St. Patrick’s Day reflections


Today is Saint Patrick ’s Day, and ias such is an excellent day to reflect with gratitude on the role of Ireland and Patrick in spreading the gospel.  Any study of the history of Ireland leads to the role of Patrick and his spreading of the gospel.  He took on the dark paganism of the Island with the truth of the Gospel.


Ireland became a place that sent out missionaries to other nations, the chief export you could say was Christianity.  Much of Europe had the Gospel presented to them at the hands and writings of the Irish.  God truly used and blessed the land and the people as God remained central.


Today’s Ireland is a much different story.  Many people look to the old Celtic paganism.  Beyond, the paganism though, Ireland has become a point where people are promoting the New World Order and new religious mindset that suggests that what you believe does not really matter, just as long as you work toward the greater good of mankind.  Such thinking is promoted by the likes of U2’s Bono and being born out of the violence that Ireland became mired in for decades.  They have moved from being a launching pad of promoting the true gospel of peace to a launching pad of a false gospel and false peace of tolerance.







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  1. Recent conversation with my mother leads me to add so clarification. There are many folks in Ireland that are following Jesus and not toward the path of Bono and others. It is also failing to attend to Ireland standing against the European Unions Lisbon treaty is a significant oversight. Ireland, like everywhere, has lots of current darkness and places showing light.

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