Super Bowl Sunday Reflections

      Today is Super Bowl Sunday. It is the Sunday of the biggest entertainment spectacle of the year in the United States.  The game is one where companies pay the most just to advertise their brand during the game.  Families, friends, churches all get together for the game even if they have only a casual interest in the game.  The game and yes even the commercial’s are enjoyable, but recognize that after tonight it will be over, another Super Bowl come and gone, another winner declared for a year, interesting or horrid commercials talked about for a day or two, and then it is over.


    This year, many folks will be seeking to be entertained, for the country is in a dire place.  The economy is shrinking, people are losing jobs, it is a tough, dark world that for all the political promises out there does not appear to have hit the bottom yet.  Many hurting people are out there, getting a temporary distraction by watching the game, perhaps also imbibing in alcohol as a further way to distract and forget about the tough times.


    Yet, ultimately, the distractions are just temporary.  The economy will still be in bad shape and getting worse tomorrow.  Political promises will still have an appearance of wisdom but ultimately be about pandering and shoring up power.  The distraction will fade and nothing will be different, other then stories to tell about the football game or the commercials.  The sad thing is, for many people this day is the highlight of the year.  A grand spectacle that last but a moment and is over, that we people with our selfishness, settle for the temporary and constantly look for the next distraction. 


   Well, there is a more permanent answer, and it is not a temporary distraction.  Rather, no matter what is going on around you, you can have true and perfect peace which starts with getting right with God.  The only way to get right with God is by surrender of self.  It is accepting the gift if Jesus taking the penalty for all the selfishness.  It is turning all over, and in so doing, true peace will come. 


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