News Commentary: The Stock Market drops, related Economic Instability, and Connections to the Future

     Well, today the market takes a big drop in spite of the governments “rescue” plan passing last week. The question is why the big drop.  Here are some answers: The economies in Europe and Asia are also showing signs of trouble, rrecognition that the “rescue” plan provides no immediate answers, news beginning to spread of corporate downsizing in varied sectors, and other varied other pieces of news on economic fronts.   

    The fact is there are no easy answers to the economy right now.  The “rescue” plan does nothing to solve any of the difficulties out there.  A piece of positive news is the Bank of America settlement which will re-negotiate mortgages for several holders of bad mortgages without additional cost.  The question is will the market correct it self or simply have a grand fall?  Time will tell. 

       In reflecting about the market it is fueled more often by emotion then sound logic and investment principles.  At some point the collective mood will reach such a point that the global economy will collapse. We do not know when this will occur, but by the very nature of economic forces and total bottom will be reached at some point when all ways of reviving and boosting the economy falter.  It is the consequence of unbridled greed and the ever chasing after more. 

     Each individual when facing such times of uncertainty need to examine themselves.  What are you depending on.  Is your security in life dependent on the whims of the financial markets and the acquisition of wealth and goods?  Or is your security found in something more? True security and true peace is found only in Jesus. Faith and dependence on Jesus does not result in the absence of bad times, but rather the ability to stand with peace in the midst of storms.

    A time is coming when there will be promises of coming together and moving beyond the constant need for more.  A time is coming when there will be one who promises the world and offers tidy programs that will appear to answer all.  The plans will be as faulty as the governmental attempts at financial “rescue” but very few will recognize the truth.  This man will offer peace and tolerance and sharing and other concepts but the peace will be insecure and faulty.  And this man will exhibit the true nature by exerting all worldly power for his whims.  In contrast, the true messiah points each in the direction of serving others and reaching out to those in need, not because me must, but because of God’s love.  

     Now the time may be soon that such things happens, the time may be coming, or the time is yet a ways off. God only knows, but each person needs to be ready and find what things get in the way of a relationship with the creator.  Each day that goes by, the time is ever shorter. Today is the day of salvation.  Submit to the King of Kings and accept the gift of having the price for your own selfishness paid by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Today is the day.


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