Christmas Reflections

Well another Christmas season has come and gone and soon the New Year will be upon us. However, still have some thoughts about Christmas. This season has brought this writer a lot of searching into the roots of Christmas and prayer over the appropriateness of celebrating Christmas. The reflection started with a reminder of the pagan roots to Christmas as well as the purposeful change from any connection from Judaism due to antiemetic mindset of Constatine.

Christmas and Easter were designated as an attempt to reach culture with The Gospel and the celebration of Jesus Birth and Resurrection were selected on days set aside already for pagan deities such as Mithras. It was a clear changing of times and seasons that are part and parcel to antichrist. Yet, for many believers in the Gospel today, it is the prime day that the birth of our Messiah, Yeshua is commemorated.

Today Christmas is either largely secular with focus on gifts, materialism, and family or it is about Jesus. From the secular perspective, it is where the essential elements of the culture are celebrated and even a key component to the health of our economic system. As the Christmas holiday consumerism goes, so goes the economic health of the United States. Most people in the United States are generally aware that Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus and his birth. Yet, even so they fail to fully grasp the depth of the Gospel. In fact, ultimately many false views of Jesus get wrapped up and celebrated on Christmas day. Christmas for many is blended as is the culture of the United States of America with a majority of Americans failing to truly grasp the essential components of the Gospel, that Jesus in the only way to True Peace by having our sin and selfishness redeemed, if we accept the gift and turn away from self.

Some people are aware of the pagan roots and see the day and the symbols as really being a way folks give own to the demonic pagan deities at the root. Yet, God is in full control and there is no day which darkness has the true authority over and there is no symbol which darkness owns. God can and does redeem all. God is in control. For this writer, Christmas is about God’s redemptive work. No while Christmas was established by man, God does direct us to remember and commemorate His moves and actions. Christmas is a time for commemorating God’s redemptive work through given us the Messiah Yeshua who by his taking on sin we can be redeem and all darkness is and will be defeated. So this writer will continue to celebrate Christmas, with full recognition of roots, for it is a day that celebrates redemption. Yes, it was set up by man, it has pagan roots, but it is a day that Honors God if the heart of the person is worshipping and honoring God. So for each person, what do these holidays mean to you? Are you caught up in cultural Christmas, do you blend celebrating Jesus and the cultural celebration? What is this time of year about?