Stories of death compared to the true path of life

We live in tough times. Economic forces ebb and flow. People are losing jobs left and right. Awareness that while the economy has suffered significant setbacks, more difficulty can come soon. Basically where we are at is that the kingdoms people have built around themselves are being shaken. When things are shaken and darkness and corruption brought to light and the weak foundations that personal kingdoms are built on, some people get to a state of complete hopelessness. We may reach a point of complete personal hopelessness that people seriously consider desperate actions such as suicide. In the past month there have been three stories of people choosing the darkness of suicide at the collapse of their personal kingdoms.

Once such story is Adolph Merckle, a German billionaire who ultimately committed suicide after the economic hardships placed stress on his finances couple with a failed attempt to take over Volkswagen. He had dreams, goals and ambitions but yet they came to failure as took an unwise course of expanding his kingdom and met total failure. His personal kingdom collapsed and all that he put his faith in crumble, he chose to end his life in the face of that collapse. He couldn’t bear to lose the fortune or live with the stigma of dealing with a great fall.

Another story is that of Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuche, who invested heavily with Bernie Madoff. Not only did he invest in Bernie Madoff’s scheme, but he also used his connections with European aristocracy to get others to invest heavily as well. When Bernie Madoff admitted to having no money and his Ponzi scheme collapsed it caused a collapse of Monsignor’s kingdom of finances and reputation. Monsignor Villehuche built his personal kingdom on lies, and spread those lies to others. He ultimately reached the point where he couldn’t cope with being deceived and deceiving and took his own life.

The third story is far more tragic. It is the story of Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, also known as the Santa Killer. He is a man who defined his own kingdom by his family and the woman he married. He was unable to handle the divorce as the women he loved rejected him and his personal kingdom collapsed. He became angry and killed several people and is reported even to have intended to kill his own mother, and ultimately lost his life in the process.

These three stories are tragic and point to how easy our own personal kingdoms can come to a sudden end. If we place our hope on what we accomplish, our reputation, or our relationships they all are fragile, and easily destroyed. And there are spiritual forces out there working to bring each of us to a point of hopeless despair that only leads to death and destruction. They expanded or held on to what they thought was theirs and the forces of evil used it to draw them into death of self or others. As the bible states in Proverbs 14:12 (NIV)   12 There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. Suicide or murders are only one form of destruction that can occur. Ultimately all forms of building our own kingdoms will result in destruction. Unfortunately, many are headed toward destruction and pay no mind; they are wrapped up in their personal goals and agendas seeking after the things that are desirous, many believing lies and extolling them. We each can be no different than these three men.

There is another path; it is a path of moving beyond self. It is a path of loving others and giving. It is a path that is only found in Jesus. Others will be touting self-sacrifice and sharing and giving to others, being tolerant of their choices that lead to destruction, but it is all empty outside of Jesus. The reason being is there is no righteousness, no goodness, no real reaching out to others outside of surrender to Jesus as Messiah. We are all selfish and the only way to get past the selfishness is through turning our own kingdoms over to Jesus and submitting to Him. There are two choices, the path of destruction, which is very attractive, or the path of life, which does not offer immediate gratification of self or an easy path, but is the only way to true hope and peace.


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