No Longer Music: On church planting tour to Middle East

Hey folks, really neglected to inform readers of what No Longer Music is currently up to.  They currently have started a new tour to middle east and doing some church planting.  In order to find out more about their ministry see this post:

An update on their current tour can be found here: They can also be followed on twitter via the account: adpierce.

For more information on the tour objectives please go to this site:

Keep this ministry and thoughts and prayers as they are under a ongoing spiritual battle.

Here is a list of the current prayer needs for Steiger International, even beyond the No Longer Music Church planting tour:

Current Steiger Prayer Needs   

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for praying for the needs we have in Steiger. We would encourage you to fast a meal and pray through the needs listed below. If you know of someone who would like to partner with us in prayer please send us their e-mail address. If you have recently posted a prayer item that God has answered, write us back to let us know what God has done!

Here are the prayer requests for this week:

1. Praise God that most of the money for the No Longer Music tour has come in!  We are still about 4,000 US Dollars short, so pray that the rest of it would come soon.

2. Please pray for Drew Wade from Australia and Christian Faber from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  They would both like to work in our International Office in Karlsruhe, Germany, but both are having difficulty getting their visas.  Pray for supernatural intervention and favor in the eyes of the officials.

3. Please pray for Davor Edelinski and his family, who may need to leave the apartment they are living in.  Their landlady said she is leaving her husband and may need to move into the house where they are living.  The three room apartment they have now is priced under market value and they don’t have enough money to pay for a similar apartment.  Please pray that God would make clear where He wants them to live, that He’d provide for their housing and cost of living needs, and that they would be witnesses to their landlords, who are going through a difficult time. 

4. Pray for the NLM promoters and local teams in the Middle East, Croatia, and Finland.  Pray that God protects them and gives them favor with city officials and the media.  Pray for good weather for the outdoor shows and that God puts His angels around the stage and keeps people away that would come to cause trouble.

5. Pray that there is a great response to the NLM concerts and that hundreds come to Jesus.  Pray that we have wisdom on how to support those who respond in the Middle East and that the new church is firmly established.

6. Pray that David Pierce and the whole NLM team would be bold and courageous for Jesus and that everyone would stay healthy and safe.  Pray for team unity and wisdom in every situation.

7. Pray that David Pierce will know how to end each concert, what message to preach, and the best way for people to respond. 

8. Pray that all the NLM gear clears customs easily in the Middle East, that the drivers will have no problems at any of the border crossings, and that the van doesn’t break down.

9. Pray for Derek de Glymes who is at Free Zone, a Christian music festival in Sweden.  He is an American currently volunteering with Steiger in Germany.  He is running a Steiger booth and speaking there.  Pray for the right words as speaks and good connections with people he and the rest of the team meet at the booth. 

10.  Please pray that God would open up an opportunity for NLM to play in a club called Mochvara (“Swamp”) in Zagreb, Croatia.  The city square concert location had to be changed due to lack of money, but this location is even better and would reach more of the people from the underground scenes.  Pray that God would touch the hearts of the club owners and that they would let NLM play in their club. 

11. Please pray for the SHIFT Discipleship School from Steiger Minneapolis.  Pray that the Lord would give the leaders wisdom and discernment as they organize the curriculum, staff, and living situations.  Also, pray that He would lead the right students to the school.



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