Prayer request update: Post mother’s vision test

Well my mother had her test on Monday and we are awaiting the results. She reported an awful time getting to the appointment, and whatever could go wrong seemed to do so. 

In terms of healing prayers and restoration of vision, mother commented that God’s healing and restoration doesn’t always happen ways we think.  This is very true, including the healing of death. 

Mother did seem to get perhaps an answer to something that may have been wrong with her and may contribute to vision problems.  The nurse performing the test asked her how long she had the “lupus butterfly” which is apparently a kind of blush or raise lupus sufferers exhibit.  My mother explained that in 1992 she had a really difficult time health-wise with severe pain in hands.  I always thought it just was figured to be fybromyalgia but this is not the case.  She was given a medication that also treats lupus.  Mother intends to seek out her rheumotologist (an appointment she also had yesterday and missed) and explore that possibility.   Above all continue praying and through this all may God shine light and glory to Him.


One Response

  1. Still praying….

    Your mother said:

    “…restoration doesn’t always happen ways we think”

    That is so true.

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