Question of the week: How important is your relationship with Jesus?

In an attempt to increase content consistency on this blog am going to give assurances of some quick posts on the same day per week. The first such posting series is a weekly question. The plan is to post a question each week with the intent of challenging where you are in your walk with Jesus. A good starting point for this series is to challenge you to think about your relationship and how important it is to you.

The reason this question comes to mind is because very often in the lives of professing Christians the relationship is not engaged. Personally, I struggle with spending time just being with Jesus versus operating from my knowledge of Him. I easily set time with Jesus aside for other distractions. Recently I have spending more time having things related to Jesus going on the background. Yet, the important note is that it is in the background. Now while it helps shape the mind with what is being put in, it is not the concerted time that equals the priority I saw I place Jesus in my life. My actions often do not match up to words.

Now I know the whys and sources, strengths and weaknesses that lead up to a bunch of excuses as to why I don’t spend more time just interacting with Jesus. On this blog you will find mentioned over and over again that the source of peace and joy is found in surrender to Jesus. In order to surrender to Jesus, there needs to be time put into the relationship that is beyond the background. On this blog you will find references of moving from Kingdom of self versus the Kingdom of God. Yet, our own little kingdoms is often what takes priority. Very often it is our very self that is really most important in spite of what we say is important. So the starting question this is week is to ask you to think about how important is your relationship with Jesus, really. Take time to reflect on it. Feel free to offer comments here or at this discussion on the forum:


4 Responses

  1. There is nothing more important than our relationship with Jesus, there is no job, no career, no activity, no other person that is more important than He is. How can there be – He gave up His life for me – how can I not give up my life for Him when in the giving up and surrendering I gain everything and more?

  2. This is true, but the point of the question is, does your life choices and decisions and behaviors reflect that? If Jesus is most important, and that being the Jesus of the Bible, the son of God come in the flesh, then how is that shown in your life. Is there consistency between stated importance and actual importance.

  3. Tim asked “Is there consistency between stated importance and actual importance.”

    How would that be measured?

  4. Not looking for a quantitive means of measuring it. It is a question to think over. It would related to how we live our lives, what we talk about. For example on facebook and many folks I know love God and say that Jesus is important but very little conversation or updates or anything relate to Him. So it is a question to ask and to reflect and even ask God what may be out of priority. Can I give folks anything to quantify it, no. I also know that to anyone what is seen on the outside doesn’t necessarily fit the inside. So someone who appears to be focused on family in a limited context has other ways the importance of Jesus in life and actions plays out.

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