Random musings

Well sometimes I am just going to randomly talk about stuff that is on my mind without a whole lot of detailed analysis. I may comment on television, aspects of my life, things in Christianity, other cultural events. This kind of post is one that doesn’t require much though and gets new content on the site. I also may tend to present such a post when I have some more in depth articles I am working on and not yet finished with it, resulting is some fresh content. So sit back enjoy, as always appreciate comments back.

I hate assembling things. I especially do so when I make mistakes. I can assemble stuff, I put together models as a kid and model airplanes. Somewhere a long the line it just becomes a major chore. Assembling things is time consuming, directions don’t always make sense, and some times things are a lot more complicated then described. This definitely is something I struggle with pride and do a bit of mumbling and complaining. I am grateful that while God leaves and gives us directions, I don’t have to put things together. When I make mistakes, God forgives and sends me to the right path.

I tend to enjoy reality televison. They are excellent ways to observed human behavior and varied psychological dynamics. It also often shows people at their worst. Me and the wife watched a recent episode of Wife Swap. I don’t watch this show often, but enjoyed spending time with the wife, regardless. The episode consisted of two “christian” familys in the minds of the producer. It follows the ongoin pattern of showing professing christians who dishonor the name of Jesus the Messiah. One family were very liberal and the husband had a new age, tolerate everyone perspectivem the other family the husband was rigid and controlling abd admitted to indoctrinating his children. They families were both engraned in buidling their own kingdoms after there own mindsets. The show really is all about trying to show that everyone’s kingdoms are okay and we all need to understand, tolerate, and learn from others. The overall message of the show is far from truth, is more about tolerance and really promotes moral relativism. The plus side is folks do re-evaluate and we can learn from others if we listen. The recent espidoe to me also clearly showed the effects of both families life styles and both far from truth. A man professing to love the Word of God but twisting it’s meaning consistently was disturbing. Also disturbingwas a man so lock in his own fears that his children may go another path that he engaged in super controlling behavior to the point of heavy indoctrination. The show displayed to me the depths of deceptions, darkness, and self-understanding that exists in our culture.

Another reality television show just started, Big Brother 10. It is a type of show built around greed and really shows some of the worst about human nature, and the darkness that exists out there. The current cast looks to be interesting and a step beyond the empty and vapid group from before. Watching big brother, and people generally being themselves, you get a good sense of the lostness and darkness that exists in this country. Some predictable things happened in the first episode. Folks were told to vote someone unknown for the “head of household” part of the game. They picked the oldest player, a 75 year old man. This season also includes other interesting characters. The son of a former pentecostal preacher, a woman with OCD and varied others with varied personalities and quirks. I have not enjoyed at all the “christians” they have put on the shows and the “mocking” that has gone on in the editing. However, it is also sad the professing believers evident behavior no different then there own and often go about asking God to bless how they are engaging in building their own kingdom. Big Brother 9 sadly had several folks reading the Bible yet grasping and understanding not, it became simple amusement. And it is sad.

Shifting off of culture. I have a good friend who has a mother dying of cancer. He and is wife are spending time with them and will go through a difficult time of grief. But there is a time for grief, and for them this is it. I pray God uses this to draw them closer to Him and heal hurts and wounds in their life. An important note is that this friend is adopted. It is his adoptive mother. His biological mother gave him up for adoption because he was a product of a gang rape. His partent’s and mother were far from perfect, but my friend was blessed to have them choose him as their child. Please all remember them in their grief.

My mother is going to have an eye surgery in a couple weeks. She had cataracts and had lens implants put in, but now scar tissue has formed and needs to have laser surgery to get it removed. It strikes me that it is often the same in our lives, even when we have healed or let go of varied pains, or when we have turned from varies sins, we need sometimes work to do to remove scarring or need to attend to ways we can slip into old patterns.

My dad and his wife were serving some family in there church by watching kids for the weekend. It is important to serve. We were over there on Saturday. Share a meal, had a bonfire, socialized. It was fun. It was particularlly fun watching my dad chasing kids with a water hose. It brought back memories of water fights with my brother, and ones with me, my brother and my dad or mom. Even saying this, while we didn’t sing songs, pray, or do any real spiritual conversation, the evening was uplifting, and doing a service “entertaining” and caring for the children. I think that with times like these, God too is pleased.

One last note, is that after having Nightline report on Mr. Bentley and the Lakeland Outpouring, Mr. Bentley is now taking a break. Whether he returns or not, it is important to pray for those impacted and deceived by the event. It is important to also be aware that Mr. Bentley has his event was just a taste, a fore-runner of what is ahead. It is very grieving to have occured but do not any one get complacement. And above all pray for the american church to wake up, and wake up to the truth of God’s word. There is a lot of deception out there, and a lot in the church. Mr. Bentley and Lakeland are but a tip. We all have lots of avenues to pray regarding this event, not just those you know who may have been impacted or influenced. There are many a family and church at odds over the events at Lakeland.

Well I am getting sleepy now, so time to bring these random comments to a close. If I can some up, it is a dark world out there with people caught in the darkness, even those walking in light can be caught up in the dark. Walking in the light is simple, yet difficult. Difficult because it involves giving up of ourselves. But when we follow in obedience we are truely blessed. I could probably think of more stuff to say but again I am tired.