General Prayer: On writing and managing blog, forum, and portal

Hey folks, if you not my posting original articles has dropped off as late. The main reason for that is I get to the point of getting overwhelmed with a project and distracted. Often get home with no real energy to write or when I sit down to organize an article realize it is becoming drawn out and then fail to get started. 

I need prayer for me to have the motivation and energy to write. Pray that God puts things in me to write that I will not be at peace until it is written. I have no shortage of material to write about. I know I need to find ways to write some simple, short, and helpful articles.

Also it is easy, when just writing on own with no deadlines, to keep setting things aside.  Pray for God to work in me for greater writing consistency as well.  I have found this to use the voice God has given me, just need to improve my reliability and get written the things God puts on my heart.

Pray for the forum that good, edifying interactions occur and that the discussions result in building up one another. Pray for God to draw folks to the discussion that will have needs met and be built up and help build up others.  Pray for folks to feel comfortable sharing what God has going on in their lifes.

As to the portal project, I have made little progress on that, and failure to do so means the porting of the Blog to keeps getting put off. 

Thanks for you prayers. It would be nice if you dropped a comment to let me know I can count on your prayers.


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