Personal Prayer request: Mother’s vision.

     Generally, I avoid getting into personal matters on this blog but I heard from my mother today and want to ask folks to pray for her.  My mother has been having eyesight trouble.  She recently learned that she has lost peripheral vision and having her field of vision reduced.  She just learned from a specialist that the arteries to her eye are small. 

    There are any number of causes for this condition, some rare and untreatable, some cause are do to vitamin or amino acid deficiency and further deterioration can be prevented.  She need to get further testing at the University on Minnesota.  So one prayer is for her to get an appointment quickly. 

     The main prayer I have though is for my mothers eyes be restored to health. It is my wish and will that God do this, but I have not yet any wisdom indicating whether it is God’s will to heal her eyes.  God is capable and if it is His will to heal it will be done.  Not my will but His be done is my prayer.  I would love to see God move in a tangible way to point others to Him. God knows his will in the matter. 

     In all our personal requests, we do need to humbly submit, not our will but His be done. Many often get upset with God when our will is not done and we don’t understand God’s will or what God allows.  Many things are beyond our ability to grasp in this life.  It is a matter of submission and trust.  Submission to God’s will  and faith are the keys.

   So pray for my mother, those of you who are drawn to this thread and read this request. Feel free to make comments on any personal requests.


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