About recent blog silence.

My apologies for lack of new content on the blog. Still have a long list of articles to write and content to generate.  Development of the website portal is going slowly as well.  The forum is active but recently my contributions have been also reduced.

When I reflect on reasons for my decreased writing and increased silence, it is a matter of getting overwhelmed and needing rest.  Some significant stressors have hit including having a car engine damaged as well as communicating with a friend in a way that came off as hurtful.  Also in thinking about where I am and what is going on with me, there is some mildly depressed mood which can be connected to the high stress levels that have been occurring. 

Now, sometimes silence can be a good thing, a time of reflection or a time of recharging.  However, times of silence as well can be simply a time of withdraw and shrinking back.  I know I have a tendency to shrink back when under higher levels of stress. So my apologies on the decreased articles and slow pace of website development.  Please keep me in your prayers both in terms of being able to rejoice in stress and for strength to not shrink back from that which God directs me.

So my apologies for only having two article during the last month, it is well behind what I feel led to write and can use ongoing prayer and support. I fear I let the enemy get the better of me and pulled back.


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