The Hooked Goose: A picture with spiritual signifigance

Take a moment and prayerfully consider this picture.  Ask God to reveal to you the spiritual significance of this picture, then come back and read my thoughts.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and what God speaks to you in the comment section. 
Notice the lure

Notice the lure





Okay, hopefully you have taken time to prayerfully consider the picture.  My first reaction to the picture was first it being a symbol of being yoked. Yet, with the lure being stuck in the goose it didn’t seem to quite fully fit.   Then my attention shifted to the nature of sin being a trap and that the Enemy has many for of bait sitting there to trap and entangle people.  There is no shortage of ways a person can get ensnared including the range of sexuality, drugs, entertainment, food, money, power, and so on.  Once we get drawn and hooked by a particular lure, there is always temptation to return.  The variety of sins are much like this lure.  We get used to them, not even notice, but every once and while feel the pull and get led off course.  This picture to me represents a typical Christian.  We are infilled with the Holy Spirit (goose is a symbol of Holy Spirit in Celtic Christianity) yet we have various sins that we have been hooked by that pull on us to lead us astray. We can have those hooks removed.  We can be delivered from the snares but there are specific steps, just as there would be steps to remove the lure in this picture.   Biblically the steps involve repentance, submission, forgiveness, reconciliation, and faith and probably others. At some point on this blog further examination on the steps to freedom over the snares of sin while occur.  Take some time to think for yourself about the snares you have that may pull at you, what keeps you from moving in the direction God has for you.


One Response

  1. Yeah, that is an interesting picture and allegory of life/sin.
    I was drawn more to how it is embedded under the skin, nothing that bird will be able to do to remove it. The skin grew over it is how it appears, if I am looking in the right spot.

    I would comment that their are two significant aspects needed.
    1) We need Jesus, Yeshua Raja(hindi for King Jesus), the life giver. It is the kindness of Jesus that leads people to repentance as spoken in Romans and other places in the scriptures, the knowledge of God’s offering of mercy and even more a relationship that leads a person to be open to God, not hiding (1 John 1) from the one who knows all things.
    We are told that Jesus is our bread and water but we choose to live differently and seek out broken and empty cisterns (Jeremiah) that hold no water; thinking it will fulfill. Until we seek out Christ and nothing else as our treasure in life we will struggle with sin (Colossians 3). Yes, a never ending process until the final day.

    2) What is problematic about our culture and a trap we all fall into is the lack of honesty and truth with others. Simply put, you need other people to be involved with you, be in a sincere and loving supportive accountability. The new testament has a theme of community woven throughout it. Without the assistance and help of brothers and sisters in Christ we will remain enslaved and in bondage. Community is vital to the health of a Christian. There should be no struggle that occurs without people being involved.
    This is contrary to everything we learn on being independent and self-sufficient in the USA. But, God is truth and we are called to be truthful to one another. There is nothing you do or do not do that is uncommon to man. But, real honesty and sincerity and mutual support in the church is a rarity and it prevents real freedom.
    I’ve seen a lot of freedom from people confessing sin to one another and leaning on others for help. The Spirit moves mightly and change happens.


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