An possible answer to swine and other Influenza’s? Sambucol

     Well, just recently was directed to this article: The article hi-lights the discovery of Israeli scientist Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu. Sambucol is an herbal extract from elderberries that contains AntiVirin, isolated from the black elderberry, and three flavonoids according to this article: (Study shows Israeli elderberry extract effective against avian flu). A quick perusal of shows a range of pricing with a top price of about $30.00 for 7.8 ounce bottle.

    Upon reading about Sambucol, it strikes me the amazing goodness of God, who has placed things with in nature that can combat things like viral infections.  Here is a product, in nature that really does fight viral infections. It is also interesting that in a day and age where the potential for disease and illness and the prospects increase for a global pandemic, a simple answer is found by an Israelite scientist.  God is good and He is faithful.  Learning of this just draws me to praise God.

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  1. Just a heads up – there is a website called that sells Nature’s Way Sambucus for very much under retail. I pay around $12 – $14 for an 8 oz bottle. Nature’s Way is the original company that Dr. Mumcuoglu allowed to use & sell her formula. While I think she is no longer associated with that company, they still make & sell it. It is one of the very best that I’ve found. Even my little boy loves it & it has kept him from bringing home all the germs the kids share in school. You can also buy bulk dried elderberries & just make a strong tea to drink. I use 2 tablespoons of dried elderberries to one cup boiling water, steep covered about 15 minutes, strain, add honey & drink hot. I’ve quickly killed a few cold viruses that way. Less expensive too.
    I am in no way associated with either website, I just want to share what I know & have found!

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