Question of Week August 26: How do you pray?

This question for me is one that is key.  How do you pray?  Do you take the approach of giving God a laundry list?  Do you just do a quick hi, how is it, goodbye drive by prayer? Do you treat prayer as trying to get God to do for you? Is it something you feel you have to do?  Or do you treat prayer as relating to God including taking time to listen?

Prayer I find is something misused, mistreated, and ignored.  Do you realize that prayer is something common in world religions?  So it really comes down to your focus and who you communicate with.  So stop and think about how you pray and examine how you can alter your approach. Take time to study the Lord’s prayer and learn what it shows us about approaching and relating to God in prayer.


2 Responses

  1. Cool question! Didn’t spot this at the forum. I always greet Jesus by Name first of all. In formal prayer I’ll sat “Good Morning Lord Jesus, Holy be Thy Name”. Then I’ll just start telling Him whatever’s on my mind. I just tell Him whatever seems important any given day, and if things are quiet, I’ll find something or someone to pray for. I still don’t consider myself to be real good, but what I found is that honesty counts. If I’m not sure, I’ll tell Him why I’m not sure. In doubt, I’ve told Him why I doubt…

    Do I stop to listen? I don’t, because I don’t want my mind playing tricks on me. I let Him choose His timing and expression in speaking to me. It comes out in different ways, and different levels of intensity depending on whats going on. Comminucation from Jesus Christ is sometimes a soft persuasion, sometimes a gentle nudge in a certain direction, sometimes words that come when I’m trying to say something. There have also been uncommon occasions when He’s very overt. Times I could almost see Him, times I could almost touch His hand, times when His Voice or His Presence filled the sky! Times when His Spirit overflowed in my heart. Times when the Holy Spirit repeated Himself until I believed.

    What about you, Peacebringer? You say so little, just a hint here and there…

  2. I forgot to post it over as as seperate thread at the forum and really hasn’t been disuccussion on them so may stick to one thread.

    In terms of my own prayer life, it is an ongoing move. It is moment by moment turning something to God. I have definite initmacy issues and too easily get locked in my own head.

    I understand the fears of mind playing tricks on you, but the Sheep hear his voice and recognize it. I have had moments in my life, confused my own thoughts and wishes with his voice. But it is all the more clear.

    Sadly the approach to prayer is generally self-centered list of what we want and what our concerns are. Lists of prayer requests are self-focused needs and usually related to suffering. The Lords prayer contains only one small portion of petitioning God and comes after surrender to God’s will. Will start a thread on that…

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