Question of Week 9-9-9: Do you focus on God or something else?

This question comes from the very fact of todays date. In the man made calendar today is 9/9/9.  It is the kind of thing people can focus on and come up with all sorts of thoughts and ideas about.  It is but numbers and mankind created numbers.  Yet, it can be read to have a lot more meaning.  It is something else people can focus on outside of God and Jesus.  Other things that people can focus on include politics, family, prophecy, healing, pain, entertainment, work, and so on.  We easily can get sidetracked from that which is most important.  These other things can be good things to focus on and attend to, the problem is when it becomes the primary focus and actually supplants the pursuit of relationship with God and making disciples.  So where is your focus?


2 Responses

  1. It’s just numbers to me. But yeah, today I mainly focused on work because I was working. I was also sick while working, and really wanting to see the movie “9” instead of working. Also, I thought about how I have been planning on going to church soon, but I’ve been putting it off when I get the opportunity…

  2. So, is life a compartment that you are unable to focus on God when at work? Thoughts of work, of a movie you want to see, and how maybe you should go to church soon. Sounds like God is far down on where you focus. Not that you need to go to church to think about God. Reading the Bible, spending time in prayer is important. So the question is why the barrier to God and why is work and entertainment higher areas of focus for you? Really what is God to you?

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