Prayer request update: Mother’s health

My mother’s vision problems have been diagnosed as a Rod dysphasia.  Essentially she has a narrowing of her visual field and trouble seeing in low light.  She recognizes she cannot drive at night. She was told that she won’t lose total vision, however, she may lose her ability to drive once her driver’s license is up for renewal.  Her retinal specialist told her it wasn’t Retinitis Pigmantosis, but my mother is wondering if that is the case or not. 

My mother’s rheumotologist did confirm that she has Lupus which is actually related to her having  Sjogren’s  syndrome.  All these conditions are things she has had, and no anything new.  It is a relief to finally know that cause of some of her difficulties with health. 

So please continue your prayer’s for God’s will in these matters in my mother’s life.


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