Rosh Hashanah: A reflective look

    Most Christians are ignorant of the Jewish festivals. We settle for the Christmas and Easter celebrations as being reflective of the gospel.  We miss a lot.  Certainly an greater understanding of the Gospel and of communion can be had by attending a Passover Seder.  Unfortunately, we lose out on lessons God has for us by not attending to the festivals God established. 

      Just recently Rosh Hashanah occurred on September 30th.  Most Christians have no idea what Rosh Hashanah is about.  Some may know it is the Jewish New Year, some may know it as the Feast of Trumpets, but we in reality have no clue to the meaning or importance of this festival, much less any of the others. 

     In trying to learn a little of the meaning of Jewish festivals I have learned that the biblical festivals have two seasons.  The first season includes Passover, Unleavened Bread, Frist Fruits, and Shavout (Pentecost)  and those festivals point to appear to have been fulfilled.  Rosh Hashanah is the start of the fall festivals.  Now, since the other festivals point to important events that happened, we believers need to attend to the fall festivals because God will use them to point to what is ahead.

      In looking into Rosh Hashanah, it is interesting that it is the one Biblical Holy day that is not known the day or hour it will occur.  Two witnesses need to testify to the New Moon and testify to it before the Sanhedrin.  The day is then pronounced by a Shofar blast alerting others to the New Year coming.  Rosh Hashanah basically has a meaning of “too awake.”   It is also the start of 10 days where the focus is on repentanceleading up to the day of atonement.  So Rosh Hashanah awakens folks to the start of the New Year and the time to start reflecting on sins and repentance to prepare for what is ahead.  Rosh Hashanah is about looking ahead and turning from anything that would inhibit the future.

      Doing research into Rosh Hashanah, and the days following, it was a time of sober reflection and making sure you are right with God and that your sins are washed away.  If you repent of all your sins, your name is written in the Book of Life for the next year.  Rosh Hashanah’strumpet blast really sets the alarm that you need to get serious and be in right relationship with God.  Clearly the Jewish New Year had influence on the custom of New Years resolutions there are matched with the secular New Year.

    As a believer, Rosh Hashanah points clearly of the need of sober reflection and points to the need of turning from self.  The awakening alarm of the trumpet clearly points out that God will display and announce is intent and purpose.  For those getting ready and being alert and aware the return of Jesus will be no surprise.  Jesus has washed our sins away, but we need to surrender and turn them over to Him. God always gives time for repentance, He is patient that none may perish.  Reflect soberly and surrender to the King of Kings.  Attend to whatever alarms God puts before you, otherwise something important will be missed.  

      Clearly there is much more that can be learned and gleaned from Rosh Hashanah but upon initial examination the importance of awakening and repentance seem clear. Now certainly lots of prophetic speculation can come from study, but God’s plans always play out according to his perfect plan and will fulfill His festivals perfectly.  An important step for each believer in Jesus as Messiah is to begin attending to God’s festivals, since clearly God has meaning in each that will benefit and enrich us for knowing and prepare us for what God has ahead.

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