Musings on the life and death of Farrah Fawcett

The 10 comes to her end.

The "10" comes to her end.


Yesterday also brought the death of Farrah Fawcett. She again was a well known celebrity whose career came to prominence in the late 1970’s.  She is best known for her role in the television series Charlies Angels and for the movie 10.  At that time she was known as the standard for beauty.  She was the woman other woman wanted to be like and the men wanted to be with. 

After her time in the spotlight faded she later became known for some serious roles proving their was more to her then a woman with a beautiful body. She starred in movies such as The Burning Bed and the Apostle that received critical acclaim.  She is a woman whose name is mentioned most in this country have a memory. 

A cursory examination of her life shows she struggled in relationships. She had two failed marriages, one with Lee Majors, and the other to Ryan O’Neal.  Ryan clearly never stopped loving her, even if they could not be together.

The end of her life really was about the battle with cancer.  She left no stone un-turned in trying to defeat the disease. And cancer is an insidious disease that destroys living tissue and spreads.  Farrah was no different than any of us in her desire to prolong life.  She had hopes, dreams, and plans for her life.  Yet, she ultimately lost the battle with cancer.  Recently my step-mother won her battle with cancer with God’s help. I have seen my brother’s mother-in-law wind up on the losing end of the battle. It is a sad disease that took the life of Farrah Fawcett and one that causes much suffering.

Now in terms of thinking what to post regarding Farrah Fawcett the internet was searched to gain some sense of what she believed.  It seems she was raised a Catholic and had been observed engaging in Catholic type prayers when getting treatment in Germany.  Now granted, this is specualation but in her battle she did appear to turn to God, but she may have only turned to a religion.   When facing a battle and struggle with any type of suffering it is not uncommon for people to become religious, many in fact truely turn to God.  Only Farrah and God know what her relationship was and if she turned to Jesus in surrender and entered the true peace that is found in letting Jesus pay for our selfish ways. 

The question to examine is when searching for answers and truth and hope in the midst of suffering, is the search simply one that is something to alleviate suffering or is it finding truth and real peace in the  midst of the suffering.   Farrah had a tough battle, and I hope and pray she found true peace and sad over the prospects that she did not.  It would be grievous that she simply turned to religious practice in order to have some hope and yet missed what it is to be right with the Creator. 

Now, sure the reader may sit and think that a loving God would not allow suffering in the first place.  At some point on this blog the issue of suffering will be examined in further detail, but the simple answer is all suffering came as a result of turning away from the creator. All of creation suffers because of the sin of humanity.  A time is coming when all will be restored but there will be much more suffering both as a result of sin and the consequences for rejection of God. 

So take time to reflect on the woman of beauty who suffered so greatly.  How would you face suffering?  Would you look to find the peace of God, or simply fight to survive using whatever means you can, including assorted religious practices?   The only true healing is found at the cross of Golgotha where the lamb of God, Jesus the Messiah, dies so that all can be restored.  The restortation comes one person at a time.  Each person who agrees to let Jesus cover the consequences of their selfishness and surrender to him is one more that is set right.  Suffering comes and goes. Life is but a vapor and tomorrow we can be gone.  Today is the day to examine and settle where you stand before the Creator.  If you turn to Jesus it should not be about anything other then surrender of self to be right before a God who accepts you and loves you beyond imagination.  Loves so much that suffered far worse then any suffering produced by cancer and chemotherapy.   Times grows ever shorter, think today who you will serve.  Because as Bob Dylan once croo0ned “You gotta serve somebody.”


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