New prayer request: Family member illness

Just received an email from my father and he indicated that his wife, Janie, is being admitted and likely has matestized breast cancer.  She went to emergency room tonight for further check on what is happening because she hasn’t been feeling well. She was diagnosed with gall stones but they also did a CAT scan and observed cancer on the liver. She previously had breast cancer. My dad said they were watching a hard spot on liver but hadn’t been concerned until the CAT scan results.  So please pray for my father and his wife and pray for God to move with healing.

One similar note, my sister-in-law’s mother, Nancy,  recently was diagnosed with matstesized cancer to the bones.  Please pray for both these woman. It is hearing these kinds of news that makes it difficult to rejoice and open grounds for anger over suffering, illness and disease.  I wrote an article about rejoicing in the tough times, and pray that my family can be at a point of rejoicing.  Pray for God to move in the life of Janie and Nancy in the midst.


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