Would you recognize Jesus?

Would you recognize Jesus?


This interesting though came up in a heated debate on the forum.  It is a question that really points to the question of whether our thoughts and ideas about Jesus would allow us to recognize him as He really is.  In actuality, we all have it wrong and may well fail to recognize Jesus. 


For example, consider the varied pieces of art depicting Jesus.  Most of the pictures recognizable today, portray Jesus as a European male who in generally attractive.  Yet,  Jesus biblically is described as being unremarkable in appearance.  Add on the fact that Jesus body was beaten, torn, and damaged.  His appearance would not likely be one that is attractive at all. 


Thinking through this question reminded me of a vision/dream my mother once told me about.  The vision had something to do with Jesus coming with an ugly and scarred appearance, and many would not recognize Him, however, if you got past the appearance, His love radiated, but his appearance was one that would bring a reaction of rejection by most.


Our failure to recognize Jesus would not be just about appearance though, we all may have expectations about Jesus and have well developed theological views regarding Jesus.  We may get so caught up in a perception about part of His make-up, that we fail to recognize other parts of who he is. 


The danger is, if we fail to recognize Jesus, is that we end up accepting a false Jesus, a false Christ.  When we insert our own expectations and concepts over the truth of who Jesus is, then the door is wide open for greater perception.  So the question really is, would you truly recognize Jesus, or has any perception or expectation clouded your view? 


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  1. Thank you for your keen insight.. May God bless your ministry.

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