The Olympics: Some reflections regarding the Beijing Games.

The Olympic game are and remain a worldwide spectacle.  Countries from around the World compete, be it big or small.  Now the Olympics are said to stand for ideals of the world coming together in peace and engaging in competition and maintaining ethics in the competition. It encourages people to dream dreams and pursue their best.  It promotes coming together globally and forgetting differences.  The peace and globalization promoted and encouraged by The Olympics if fleeting.

     The diffences in people and countries and politics exist regardless of meeting together to engage in sporting competition.  The motto of the Beijing games was “One World, One Dream” and it expresses the desire for all of Humanity to unite as one.  Yet, meeting together for competitive engagement certainly doesn’t bring global unity, rather it exacerbates the differences.  It focuses on proving superiority in competition.  The proving of superiority results in people often taking shortcuts all to get a Gold medal. 

    The fact is, while the world does continue to shrink with technology and the internet, the start differences in countries becomes more stark.  You have the differences in the big and small and the rich and poor as well as the differences in religious and political divides.  Meeting for competitive engagement does nothing to shrink any of those divides. It does shed light on to differences in cultures as host locations change, but the reality is the Olympic games really highlight the differences.

     The fact is each person, regardless of culture, is selfish. We want the best for ourselves. Now, while there is value in pursuing the best in each individual, it globally manifests in the global conflicts that arise.  So, yes the world gets together to engage in sport every two years. In the competition politics rear, controversy happens, and ultimately at one point or another someone successfully or unsuccessfully engages in short cuts to success.  It is after all within our nature to be selfish and even to take shortcuts in an attempt to pursue a goal or dream.  

     Nothing about the Olypmic games or ideals can breach that element of human nature. And as much as it looks like we all can come together in one accord and be a global community, that fact is selfish differences will remain until Armegeddon.  The only true globalization will occur upon the return of Yeshua, the Messiah, the King of Kings.  There will be another who comes and claims to unite all and will even reach others in their language and suggest coming together as one, for a common good, but it will be false and will appeal to the base elements of our nature. 

     The ony true one world, one dream is that with people submitted to Yeshua, and under submission to the King of Kings, anything else will falter and is false.  True peace comes from surrender to Yeshua, all else falters.


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