News Commentary: Hilton Sex Scandal

Today the Star Tribune posted another article regarding sexual impropriety and scandal. This time it involves Hilton Executives who reportedly had an orgy in a Hilton banquet room that ultimately led to two employees leaving or being terminated from employment. Unlike the recent Metrodome incident, this incident involves people in positions of corporate power engaging in recreational sex but also using their power to dismiss those that had a problem with the event or refused to go along with the event.  The event would be considered similar to the infamous Vikings “Love Boat” the difference being the location.  This is a another example of folks who ultimately have deep emptiness turning to sexuality and substances to satisfy themselves with momentary pleasure.  It also displays what can happen when positions of power give individuals perhaps a sense of entitlement and invulnerability. 

       In terms of entitlement, it seems that when people attain levels of power it is often followed by several indulgences that often accompany the increase in power.  The more money and more you have, you have more access to whatever you want.  At some point, individuals can reach a point where they believe they have the right to do whatever they want.  In terms of this Hilton executive scandal, it can be viewed as they run the Hotel, they can do what they want within the privacy of their Hotel. If they want to use one of their banquet rooms for a party that devolves into a drunken orgy, they have that right.  Ultimately it becomes a viewpoint that these people in power view the power as giving them the right to do whatever they want and whatever anyone else thinks is irrelevant because they have the power and authority.  This kind of mindset can be seen here or anywhere any type of scandal rises to the surface.

      These people in power can also exhibit a sense of invulnerability.  It is a matter not only that they can do what they want, but that no matter what they do they can overcome any consequences.  Some people reach a level of influence, money, and power that they reach a point where there is no fear of consequences.  Perhaps years have gone by doing the exact same thing and no one complained or had any problems.  The longer a person goes without facing consequences or only receiving minimal consequences, the concern over consequences diminish.  However, there is a Biblical principle based on Numbers 32:23 that your sins will find you out.  Ultimately, no one is invulnerable to consequences.   Each of us sooner or later will face consequences to what we do. 

       And in reality, it is not just people in power who exhibit tendencies toward entitlement and invulnerability. Each of us in our own self focus exhibit both.  Anything that happens or reported we all have the capacity to do.   We all have selfish pursuits and things we feel we have a right to have and often do things thinking that we won’t face consequences.  Often times we do not, but ultimately there comes a time when the consequences occur.  If not in this life, then certainly in what comes after death.

      There is only one answer that gets us away from self centered pursuit.  There is only one way for ultimate freedom from the eternal consequences of our selfishness.  The answer is the Gospel. The answer is accepting Jesus sacrifice as taking on the consequences of our own selfish actions.  Only in Jesus is there freedom and true peace.  Yet, in this day and age not only is there a lack of regard for the temporary consequences of this life, but no consideration for the eternal.   Where are you today?  Are you caught up in your own pleasures and distractions.  Are you any different then the people being reported on in the article?  Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  Please consider your eternal position and let Jesus pay the price for you.  Turn from your selfish pursuits and turn to Jesus.  It is worth it.

2 Responses

  1. Before you start preaching about Jesus take a look at who you are reporting on. I’m not talking about April – take a look at Deb Smith. A “Christian” mother does NOT stay out drinking after hours while her kids are at home- being fired from jobs because of it, was arrested for drunk driving with her kids in her vehicle. Please get facts straigt before you let her continue to play victim role she always has.

  2. Actually I made no comments about the “people” per say and rather making comments about people in general. I have no idea of the spiritual status or claims of anyone. Regardless the kind of situation is actually not uncommon. Many people who profess even to be Christian fail to really know the True Peace because locked into seeking there own will, have pains that they are trying to medicate rather then get healing. As I said in the article, we all struggle with entitlement and feelings of invulnerabilty. Obviously whoever you are, you have a lot of anger related to this person. Please really take a good look at my article and other posts on this site. The fact is we are all sinners. I am far from perfect, even someone who tries to depend on Jesus. I recently went two and half weeks without posting on the site because I got caught up in my own distractions. What I do is pray for all of you. Pray that some how in all this that you can see the light of Jesus. There are plenty of people who claim one thing but don’t let the reality really touch there lives. Following Jesus is not about going to church. It is about surrender of self. Whoevere loses their life will gain it. Sure if I knew more of the story of all the people involved my heart would be grieved. There is healing, restoration, and forgiveness available to all through the Grace of Jesus. The behavior you describe about Deb Smith is typical of an addict. The road the go down destroy many. But that is the pathway of self centeredness. Ultimatley we all are on a path to destruction. None of us are invulnerable, and that is and was the point of my commentary. My you personally get a touch of God’s love and peace if you take the time to read what is written hear. You have given me and other readers more to pray about this situation, and I am grateful you bring that more to awareness.

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