Reflecting on changes

    Change has become a buzz word these days.  We have political candidates trumpeting the need for change and the ability to make changes.  Such is the nature of politics.  However, change is not just about who is in charge of the government and the authorities we submit to. Change is something we either desire or avoid, for either selfish or righteous reasons.  Sometimes change is thrust upon us.  Like it or not, wanted or not we are all impacted by change.

    The church I am a member of is undergoing some changes.  We mourn the loss of Steve Kohen who died from a sudden heart attack. He is missed, yet in a better place.  As a church we wish this change hadn’t happened, but trust God that He will work through this, and will provide for his widow and family. 

    Our church, New Joy Church,  is facing another change that was unexpected. Our pastor, Rich Hubert, has been called to pastor a church in Mexico. He is following where God is leading.  He saw our church through a difficult time of needed healing and the church is better off then when he came by leaps and bounds.  He will be missed, and there is anxiety and tension of what is next.

    There are other types of changes.  There are changes that are planned, and joyful when they occur. These include the birth of a child, a job promotion, a new house,  healing from past wounds, and other good things.  But any change is difficult, brings anxiety, and really doesn’t come easily.

     Sometimes we know changes is coming and have to endure suffering while waiting for the change. Anyone who has a loved one going through a prolonged death experiences this grief.  I  currently have a dear friend who is waiting for his mother to die.  Each day for them is precious, but difficult.  The prolonged change is hard but the process does bring refinement and internal change.

    Sometime we know we need a change, but have a hard time taking the steps to make it.  I know I have been working for an employer and know it is time to leave, but do nothing to leave, to bring it about.  Ultimately I ended up losing those jobs and change was forced upon me.  We all can let fear easily serve as  a barrier to working toward any change, whether it be inter-personally, vocationally, educational, of relational.  Yet, sometimes we just need to make the change.

    Sometimes we are convinced there is a need for change, when change is not needed.  We can let ourselves be deceived into making unnecessary changes.  There are far to many marriages that end when they should not be.  These kind of changes result often from self-deception and thinking that things will be different if only there was change.  It is the “grass is greener” syndrome. 

    As a Christian working on daily surrender to the King of Kings, I want to be walking in the changes the God puts before me.  I want him to change me to be more like Jesus. There are somethings that are hard to submit over, changes asked that are difficult to make.  I can get in the way of letting God change me.  Yet, even in my resistance God works in me toward change. He constantly calls me to repent of my seeking after self, and the changes I want and surrender to Him. 

    So think about the changes you face in life.  Are you avoiding change? Are you selfishly seeking change? Are you holding on to things the need to change?  Are you dealing with the grief of expected change?  Are you dealing with the pain of unexpected loss?  It ultimately is how we react that makes the difference.  Do we react to change by resistance, through anger, through fear, or any other barriers or do we surrender to the King of Kings and turn all our reactions over to Him. Do we step out in faith when God points to a needed change in your path, or an unexpected turn happens.  Take a moment and pray about the changes in your life and ask God to give you wisdom and surrender to Him, and walk in the path that gets set before you.


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