Roe vs Wade Anniversary Reflections

Today is the anniversary of a court decision which remains one of infamy. 36 years ago the United States Supreme Court rendered a decision that legalized abortion. It was a day that in part changed the landscape of this country. We have seen increased sexualization of the culture. We have seen a drop in population growth and the subsequent economic effects. It is a decision that has great impact and consequences.

Several issues that are major concerns and hot topics can trace back to the legalization of abortion as a connected. Illegal immigration and lack of enforcement can be traced to the government allowing illegal immigration in order to replace lives lost. Some of the economic concerns can be connected to abortion through the significant post-boomer reproduction. Now, it is true that many other factors play a role in these significant issues but there is also a connection to the legalization of abortion and the taking of human life.

This writer’s perspective on this manner is that this country has gone through a period of time emphasizing self and pleasure above all else. If you have sex and have an accident, no fear you can abort the fetus. Yet, such a decision is not an easy one, but one made just once is once too often. The act of abortion and taking such a life harkens back to times when pagan practices involved the sacrifice of infants. Today, essentially lives are sacrificed to the altar of self. Yet, all the protesting and politicizing will not alter the course that is set. Yes, perhaps the decision can be reversed, yet if it is the matter would go to the individual states to reside. Another distinct prospect is the congress will legislate to make restricting the choice for abortion illegal. Regardless, the emphasis on self will not change.

Granted, we live in a time of crisis where people are being courage and perhaps even mandated to move beyond self, to do something to “help” society. Yet, any of those efforts really will not get past the heart of the pursuit of self-satisfaction. Self-pursuit is prevalent and even those who emphasis doing things to better society still have at their foundation an elevation of self. Just take a look at books and new age promotional materials and it is all about elevation of self.

There is another way, a way far more narrow. It is a way that involves surrendering all of self. It is a way not based on the whims of beneficence but rather a turning from self and surrender to another. The surrender is to that of Jesus the Messiah, the soon and coming King of Kings. He is one who gave up His life so that all who turn to him receive the gift of salvation. It starts with a turning from self and accepting a gift. Now even if all people in this country accepted the gift of salvation, still the consequences of the past choices in this country will come. We face some of them now. And ultimately the consequences come from not just choices to abort a life, but from all choices elevating and seeking to serve self. So if you recognize your own selfishness and the selfishness all around, please consider turning your life to Jesus in surrender, because only in so doing is true life and peace and joy and satisfaction found.


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  1. You might enjoy some writings and articles from Peter Kreeft. “The Apple Argument” is one of these.

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