August 19th, 2009 Question of Week: Do you follow Jesus?

This question is related to last weeks question.  Last weeks question encouraged you to examine the importance of Jesus in your life.  Does your life and choice reflect the importance?  This weeks question is related.  Do you follow Jesus?  Now this may seem a simple question but there are all sorts of things we can follow that appear to be about Jesus but is really another agenda.   In thinking about the question consider the people in your life, in your Church fellowship, in your community?  Are you simply following their lead and the ways of man or are you walking the steps and the path as Jesus leads?   A related aspect of this question is are you trying to lead Jesus and tell Him where you are to go?   The reality of this question is whose will is important.  Do you follow your will, do you follow the will of someone else, or do you follow the will of God?  Now with the question being asked, the purpose of these questions is not to give you an answer, but to encourage reflection and perchance possible discussion as God leads.  So the question this week is Do you follow Jesus?

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