Halloween: Reflections on three foundational elements of the celebration

Today is Halloween, a day that many, both young and old,  look forward to celebrating.  For some, it is a day they look forward to above all others.  However, what does the day really celebrate.  There are three distinct elements the encompass the celebration.  The day celebrates fear, selfishness, and deception.  This article will examine each element of this celebration a little more closely. 

    Lets take a look at the first element fear.  Now fear in and of it self is not a bad thing.  We are created with emotions, and fear is one of them.  Halloween seems to be more about celebrating all that generate fear.  It is taking a look at all that moves about in the dark places and celebrating the power that generates fear.  Monsters, demons, serial killers, all that is dark and evil is celebrated.  Why do we celebrate these things.  Some may argue that ultimately it is to reduce the power these things have to generate fear. However, the exact opposite occurs.  The things of evil and darkness are given more power. The day actually minimizes the true power and reduces the evil and darkness to silly things that no one takes seriously. When we celebrate the dark things that ellict fear, as we ramp up exposure to them, these things seem less scary and ultimately seem less a threat.  So as the things that generate fear are celebrated, the power of evil to influence grows as the threats are minimized and reach a point where not taken seriously.

The other foundational element celebrated is selfishness.  Selfishness is a key element to the celebration.  Engaging in trick or treating is at is core celebrating selfishness. It is all about getting what you want and doing so with threat of harm if you do not get it.  It is a day when people feel comfortable pursuing base things and seeking after assorted pleasures that elevate self.  This should be no surprise because the religions that consider Halloween an important day have at the core of their religion elements of self-entitlement.  This can be seen in Wicca, the New Age Movement, Druidism, and any other pagan based religions.  So, Halloween in essence celebrates self-empowerment and teaches seeking after our own desires. 

The third element that is celebrated in Halloween is deception. This is seen in the use of costumes and masks.  It really celebrates pretense and masks. It really plays out the human propensity to hide and defend through what is seen to be harmless fun.  However, if examine closely it is a celebration of they way each of use deception and makes deception thought of as something “fun.”  It celebrates the ways we lie, hide, and protect.  Deception is the rule of the day.  There is little awareness that what is celebrated actually serves to spread being comfortable with deception as well as awareness of the damage all deception does.

So in essence Halloween celebrates darkness at the core through elevating fear, selfishness, and deception.  Ultimately such a celebration really simply results in making each of us more comfortable with the darkness around us and in our own lives. The truth is celebrating the darkness leads to destruction.  There is often great evil done on this day.  Ultimately the great evils done are not the worst. It is the simply minimization of evil and elevation of self that are the core elements that will lead to destruction.  The sources of fear, the selfishness, and deception is simply made to be non-threatening when they are the key elements that drive us from faith and away from God.   The truth is found in the light of Jesus the Messiah.  All the powers of darkness, sources of fear, selfishness, and deception have no power. They have all been defeated at the cross.  So on this day, I praise God for the work of the Cross.  I praise God for his setting me free from all that is dark. The things of darkness have no power in comparison to the light of Jesus. The things of darkness have been defeated and their time is short.  So while in these days and times the powers of darkness seem to have full sway and certainly manifest on these days of celebratory evil, it is but temporary.  All praise to the one true God who sent Jesus to cleanse us from selfishness. The things of this earth and flesh, like Halloween can bring momentary pleasure, but it is temporary and comes with a cost.


3 Responses

  1. ‘…the religions that consider Halloween an important day have at the core of their religion elements of self-entitlement. This can be seen in Wicca, the New Age Movement, Druidism, and any other pagan based religions. So, Halloween in essence celebrates self-empowerment and teaches seeking after our own desires. ‘

    I find this interesting. I don’t recognise the practise of being self-aware as selfishness. Nor do I celebrate fear, or deception on this day, or any other.

    Samhain, All Hallows Eve, is a celebration for pagans because it is the time we remember those who have gone before. We remember our roots, the people that brought us to this life, our ancestors, our friends. We look to the year ahead and put in place the efforts required to do better, aim higher.

    I am not afraid of these. I am not deceiving, either myself or others, because I am looking at myself with honesty and a will to change.

    Humans are born with free will, so of course there’s an element of self empowerment. Jesus gave you a choice; my goddess and god gave me a choice. We pray for strength and do our best, each and every day.

    If you insist on believing stereotypical caricatures of fringe religions like Wicca, witchcraft and paganism in general, you will have to excuse people like myself calling you account, which I do with respect.

    Finally (and I say this a lot, but I’ll say it again) there is no need whatsoever for you to be tagging your posts Wicca, Samhain, Paganism etc. I can only assume that you are TRYING to get Wiccans to read your posts and engage you in debate. Please, unless you have an open mind do not try to do so.


    The Green Witch

  2. Sorry you felt falsely drawn to this article. I tagged what I felt was important. Do I want people to read this, sure. Not looking for what you would consider debate. I am always open to better understanding, but I will always point people to what I consider to be the truth. I don’t believe in the “broad path” answer that it doesn’t matter what path, they all lead to the same. There is a broad path with many streams that all leads to destruction and there is the narrow way. So, no I am not open minded.

    This article not addressing what you as a Wiccan or others celebrate per say, cause I am not privy to those celbrations. I am referring to what we culturally participate in on this day. The “rituals” of Halloween.

    Now I made no reference to self-awareness, self-awareness is a whole other discussion. I pointed toward self-entitlement, which is about generating more power for self. This is a key foundation to wicca, new age, druidism, and paganism. The practices of the occult are centered on elevating of self. And yes, there are bowing to other gods and goddesses and what all they promise you. The one true God ultimately gives us all a choice, and we always have choices before us. Now I am certainly open to hearing any arguement as to why what you believe is not about self-empowerment. Certainly you can clear up any misconceptions I have.

  3. […] on discussing three elements at the foundation of Halloween: fear, selfishness, and deception in a blog article. This year the thought on my mind is whether the day can be considered harmless. My answer to the […]

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