Update on Step-mother and ongoing prayer request.

Well the results from the liver biopsy returned and came back positive for cancer.  The internist also told my father and Janie they were concerned about spots on her lung, which is weird because were told that chest X-Ray was negative.  She will have a bone scan tomorrow. 

     This news came as a gut punch since every one praying for her had faith and confidence she would come back clean from cancer.  However, it turns out this battle is not that easily won.  The events my father described of the process of the day definitely point to a battle going on.  Last night she had a roommate who also had a friend visiting.  They were loud and kept Janie up most of the night.  They left today, when they left, Janie and my Father felt the Peace of God again.  However, shortly there after waiting all day and communicating that there was nothing documented in her chart, the internist came and gave the bad news, left, saying options would be reviewed tomorrow. 

    Now, I must confess that I felt enough confidence that the test would come up clean that I relaxed a little and didn’t spread the word to pray as far as possibly could or even spend much time talking to God about it, cause felt it was settled.  So lesson learned there, that until you know the results of a matter, continue to pray because the enemy does not relent. 

     Personally, I have not been given any direct discernment.  My wife when praying about it, feels she gets an answer back that this situation is “rain.”  She distrusts what she believes she hears from God because in the past she felt she got a word from God about a 17 year old male in our congregation, named Allen Ellingson,  that hand brain cancer, that we would be perfectly healthy.  Turns out she perceived the health here on earth, when  God simply took him to where there is no more suffering and pain.

    My dad and his wife had also expressed confidence. Janie reported that while praying with their pastor and his wife (Mark and Julie Maxhausen) that she received Psalms 117 and 118 as a word from God.  The pastor and his wife have told them to continue to believe in God’s promise. It is tough and faith does waiver.

     There are tons of emotions clearly going through all the people that care for Janie. The emotions range from denial, to anger, to confusion, to grief, helplessness, and to fear.   Personally, I have written about rejoicing always as a Thanksgiving article, little did I know the test that was coming.  Over the weekend God had me at peace and able to rejoice. Today, it is hard and the emotions can overwhelm.  However, as I write this what comes to my mind is “The Joy of the Lord is my strength.” God has used Janie to touch a lot of people as a tool to help free them from snares and heal spiritual and psychological wounds.  The enemy stirs up fears of all the people who could fall back to past snares and healing wounds re-opened as a result.  God has to have bigger plans.  So, all those that read this blog or happen upon this request pray.  Email me or leave comments for me to pass on to them as you feel led.  Above all, God will be glorified and His will, will be done.  Those of us around the situation have varying degrees of faith.  Yet, when storms come, always our faith is little compared to the greatness of God, this is a lesson previously learned in my life.  God is always faithful.  So to wrap this post up, I do so with thanking and praising God for what He intends to do in this instance regardless of my will.  I believe God will heal Janie of the cancer and that the enemy will not be defeated.  God is good and His mercy endures for ever.  He alone is Holy and Worthy of praise.

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  1. Hello, I am new to this website and to this posting, so please forgive me if I stumble in my attempts to encourage you. The kingdom of God is a wonderful reality hidden for us, not from us. So it is good that we understand the need to perevere in seeking the goodness that God has prepared for us. I want to give you some trustworthy sites where the information you receive will profit you greatly in seeking healing for this situation.

    First, there is a tension sometimes between what God has said, what we believe he wants, and what we are experiencing. It is necessary to hold to what he has said and what we believe and not to vary because of any report or circumstance. You can find some absolute keys for this walk in the media page of Bill Johnson Ministries wwwbjm.com . Look for “The Aboslute Key” a 5 minute note which will have more effect on your life than any 5 minute sermon you have ever heard.

    Second, have Janie go with you to http://www.awmi.net, the site of Andrew Wommack Ministries and go to the healing testimonies page. Each one is significantly different and each one shows a part of the process that th is battle can take, and how the Lord wants to work in them. They are amazing stories… and it is needful for the person needing healing to participate in different ways. See which one speaks to Janie. It will benefit her greatly.

    Then also, Bethel Church in Redding California has a goal of removing cancer from their community. Bill Johnson pastors here and the results they see in bringing the will of God to be established on earth as it is in heaven are simple phenomenal.

    These two ministries have the integrity you can trust, althought they are not related. When fighting a battle with cancer, the teachings of Andrew Wommack are equipment, while the teachings of Bill Johnson are the battle plan. When you undertake this battle and the victory is seen (and please remember it was won when Jesus was raised from the dead) don’t keep it for yourselves, but go fight it for the others who have not known him so that the gospel of the kingdom of God is heard. Carolyn Spence, Clovis, NM

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