Michael Jackson’s real cause of death

Video presentation from Ray Comfort and Way of the Master posing questions to people on Hollywood Boulevard about death and salvation.


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  1. I love Ray Comfort. This is an excellent presentation of the gospel.

    The crazy world of Michael Jackson. Without doubt a brilliant musician. He led and others followed. Pop icon one minute, accused of paedophilia the next and finally on his momentous return he dies. This is the story legends are made of. Hollywood will one day make a film about his life. Yet this is also a sad story. His life was lived out in the public for all to see. Beyond the fame and the wealth, he was really a lonely person. The greatest tragedy is the tragedy for so many. Where in death does he lie and that is the question posed.

    Michael now believed to have been accidentally killed by his doctor whilst under antithesis. Court drama to ensue. The death of any individual is a sad affair. It brings to mind that in death you can’t take your wealth, reputation, or possessions with you. However there is a way to take your wealth with you. Not what you phsically can count or buy, but something better. Riches which Jesus says you can store in heaven. Those riches are only found in Jesus Christ. The riches of a soul which has been redeemed by the grace of God. A soul forgiven and cleansed.

    This is wealth no man can count and no bank can tally. The true eternal treasure which will not grow old, wear out or rust. No amount of time will depleat its value.

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