    Who are we talking about here? I’m referring to RMF the director of Diggory Press, I have seen no evidence for her being the same endtimes prophetic words Miriam Franklin blogger… There is quite a few stephen manning’s in the world too, some of them even genuine academics holding internationally recognised post graduate qualifications that would allow them to teach and do research work in UK universities, something a diploma mill PhD can’t do.

    I stand by my accusation that the “diggory 17 group action “was a gross distortion based upon what the courts have ruled upon evidence presented to them and official court documents which are available for all to see:


    If this is going to appeal as you say stephen, then forging official court documents (they look pretty convincing to me complete with court stamp) and posting them online would be only in your interest. The courts will have the power to confirm who has posted these documents online. I would also suggest that appealing against your successful £80 judgement shows a certain beleif in her convictions. Surely it would be you who would be appealing for your supposed £5,000 damages if you thought you had a valid case. Likewise you would take every opportunity to refute the allegations of various online blogs and clear your own name.

    I’m not saying that Diggory Press was without fault: it seems the customer service was pretty poor, as with most online businesses . But remember they were cheap as chips. The cheapest pod publisher around at the time . Competing companies were charging several times what they were. They successfully published over a 1000 titles by hundreds of different authors, most of whom seemed to be pretty content with the service.

    When I was working in the book trade, my employer was, and still is, a reputable and internationally known company with many well known brands. They has their own in-house legal department and often had ongoing legal disputes mainly due to the sheer volume and complexity of work they did. There is alway one in a hundred that won’t be happy whatever you do for them. This happens in all businesses. Even the church of england have their own legal team.

    As for your invitation to contact you ‘in confidence’ I will pass on that one thanks. I have no interest in corresponding with you privately. As it is you stephen that have taken this business to business dirty tricks campaign public that is where it will stay, and you should answer to the charges of deception levelled at you in public.

    p.s. If you were actually contacted by a relative of Tim, asking you to excuse his online behaviour in diagreeing with you, it is pretty irrelevant anyway as he, like myself, speaks as an individual. For you to comment upon that private communciation in a public forum again proves your total lack of integrity and how you will employ any means to blacken the characters of anyone who does not fully agree with your analysis.

  301. You respond to her if you like Tim – I’m maintaining my position that responding to her only fuels her various psychoses..

    If ‘Inquisitor’ won’t assert her true identity – she gets no more of my time here.

    There are just too many lies and deceptions to be able to keep up with her.. So please feel free (anyone – pleeeaase) to challenge this utterly unscrupulous and duplicitous woman..

    For clarification purposes:
    “psychosis (si-k?sis) noun
    plural psychoses (-sez)

    A severe mental disorder, with or without organic damage, characterized by derangement of personality and loss of contact with reality and causing deterioration of normal social functioning.”

  302. Here we are Tim – a duly amended ‘Truth Test’ document on the Rogues Gallery as promised.. I’ve also begun the promised rebuttals of Mrs Franklin’s defamatory and misleading webposts.. and will add to it as-and-when I get the time.

    Click to access Truth%20Test%20for%20Mrs%20Rosalind%20Miriam%20Franklin%20of%20Liskeard.pdf

    Hope you now feel the commentary regarding you is fair. Feel free to contact me in private if wish, and I’ll do my best to remove any doubts you might still be harbouring about my sincerity or honesty.

    Now I’m off to watch the rugby..

    Come on Ireland!

  303. Dr. Manning,

    The matter was not brought up in private because you made it public. You have not once ever contacted me privately about anything. And Dr. Manning, I have never denied that I supported the “Website.” I posted a thread unrelated to the Diggory Press and only posted an “article” not a “Blog” on asking for prayer related to a reported injury. Ian decided to post on here about the Diggory press matter, which in turn led me to discuss my thoughts on the matter. This led to two other articles, one on my assessment on the matter. The other on wrapping up and reassessment. I stated point blank that I did not agree with what I have seen and had plenty of cause for concern. I saw, like Mick Rouke and others both sides escalating out of control.

    Dr. Manning, now I will concede that in terms of what I reference being deceptive, it may well be a matter of anger and rage that is blinding and posting all from own perspective without intending deception. Yet, there is clear exaggeration displayed as well as a distinct engagement in tearing down. I really do not care about direct statements pointed at me. I got no problem with being called to task for not taking sides and even after assessing fully that Mrs. Franklin cannot be trusted, still see problems with your behavior Dr. Manning. Again, I recognize I cannot really expect anything different of you, and sorry for expecting more than the blind rage filled responses and innate stubborness on display.

    Inquis: Actually Mrs. Franklin is Miriam of ETPW as have that from people who have talked to her directly.

  304. “Dr” Manning, if you insist in pretending to be an academic then at least try to behave as one. No academic with any professional clout or a reputation to keep would post psychological assesments of any other person online. For what it’s worth I have doubts about your mental health too.

    Peacebringer, I was not aware of the ETPW link, I used to know her quite well too. If the main charges levelled against her are that she deletes posts from people that disagree with her then that charge can be levelled at ian vincent and rahab too. I can’t really comment much on the ETPW angle as I’ve not looked into it, but there is no doubt in my mind that most of this Diggory Press ‘group action’ was just a fabrication perpetrated by stephen manning of checkpoint press.

    Unless a court of law can be convinced there was any significant ‘fraud, theft and extortion’ going on then I’m not convinced either. He had four years to prepare his ‘group action’ and compile evidence and I really beleive if there was any substance to any of this then the outcome would have been very different.

    Stephen, please don’t bother responding, we have all heard quite enough of your nonsense already. The evidence of your duplicity is now out there for all to see:


    …and you lost the rugby!

  305. The interesting thing about blogging is that you begin to glimpse something of the character of the person who writes it. For instance the moment Peacebringer mentions Jesus, Stephen goes off it. I have worked quite a bit among some very ungodly atheist and even they don’t respond that quickly.

    “Frankly Tim – I can’t really be bothered if you choose to examine the facts and evidence or not – or check out my credentials and character or not – but as I said before, casting aspersions in my direction is not only inaccurate, but is also unjust – and therefore certainly unchristian. No?” (Stephen.)on (The Diggory Press Saga site)

    The interesting thing is that Stephen has been referred to as a “DR” but of what. The trouble with intellectuals is how they are trained. They are very precise in their dialogue. I have an uncle on my wife side who is a trained archeologist. They are trained to keep very careful records. So even when you speak to him is he is very precise in how he speaks. All skilled intellectuals and philosophers are the same. Sometimes they go over boards in stating the facts. Stephen sees any investigation of his credentials as being “Unchristian”. The truth is we need to be able to check out his side of the story. To claim this as unchristian tells me he has no credentials to speak off. His defensiveness is like a bull horn that says don’t look too close at who I am. Intellectuals are very orientated by facts Manning is not.

    Stephen is more than willing to cast aspirations at Miriam but does not want anyone to check him out. I think it’s clear we now know why.

    For a while I could not understand how a man who claims to have won a court case would be blogging in a way that said the opposite. The Inquisitor has given very precise details concerning the court case. It now becomes clear Manning may have won a legal point but he did not win all he asked for. This has confirmed that suspicion. Manning tactics seems to be predominantly in throwing mud in the hope it sticks. That means throwing mud in every direction. Manning comes across like a spoilt child who is taking a tantrum, thrown his toys across the floor and is busily jumping up and down and holding his breath, In the hope he can get their own way.

    Manning character is summed up by the man himself
    “As the person identified in that article as HAVING ‘A HISTORY OF USING STRONG TACTICS TO GET MY WAY, YES, THIS IS TRUE’ Indeed, I believe it is important to be TENACIOUS AND UNWAVERING when facing bullies and deceivers, (The Diggory Press Saga site)

    For a brief moment Manning has let slip his true nature. Its clear from his blogging that is exactly what he is doing.
    The word “Bully” comes to mind. Is this then a simple case of someone standing up to the school yard bully?

    Manning has lists of people who he claims are Miriam alias. No doubt many if not all are innocent of being Miriam. Manning has even suggested I might be another alias. Many have chosen to use their legal right to privacy by not sending personal details to a man who is afraid to have his own details checked. Yet this legal constitutional right is seen by Manning as “proof” of guilt. Yet who would send private details to a man they don’t know? If a man can use people right to privacy against them then what will Manning not do?

    He rips his way through people including the authors of this site. Peacebringer who has give this man ample opportunity to say his piece. Yet he has been maligned for his troubles and also placed with ridicule on his site.

  306. James, I think you misunderstand something. Dr. Manning actually suggests people check out “his credentials” and rests on them. Rather than not wanting people to check out credentials, it is more of an attitude that if you check me out and do not agree with me and if disagree or see problems, than you just do not get it and do not grasp his “credentials.”

  307. Thanks for the clarification. So Am I right in saying that Manning wants people to check out his credentials?
    I f so then I suppose I am doing what Manning is suggesting. My observation is that his blogging and the way he bloggs is his credentials in action. In many senses my conclusion simply backs up his own. HE HAS A HISTORY OF STRONG ARM TACTICS TO GET HIS OWN WAY. Sometimes with people who use such tactics the end justifies the means.

    For example on his web site he states. “INCREDIBLE; THAT IT IS THIS EASY TO DEFAME SOMEONE UNJUSTLY..” yet below is almost 46 people accused of being Miriam and by association complicit of fraud. With threats of further names to be adding to his notorious list.

    He then demands they prove their innocence by e-mail and private details. Does this not make Manning his own judge and jury, meeting out his own brand of justice. Only when and if he is satisfied and when he is in possession of your PRIVATE DETAILS does he deem a person innocent. Yet with clear clarification that “‘peacebringer’ (aka Tim Blake) ‘Craig Lee’,” are not Miriam they continue to be maligned. So an innocent verdict might not be possible even with private details.

    Does anyone find all this strange? Is it possible then that he hopes to achieve in cyber space what he could not achieve in court? Who is tarred by what brush is totally irrelevant.

  308. James, The information has been longstanding and is stuff that has no standing in court on both sides. His alias list is one of chief things that upset me. It is easy to start jumping to that conclusion and it is honestly his perception. There are some that think Observantwatchman is Dr. Manning, but they are not the same person and can ascertain that without “private details” being sent. Mainly if you defend Mrs. Franklin at all, or in my case simply challenge Dr. Manning while have trouble with Mrs. Franklin as well, you will be called either an alias, or a “Franklinite” all as a means of tearing down anyone with a different take and does not validate entirely Dr. Manning. Sad thing is, if it were not for the approach of Dr. Manning and difficulty with it, personally I may well have concluded Mrs. Franlin to be less than trustworthy a lot sooner.

  309. Well said James, manning seems to have nothing of the precision or analytical abilities of an intellectual: logically, does it really matter who we are? and when do forum correspondents ever demand proof of identity from each other? to take the argument to an extreme, let’s assume that everyone here with even the slightest reservations about the stephen manning party line is the ubiquitous and omnipotent Miriam Franklin. Conversely, we’ll also assume that every different posting id sympathetic to manning’s “Miriam Franklin victim support group” is an indiviual. Ultimately it makes no difference at all to the strength of the arguments or the evidence presented.
    Truth and logic is a heirarchy not a democracy.

    He uses his diploma mill PhD as a badge of authority, quoting it everywhere, even in his email adress. Genuine academic and medical Doctors that I know generally don’t brag about it that much and reserve it for use mainly in a professional capacity. Another good reason is of course that it can create a lot of problems with people getting in touch at silly times of the day and night needing medical attention. My guess is that there are a lot of people here much better educated than him who chose to keep their credentials private.

    Whilst now it is becoming clear to a lot of people that most of his claims and rhetoric just doesn’t add up, unfortunately a lot of people at the time swallowed the whole story hook, line and sinker. I was about the only person that asked for clarification and further details on his “hundred plus (anonymous) dissatisfied diggory press customers” yarn when discussed ad nauseum on various websites at the time.

    As I said earlier, sometimes you need to know to quit while you are ahead. He has surely succeded in his objectives, closing down diggory press, nicking their customer base and launching his own pod publishing business off the back of it. This continued and protracted hate campaign is now just discrediting him more and more as the real details of the case start to emerge.

  310. Tim,

    I resent your continued implications that I might somehow be Stephen Manning.

    This is not the first time you have made this false allegation.

    If you continue to make the claim of sharing IP’s, I will report you to WordPress for violation of your TOS.

    Apparently, you don’t LIVE your Christianity, Mr. Peacefaker.

    If you do not remove all instances where you have alleged I am Manning, I will be contacting your host provider.

    You’ve made too many false accusations against me and others.

    The others can take it up with you but for you to even share an ISP with anyone makes you a very UNCHRISITIAN blog runner.

    ….but, I already knew that about you.

    I am not Manning… so stop impugning that I could be.

  311. Observantwatchman, clearly you have not read what I said closely. I have said it is “easy” to think that way but you clearly are not the same person.

  312. In fact, I have even assured others that you are not the same person. The whole point is how it is easy to read things into other people and pick up on similarities and start seeing everything a certain way. I do not believe I have ever called you Dr. Manning personally, if I did certainly will correct it if you can point me to the post. TIA.

  313. Then remove what you said … and I still plan to report you to your ISP for TOS violations, you big buffoon!

    And it’s awful pompous to call yourself a “peacebringer”

    Oh high and lofty one you think you are … remove your false statements about me

  314. This may be one comment that you are referring to. Some have thought you were and I have haed to correct and state for fact here you are not.

  315. here is where I state again Ips are seperate and accusing others of aliai and put a cease and desist out there…forgot about this post. Will need to go back enforcing that. Aliai/sock puppet accusations will be deleted.

  316. what a hypocrite you are, blake

    you censor Manning’s remarks but you let the bloke, Inquisitor, yammer on non-stop

    I thought this thread was closed … apparently, Tim the beached whale is double-minded

    Inquisitor posts as a supporter on Miriam’s defense blogs


  317. TIM .. a third grader could point you to it and you wouldn’t get it

    aliases/sock puppets/ISP’s are not the issue

  318. Inquisitor is most likely the white wiccan Miriam is friends with. Now why would Miriam be buddies with a wiccan and why does Miriam write books on witchcraft?

    Rumor has it Miriam is, in reality, a Wiccan who has deluded everyone.

  319. This is as close as I come to referring to observant as Dr. Manning. It was ill advised but noted the same baiting style. I do still forgive them. They are not same person, yet the tone and spirit comes off as the same.

  320. tim, stop insulting people by “forgiving” them .. your theology is so SCREWED!


  321. I just went over every response I made toward you, please point me to what is offending you.

  322. observant, I have to forgive regardless, I will stop telling you that you are forgiven though…doesn’t stop the action.

  323. You, in general, are offensive and rather dense.

  324. oh and observant, as said before, you are free to leave. You do not like me, you find me offensive, you find me condescending, you find me sanctimonious, and you find me a peacefaker. So feel free to leave. If you stay and throw out insults and baiting you will be forgiven each time.

  325. you’re sanctimonious .. I don’t care if you “forgive” or not

    the truth doesn’t need any forgiveness



    And you bait people with that phony “I forgive you”

    and quit mentioning me on your blog in association with Miriam’s LIES … I have NO association with her. NONE!

  326. I will never mention you again. Go away.

  327. why don’t you address the issue of Miriam and her Wiccan associations

  328. I don’t do anything about them… you have a blog, feel free to do so. I am asking you to leave as you cannot engage respectfully.

  329. okay I am officially banning that person from further comments to this blog. Actually made me go find out how to do so. Again I have requested Dr. Manning, Inquister, and whoever take your information to your respective sites.

  330. Observantwatchman, it is most unsporting to pull blogs,
    particularly when you have been less than observant in watching the thread.

    Actually one of my recent postings here WAS censored by peacebringer, if you bother to read this thread you will see it, also I apologised to him for it as I feel Tim has been pretty fair in his moderation here. (it was a rather derogatory comment made about mr. manning, just an off the cuff quip of no significance to the topic)

    We all know someone else here who tries to get blogs pulled when he feels the need to supress the content of them. I too have been accused many times here and elsewhere of being RMF, so what?

  331. Well hopefully this quiets down again.
    Insquistor your behavior really isn’t much different than what is shown from otherside. You profess to be an atheist, so cannot expect much different. Actually same with Dr. Manning. It is wrong for me to expect others to act in such a way when it is tough. Odds are that most likely the anger and rhetoric comes out of self-protection and rage. Anger that can blind self even to facts or skew our view of everyone that crosses paths resulting in accusations even of aliai and sock puppets. This whole affair is sad. Now while I do not expect those who do not walk in submission to the King of Kings to act as if they do. It is quite to opposite of those who do, that we should be walking in love. We should not be engaging in the back and forth of the world with the tit for tat. We need to find ways to bless enemies. In terms of dealing with Dr. Manning, Mrs. Franklin and others, it is up to each of us before God to sort out our choices and actions. One person may be led one way, another different. I pray that each of us learn to love. And I pray for Mrs. Franklin, Dr. Manning, and even a person who I agreed no longer to mention that God works in their life and all are drawn to the King of Kings and past self. I know me personally this whole dialogue has shown a lot of ways I need to grow. I can type out of anger even when intending love. I can be condescending even if not intending. I can fail to walk in love and show God’s life and be full of self. We can all learn this. So I ask any of you, before you feel a need to point to one side or another, make one jab or another, to stop and think about what writing and actions. Then go find something else to think and read about. Go read an article on this blog or others, go read the Bible, go find a way to love your neighbor or bless an enemy. Do anything but obsess over this saga. Too much time has been spent already.

  332. Peacebringer,
    Although I do not see your latest comment on here, I presume it will show before mine. I just wanted to say well said. You have extended grace to everyone who has commented on this issue, and I have observed the ‘to and fro’ (whilst deciding to refrain from further comment myself). The words ‘do good to those who despitefully use you’ keep coming to mind, and even though the last few attacks on yourself have been particularly spiteful, I believe you have shown restraint and humility. May God richly reward you. And I pray now that Miriam Franklin will, if there is indeed wrongdoing on her part, show the fruit of repentance so that all will witness the wonderful healing power of our mighty God. I also pray for Dr Manning, that though wronged, he will discover that in forgiveness there is great blessing and healing also.

  333. I have decided that end the end of the night I am going to close down diggory press threads to further comments. Anyone who wants to process reacting as a believer to Mrs. Franklin’s deceptive practices feel outside of hearing from Dr. Manning or those speaking on behalf of Mrs. Franklin to contact me personally or make comments on the forum which is more heavily moderated.

  334. May you receive a true blessing from the very heart of God Tim, Peacebringer, A true brother in The Lord Jesus Christ.
    Your Godly spirit and tenacity over several months has been an example to all who have followed this harrowing saga. Surely every single one of us has learnt some salient lessons from the intensity of the prolonged dialogue here, whichever direction one has leant towards, and for whatever reason.
    God only knows the the full and perfect truth of issues such as this one, and I suspect the VERY NEAR future for the church, US, will throw forth more and ever stronger challenges as we draw nearer to the endtimes of life on planet earth.

    Your opening request Sept. 11th last year was to pray for Miriam Franklin. Your closing sentences repeat that request. You have obeyed what you felt God inspired you to do, let us ALL now obey also what God inspires us to do throughout scripture….”PRAY WITHOUT CEASING” for a rapid and just conclusion to this whole affair.

    God Bless You Peacebringer.

  335. My last post here on this subject.. (which I will try to keep relatively succinct and to the point).

    Firstly, thanks to ‘Elizabeth A’ above for her comments. Even a small gesture of understanding is most appreciated Elizabeth.. thank you.

    Secondly, visitors here should know that Tim (Peacebringer) and I have exchanged a few messages in private over the past 48 hours, and have, I believe, come to a better understanding of each other’s position. We do not share the exact same opinions on a number of issues, but certain important facts and realities have been established and agreed upon, including mutual explanations and apologies for personal offences given and received. I appreciate the fact that Tim was willing to contact me privately, and I hope we can now part company on this blog with at least some measure of peace.

    I believe it is fair to say that both of us have learnt a good deal about the nature of online blogging, and the potential dangers that lie therein – especially when writing from a defensive position. Great hurt and damage can be caused by otherwise decent and honourable folk, when they feel that their faith, or their integrity is being challenged. This is why I restate my personal conviction that hosting a discussion of this type online (particularly in light of the resolve of the main protagonists), requires an extraordinary amount of discernment, experience and objectivity – or else one risks the whole thing descending into a parody of the original declared intent; to ‘bring peace’..

    Accordingly, I remain convinced that it is a dangerous practice to allow unidentified individuals to use online platforms like this, whereby they can launch accusations or attacks on others without due accountability. In this regard, and particularly in context of the core issue of transparency, I hope that readers will exercise their discernment in assessing which of the previous posts really deserve their attention and respect – and which posts are the product of a less-than-honourable source.

    In regards to Mrs Franklin, I too would echo Elizabeth A’s hope that she repents and changes her ways, but regrettably, after years of torturous dealings with her, I have little confidence that this can happen. However, I will nevertheless throw my own sincere prayers into the hat, and hope that a miracle might in time occur..

    Finally, one other important lesson I’ve learnt is that unless one is willing to devote oneself full-time to the task, it is practically impossible to prevent a determined detractor from abusing their targets on the internet. Until we get more accountability from internet regulators, unscrupulous individuals will continue their underhanded activities with relative impunity. So, better to treat such with the contempt they deserve, that to embolden and empower them by giving them the attention they crave.

    On this note, I am glad to see that the number of legitimate contributors to websites connected directly to Mrs Franklin, have greatly diminished.

    I regret any offences I have inadvertently caused, and wish all sincere posters and contributors here, peace and goodwill.

    A parting quote from a leader in the field of psychology, and the study of religion.

    “It is a fact that cannot be denied: the wickedness of others becomes our own wickedness because it kindles something evil in our own hearts.”

    Carl Jung (1875-1961), Swiss psychiatrist.

    I’ll now take my own advice, and move on to more fruitful and productive things..


  336. Dr. Manning, I appreciate that last communicatoin. I never intended to get into the middle of the saga, but alas by sharing my views and having an open approach led to enabling discussion going on more than be should. I hate having to shut down allowing comments of own accord, but alas the wisest course of action. All I can do is examine myself and see how to change how I communicate and pray for all those invovled.

  337. Okay, this thread is officially closed for comments. Feel free to contact me privately if need to discuss or process further. The forum at http://www.peacebringer.net/phpBB3 is available if you need to process with others your reactions and choices related to Mrs. Franklin. However, must bring the back and forth to a close and the respect sides can stick to their own resources. Pray for all those involved and that God works in their life, for this is all very, very sad.

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