Life: Celebrating a personal milestone

Well I have reached official word that I have been approved by the Minnesota Board of Psychology as a licensed psychologist. It is personal milestone that has been a long time in the making.  This milestone opens up the a time of transition and setting things up for what is ahead. Really everything I have been doing professionally has been preparation for this point. Now the prospects are wide open from what comes ahead.  There are choices and decisions to be made.  The achieving the independent professional license simply serves as the starting point for what is ahead.  Steps to be taken in the coming months include credentialing with insurance companies, finding an affordable local office to rent, furnish the office, begin local networking, develop marketing material, and other tasks involved in setting up private practice and doing so while maintaining current employment. 

A true burden to be lifted to reach this point. I have overcome several personal barriers to getting to this point. In the past I easily became comfortable with where I was and settled for what is comfortable.   Fear of success had it’s root and faith at times wavered.  It can be real easy to settle for what is manageable and be slow in pursuing what God has ahead.  Yet, God is faithful and patient. Perhaps there is a change of this milestone being reached earlier in my life and career, but the journey embarked is what happened and no point in second guessing the past.  Reaching this point is significant and look forward to what God will do and what God will lead. 

Honestly, it would be real easy to focus on building up my professional practice and get real wrapped up in self-growth. However, I want what I do with the future of my career to serve the first purpose of building God’s kingdom.  So please pray for wisdom and clarity as to what is needed to set things in motion and how God wants me to help others reach true wholeness and repair soul wounds.  Pray for God to bring people He wants to use me to help. Pray that I find favor with the insurance companies and all credentialing runs smoothly.  May God’s will be center to what is ahead.


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  1. Tim
    I am so proud of you!

    You may think you should have reached this goal sooner but I don’t think so.
    A LP has to have lived enough life as an adult to have gained some wisdom. I have observed that kind of growth in you and the personal attitude changes you spoke of in the last couple of years. So I think your right on time and the Lord will use you greatly in peoples lives.

    I trust I don’t need to warn you about the enemies desire to prevent you from stepping into Gods destiny – stay alert – donor fear and be very courageous are the scriptual exhortations that come to mind.


  2. Mazel Tov Peacebringer and family! I’m sure you have all sacrificed to get to this point. I’m sure that God has blessed you all in more ways than you can remember. May God order your steps and that of your family as you continue to walk in his purposes. This line of work you have chosen and are in is something that is truly needed in the lives of Christians…who only have secular counsel to choose from. Thanks for meeting the challenge!

  3. I posted on the forum some more specific prayer requests in this post:

    the content is:
    Currently I work 2 jobs. One at a hospital doing crisis intervention and the job is one that of doing “skills building” with in home individual and family “life skills” training.

    The hospital job is the core job at the moment. It provides the benefits and the majority of economic provision.
    The other job has been a source of experience and a chance to impact the lives of some, but always felt influence has been limited. At any rate, the amount being taken in from the job has been reduced over this summer as anticipating a transition to “in office” therapy over in home work.

    The initial plan now upon post licensure is 3 fold. Maintain hospital job. Start doing “in-office” therapy at my other employer, and start building private practice. A decision at my secondary employer will be to take a small hourly increase and remain paid by hour or move to a 60-40 split. The 60-40 split will mean waiting till $ come in billing wise from insurance companies. Also there is nothing withheld and as such considered “contracting.” So I need wisdom as to the best route to go on this front.

    The 3rd part of the plan is to find an office and beging establishing private practice. The steps needed to reach the goal are multiple.

    1. Locate an affordable office. My goal is to center in the Rogers, St. Michael, Albertville area. It is not well serviced by counselors and even less by Biblical based counseling services. The goal is to find a small office space to rent that runs no more the 300$ per month. Supervision had cost me 200$ a month.

    2. Begin insurance credentialling. This is a key step and most time consuming. The step involves lots of paperwork detailing experiences, supervision and so on. It is the way by which get approval from insurance companies to be reimbursed. This is a key step to being able to have a private practice. If do not become credentialed then the practice become a “cash only” business.

    3. Furnish office. This is just an expense that will need to occur, once have office. The plus side is the furnishings will be tax deductible. This is in my view like “buying seed.”

    4. Establish marketing materials. This is likely another expense and really something I need to focus on. How to build marketing material to generate business to practice. This includes business cards, logos, website, and other material that will give folks a reason to seek assistance.

    5. Networking: This will be a key tool to building a practice. A starting point will be setting up meeting with local pastors and connecting with local crisis resources so aware of service availability. Now long term plans may be to developing seminars that can be given with local congregations. Honestly that is something the does invoke some fear and is an overwhelming prospect at the moment.

    So folks please keep these prayers before you, as well as me being continually aware of needing to follow God’s steps and not just build my own kingdom here. For me it will be about helping those that God wants me to help. As such, pray for those that God will bring my way. And really above all discussion of planning, credentialling and the like the key is about having folks that God brings may way that He will use me to facilitate healing and repair and restoration to damaged souls

  4. Thanks donna. Missed your comment needing approval yesterday.

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