Untimely Death: Former Minnesota Viking Fullback Chuck Evans, RIP

Well learned today that former Minnesota Viking Fullback Chuck Evans died on Sunday of a heart attack. The death was sudden and unexpected according to the Star Tribune article.  Anytime some dies unexpectedly it is a reminder that life is but a vapor.  We never know what tomorrow will bring.  Hearing about such death is a ready reminder of our mortality and a good time to reflect on our eternal condition as well as the condition of those around us. Ultimately the time for each of us is always short.  The end will always come soon.  Granted, some go through much pain and suffering before the end, but none the less, it is always just too soon for those left behind.  We know not what tomorrow will bring, death comes for us all. 

     I encourage each person reading this to consider your relationship with God and your eternal state.  There is a simple step to take to get right with God and have your eternal place secured. The simple step is easy, yet requires all. It is surrender to the King of Kings. It is accepting God’s give of the sacrifice of Jesus as a covering for all your selfishness.  I pray Chuck Evans was right before God. It is too late for him, it is not to late for anyone still alive.  In wrapping up this post, I pray the God gives Chuck Evans family comfort and peace and may they become more aware of God and His love, in spite of deep grief.


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